Arsenal missing out on Europe would be a good thing claims former Gunner

Arsenal has been striving to end this season in a European spot on the league table.

Their recent upturn in form has given them the chance to play European football next season, either by winning the FA Cup or finishing inside the top seven.

Mikel Arteta’s side has earned some huge victories in their recent games, and they would be confident of ending this campaign in a European spot.

However, former Arsenal man, Robin van Persie reckons that the Gunners would be better served if they don’t play in Europe next season.

Looking at how hectic a team’s schedule can be when they play in the Champions League or the Europa League, van Persie claims that the absence of European football would help the Gunners have more training sessions and get more accustomed to what Arteta expects of them on the field.

If they can achieve this, he reckons, they would return to Europe after next season as a better team, strong enough to compete with the top sides.

“You can look at it from two ways really because Arsenal don’t really want to be in the Europa League, they want to be in the Champions League,” Van Persie told BT Sport via Sun Sports.

“From one point of view, you can say it’s better for Mikel to have extra training sessions, to work on the tactics, to work on fitness, to go up another level, which is needed to compete at the highest level against the top teams.

“If you ask me, I would say it’s better not to qualify for the Europa League, get those sessions in and go up another level, hopefully, and then go next year or the season after they can really compete with the biggest teams.”

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    1. Move on mate… He’s moved on years ago, I don’t get why you guys constantly call him names whenever he shares his opinion.
      He was a footballer who saw a better shot and chance for his career and he took it… Let it go and move on

      1. Eddie, i have no problem him moving on, its the parafinalia and all the rubbish trying to get out and more importantly after. He did exactly the right thing moving, thats been proved.

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