Arsenal missing out on Vidal could be a blessing in disguise….

Arturo Vidal is having a mixed Copa America tournament. In between turning up strong performances for Chile, Vidal also had a bad drink and drive accident. In between notching up man-of-the-match performances, he got the attentions of Arsene Wenger.

This is not to say that Wenger got interested in Vidal only at this year’s Copa America. Far away from that – Vidal is one of those players who were always of interest to Wenger. For that matter, Vidal interested Manchester United to an extent that they were close to bidding last season.

All that to one side as this transfer window saw rumours flying left right and center that Vidal is ready to join Arsenal. Putting the pros and cons aside, people started talking about his proximity to Alexis Sanchez and used it as a key pointer for the transfer.

Then, of course, there were discussions on where he would fit. Before all the euphoria reached a crescendo, unconfirmed reports put that the interest in Vidal can be considered dusted.

David Ornstein of the BBC tweeted that Arsenal are no longer interested in the Chilean midfielder. There was an equally emphatic endorsement of the non-interest from Jeremy Wilson of the Daily Telegraph.

Will this be a setback? Actually, to be very frank, this may be a blessing in disguise for the fans. Getting Vidal may be a statement in the mold of Petr Cech transfer. But, it will give an unwanted headache. The options in the middle of the park are good enough for Wenger to concentrate on other areas.

His long term injury concerns are also difficult to overlook. The Bender brothers Lars and Sven from Germany could be more realistic players in that perspective. Then of course is the long standing interest in William Carvalho.

The names could go on if we look at options of adding a solid defensive midfielder to Arsenal. But, one thing is for sure. The jury is still divided on Vidal. Getting him may be a marquee statement for the club but missing him may not be a catastrophe.

In this context, it would not be heartbreak to see the interest in Vidal dying down. Spending in upwards of 20 million for Vidal may not resonate well in terms of investment. Better would be to look at younger options.

So, do you think it is good for the club to miss out on Vidal?

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  1. Yes I agree. Not getting a World Class player is wonderful. It’s a blessing in disguise. We shouldn’t have got Cech either. In fact lets sell all our world class players (Cech, Koscielny, Ozil, Cazorla and Alexis) for even more blessings

    1. Robertthegooner your forgot to sell the WC stadium too and buy a church just think how much blessing we can have then πŸ™‚

      1. I think unless you have got a direct link to Wenger, you will never know who we are going to sign. OMG Wenger has done it again now the shackles are off.

    2. I’m with you Robert. In fact can we make our own movement? #NoMoreWorldClassPlayers

    3. After reading through, I’m like, “So what are you saying?” Damn it, this is Vidal we are talking about!!!

    4. The transfer media has its own language. Arsenal “missing out” on Vidal? How can you “miss out” on something you never pursued. And NONE of us know if Arsenal have any interest in Vidal. It is ALL media rumor.

      Using the transfer media logic Arsenal have “missed out” on every player in the world except Cech. Ridiculous of course.

  2. what we really need is a top striker
    all these talks about vidal, schneiderlin is waste of time
    buy benzima now

    1. @thetruth

      If we are honest yes just a WC striker is needed, if we are injury free (within reason) I think Coq and Aaron can do the job but it’s Arsenal and without topping the injury list it won’t be us

      1. Thinking about it “how the hell” did we miss out on Suarez I dont care what anyone says Suarez was made for our team look how sucesfull he is at Barcelona and Arsenal are the closeest play system to Barcelona and look what Hapened to Liverpool, I hate Steven Gerrard for persuading him not to come to us

      2. You may be right about needing a WC striker – then again, maybe not.

        Giroud produced goals at a higher rate than Costa last season. (goals+assists in all comps vs. minutes played). Many Arsenal fans don’t like to admit that but it is a fact.

        And somehow Chelsea managed to win the title with a striker who produced goals at a lesser rate than Giroud. How was it possible? Answer: Costa was available for most of the season but mostly Chelsea had great players in other positions who pushed them over the top.

        1. Giroud’s 3rd season vs Costas Debut campaign. But shhhhhh….that would make your comparison silly.

          1. Haha so now Costa’s a striker you rate!?!?
            He had one, I repeat, one good season in Spain and as Mohawk rightly pointed out this season his productivity was on par with Giroud’s…
            Now the fact that you continually feel the need to use Theo and Giroud’s entire career span when evaluating them, neglecting their obvious, drastic improvement later in their careers.. Surely you put them on par with Costa who’s another late bloomer??
            Or has the criteria changed all of a sudden because his highlight reel’s are a little prettier??

            1. Guess you just like to make stuff up and call it fact….one good season?

              10 goals in 16 games for Rayo Vallecano
              20 goals in 44 games for Atletico (2nd fiddle to Falcao)
              36 goals in 53 games for Atletico
              21 goals in 34 games for Chelsea (Debut season)

              You’re spot on mate, he’s garbage….one season wonder for sure.

              Giroud scored 17 in 47 by comparison his first season.
              22 in 51 last year
              19 in 36 this year…….but he’s clearly better than Costa (*because he plays for Arsenal)

              1. Haha that one was actually my bad… Deepest apologies was only looking at league totals.
                But in his campaign ‘second fiddle’ to Falcao he did play for over 3000 minutes. Not really second fiddle.

                1. 2nd fiddle in the case he wasn’t a central ST and was “doing a cavani” out on the flanks. He played plenty of minutes, but not down the middle where you expect most goals to come.

          2. Talk about missing the point – that must have sailed way over your head. I will try to break it down to a child’s level.

            The point is…….. Chelsea managed to win the league WITHOUT a 35 goal striker. That is a FACT.

            1. When did I dispute that…or suggest it’s necessary?

              How many games did he win Chelsea in the first two months of the season though? Answer: far more than Giroud has done arguably in 3 years.

    2. That all depends on what system we play next season. We can score goals from all over the place with our midfield. Why put someone up top that can be marked out of the game. You look left and we score from the right. GOYG

  3. Vidal’s agent came out and said we haven’t made contact with him regarding a transfer for Arturo. If we weren’t in for him, we didn’t miss out on him. Stop scaremongering.

  4. I don’t believe we should guide ourselves after this Copa America tournament. This is the most boring competition I ever watched, tons of violence on the field, dirty tricks from which Maureen will definitely learn. People coming in the tournament for the sake of football (Messi, Sanchez, Cavani, James etc) were brutally downed every game by prehistoric players.
    If you watch this Copa America edition you would not buy Messi, Sanchez or Cavani.
    I do not oppose Vidal coming to AFC but if I am handed a choice here I would stick with Ramsey.

  5. honestly i think that we will not be signing a DM these season…its all in our heads guys…with arteta and even flamini still intact(God have mercy), Wenger sees enough defensive cover for coquelin in-case of injury or cup games…am 50-50 about the striker situation also but id be really pissed off if we don’t sign a really good one…i think that arsenal will balance the books and actually spend zero money these transfer period by selling the likes of podolski, campbell etc and get back what we got from buying Czech and thats it…
    These will have serious consequences as am sure the other big teams are waiting maybe until august to announce their massive signings and that will break our morale going into the next season as we will realise that we actually didnt become stronger than our opponents we just improved an area which we are not so bad in
    if arsene buys another MF with arteta, rosicky, flamini,coquelin still in, then i dont know arsenal at all
    if arsene buys a striker with giroud, welbeck, walcott still in, then you are free to shoot me whereever you find me

  6. When we miss on a World Class Player or We don’t get one after numerous rumours, We come up with an article or excuses why not getting the player is a good thing….I find it irritating and abysmal. We may get Vidal or not but I don’t think it is relevant giving reasons why its a blessing in disguise for Him not coming….If He comes, We will see an article saying ‘Vidal arrival is the best thing to happen to Arsenal”….Common!

    1. Spot on. Whether we’re even in for Vidal is up for debate, but to suggest not getting a player like that is some kind of blessing is just daft.

      The real blessing would be missing out on someone like Benzema….cos then Sanogo can really shine you know?

  7. giroud, welbeck and walcott are all good players but they are not world class
    don’t pretend we can beat barcelona and real madrid if we don’t have a goal scoring machine
    ‘we are so near but yet seem so far’
    we have all the other trophies except the champions league.. COYG

    1. Exactly we should target top strikers like Suarez, Aguero and Lewandowski. Maybe we have 0 chance to sign Suarez and Aguero but Lewandowski could be available if we offer 50 m and 250 k wages. I heard somewhere Guardiola doesnt like Lewandowski.

  8. Players that should leave Arsenal this season Diaby released, Flamini, Arteta, Ospina, Podolski,
    Campbell and Sanogo. Just spend money and buy a player who is fit and performs consistently.
    We need just 2 players now quality CDM and quality ST. We can easily save 400 k wages by getting rid of these players. We should be able to spend 50 m and offer 250 k wages on top striker like Lewandowski and 200 k to someone like Vidal.

  9. One things for sure we have an abundance of midfielders and as you say it allows Wenger to look at strengthening other positions. I`m in agreement with Theirry Henry, we need a world class striker who is not only talented but very hungry, like Suarez.

    1. Lewandowski is the only top striker who could be available. Look at Chelsea they didnt have a quality striker for 3 seasons so they struggled to win BPL but last season Mourinho realized and signed Costa and Fabregas boom BPL champs. We should offer 50-60 m and sign Lewandowski.

  10. I think the blessing would be if we get Bale and then Sanchez could move upfront. Job done!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    1. Madrid wont sale Bale this coming season. Maybe if he performs poorly next season he could be available otherwise why would Real sell Bale?

  11. To be fair to admin, I just think he/she/it is just being half glass full about it. Trying to keep a positive spin on things to prevent any mass suicide attempt by AFC supporters/JustArseneal members .

    I seem to remember a similar article on how a blessing it may be, when we were dumped out of the Champions League against Monaco..something along the lines of it would allow us to concentrate on the PL. and he/she/it was right, we were able to come in at a lofty third because of it.

    So go easy folks. There is time enough and we are at early doors in the transfer window so let’s not go jumping off any roofs just yet. Although if you do, it may be a blessing in disguise!

  12. This was never happening – I would’ve put a sizeable bet on it because Wenger never goes for players with attitudes, or who could cause problems in the dressing room. Everyone was going on about Balotelli as well last year – was never going to happen (thank God).

  13. If Walcott stays fit next season he can easily score 20-25 goals. If we dont sign a quality striker I would prefer Walcott as CF. Giroud should be benched next season.

  14. Walcott has actually scored 4 hatricks for Arsenal whereas donkey Giroud has never scored hatrick his entire career lol.

    1. Would rather 1 goal
      in three big matches
      than hat trick’s against
      nobody’s in nothing matches.
      6-0 home win v Blackpool.
      7-5 win v Reading in the Mickey mouse cup.
      7-3 home win v Newcastle.
      4-1 home win v WBA in end of season knock about.

      1. Scored against Chelsea 4 times until now. Scored against Man Utd two times. Scored against Man City two times in single game.

  15. Finally we have signed a top class keeper. one position done. Next CDM and ST. We can then sign quality CB after next season.

    1. I think we have 1/2 great strikers in Theo and Sanchez we just need a LW/DM and a CB. Job done for the money a world class striker would cost.

      1. Walcott is a great striker? he played two games there against midtable opposition. And Alexis as ST is a waste, hes obviously better on the wings.

    1. Bless them I think they are confused they don’t know what to do so they need our help, they didn’t have a fourth option “management” so I voted for a striker

  16. I think we should make a daring 50 million Pounds for Lewandoski or settle for Lacazette, get Krychowaik then we are ready for the season!

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