Arsenal move even CLOSER to Number One Target

It all seems just too good to be true, but if there is any truth in the old adage that ‘There is no smoke without fire’ then we can take it as a given that Petr Cech will be signing for Arsenal in the very near future. Apparently the rich Arabs at Paris St Germain were very keen to take the much-decorated Chelsea stopper, but they have told L’Equipe that they have given up the chase because Cech has already decided he moving to Arsenal!

Here is the original article in L’Equipe…….

This (roughly) translates to “The Czech has the advantage of being inexpensive and having a profile that corresponds to a keeper of great stature, able to win matches in the Champions League . But Cech, who is guaranteed not to be blocked by Chelsea, wants to remain in London. He is approaching an agreement with Arsenal….

I know everything is pointing to Cech coming to Arsenal, but I am still finding it difficult to believe that Mourinho will let him leave for the tiny price of ten million Pounds, especially to such a great rival for the honours in England (and will be even tougher to beat with Cech between the sticks.

Could it really be happening?

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  1. Yes, mourinho has no saying in the matter. The guy is a club legend and Abroh will make it easy for him to join arsenal for a reasonable price if he wants to stay in London due to family reasons. Its not like he wants to go to PSG and arsenal are in for him, that would drive his price up then mourinho and everyone else at Chelsea can bark orders at us, but that’s not the case right now. He has made his intentions clear so cat is out of the bag as the saying goes, sorry chelsea! This could seriously come back to bite you in the assssssssssss.

    1. Hope its true, it would be a good start. Cech, kondogbia and Martinez. Or cech, Vidal and cavani…woooooohoooooo

      1. Podolski on for Germany in the second half against the states. I don’t get why low likes him so much, maybe Wenger should give him more chance, he could be a good left winger for us when we need to rest Sanchez.

        1. Your sentence is wrongfully stated. It should be “I don’t get why Wenger dislikes him so much”

    2. oh! I would gLadly welcome Cech with open arms ( only if he comes)…. But seriously, of what use is having Cech when our striking, wing and midfield department are still not reinforced (all due respect to the likes of coquelin et al)….. If u ask me, that’s my Headache….. Maybe i dislike chelski or hate to do business with em (as they are so ceasar-Like)….but cech would be a quality addition……but what do we do to a season old Ospina, sczcesny and martinez?

    1. OT: Agent of Jackson Martinez had this to say,
      ‘There is a club that’s willing to pay €35m for the buy-out clause,’ said Henrique Pompeo.
      ‘The deal will be closed in the next few days.’

      so we will be able to close a rumour in a few days. whether he joins us or not.

        1. Pardon my ignorance, but where did AC Milan – the club that had to sell Zlatan, Silva and Balotelli due to financial reasons find the money to buy Martinez? I call bullsh!t on that one, but hey – they are a big club with a big fanbase, it’s not impossible that their economy is pointing upwards now that they dont have any extreme earners anymore.

          1. i have to find the report but apparently they have a huge transfer budget now. I think it may be that Asian owner coming in or something, but they got cash to spend now :/

  2. Nowhere has Cech said he prefers Arsenal.

    He said he would prefer to stay in London and there is a ‘rumour’ that PSG were interested and pulled out due to Cech being in advanced talks with Arsenal.

    Strictly non confirmed / un-substantiated fiction.

    1. We are the only club in London bthat would be a realistic choice for him, who else he would want to join???spuds???we play in champions league and are the ideal choice for if he joins I’m sure he would become our number one and he is well aware of that.

    2. when he says he wants to stay in london, its an indirect way of saying Arsenal. He can’t directly say that he wants to join rivals obviously. You really think he wants to play for West Ham? He still wants UCL football just like anyone and he knows he still has more to offer. Arsenal need to act now…

  3. On this website there’s always quite a lot of stick for players once they reach the dreaded age of 30. People saying they should be shipped out. Although everyone seems to want Cech & Martinez who are both not so young.

    I do believe we will spend this summer Wenger was always going to see us through the Emirates project so I never saw him leaving over the last few years. But now either way if this is his last contract then after not having money for so many years now it’s available he’ll want to go out with a bang and if he wants another contact then I think he’ll need to win the league at least in the next couple of seasons. Therefore I think he will get the couple of players we need to push us on.

        1. 29 is the perfect age, he has got it all…he is the finished product, how old was vanpusssy when manure came and urinated on him????they paid 20 mil for him and his contract was running out. Martinez still has at least 3 good seasons left in him. He is very physical and damn strong

          1. Not what I’m saying at all. this site is always full of people moaning about players ages saying players need to move on once they get to 30. Just surprised people are wanting these transfers. And it’s all the same people. I couldn’t care less About age just quality people like Pirlo and Ibrahimović have had some of there best years since turning 30. Like Cazorla is getting better with age just others suggested getting rid because he’s now in his 30’s although not that sold on Martinez.

  4. Number one target must be a top striker … Cech will be a fantastic signing …

    (ADMIN COMMENT – Number One was referring to his position…..)

  5. We have no need for Cech, maybe his head cover, but not him. We already have GK’s. #WarChest

    1. Cech would be a huge update and an amazing signing. I hope we pull this off…fingers crossed. I’m sure cech is tempted to join the arsenal

        1. You should perhaps zip it and mind your own business fkin gazidis. Picking on people for nothing Mr. Vocab. Bring it on, share your wide range of vocabulary with us cuz we all need to be educated by you. For the love of god don’t go off topic and talk rubbish

  6. Bad boy Bakkali is back on the cards. I remember back in the day it was said he was a fan of Arsenal. He is free, not the biggest gamble. Would rather we sign him than someone else, don’t wanna miss out on a potential super star.

    1. He is a one day wonder. He scored a hatrick on debut since then he hasnt scored and its been almost 9 months since he has started a match for PSV. He is the next Sanogoal.

    2. True but if we are taking chances on a up and coming then Nabil Fekir from Lyon would be a better bet for me.

  7. I am hearing some rumours that AC Milan president Galliani is in Portugal to negotiate the signing of Jackson Martinez. He is willing to spend 35 m euros for him and also want to sign
    Ibrahimovic. I hope this rumour is not true.

    1. Don’t you think if Wenger wanted him he would have got him by now? Don’t feed into rumors.

  8. I’ve come to realize that whenever a player is hugely talked up by either the media or the fans that’s a player we usually do not sign. Hope this is a different case though as this would definitely mean we have a champions intent. OT a little but I’m dreading having Podolski back in the squad, wish we could cut our losses with him and go all out for Griezmann, but of course that’s highly unlikely now as that was a lot more realistic last summer.

  9. If we got Cech, Martinez and Kondogbia or equivalent, this would be the first season in a decade where I would say that we have started a season without lacking in any department. We would have everything needed to fight for first place. In fact, even if we didn’t get Cech we would still be fine.

  10. Let’s take a step back for a second and ask ourselves this. Is Wenger really going to sign Schneiderlin, Kondogbia, Lacazette or Martinez? Ivan said in an interview Wenger is targeting only World Class and I don’t think those candidates fall in that category, not yet for some atleast but potentially. For the DM position there’s more truth in the Vidal rumor because Juve just got Khedira and Vidal is World Class. For the ST, Wenger himself said that’s where Walcott would eventually end up and he did feature there in our last 2 games of the season and look what happened, we won both convincingly. Also Walcott provide a completely different option to Giroud and both players are very important to our cause. With that I see more of a need for a RW because we’ve played damn near all out CM’s out there and again Podolski and Campbell would have to give way for me to get someone there as well who is no doubt World Class.

    1. Great call. I’d love for Theo to be given the chance to fight it out with Giroud up front and bring in a WC right wing to duel it out with the Ox.

    2. I’d love us to get Vidal but it’s marchasio and asomoah who are most likely to go marchasio has 1 year left and negotiations aren’t going well. Plus asamoah has been playing out of position as evra back up and isn’t doing a good job either.

      Vidal is world class so what would that mean for Ramsey who also plays the same role as Vidal and he has been complaining about game time in cm position

      Krychowiak is the most realistic target and is arguably the Stand out dm in la liga

  11. Official : Diaby has left after 9 years
    It’s been really tough for him. I wish him the best.

  12. Release list published

    Arsenal have released:
    Abou Diaby,
    Jack Jebb,
    Oluwasemilogo Adesewo
    Austin Lipman,
    Ryo Miyaichi,
    Brandon Ormonde-Ottewill,
    Josh Vickers

      1. You must have heard of Diaby and Ryo Miyachi, right?

        I only recognize Diaby, Miyachi, Ajayi and Ottewill

    1. Lb Grimaldo of Barcelona B >otterwill (likely)
      Rw Bakkali free agent, Belgium u21 > ryo miayichi(rumoured)
      St Yassin fortune+Adelaide France u17 > liptman (confirmed)
      Gk keto Sweden u19> vickers (confirmed)
      Cb pileas Cyprus u17>ajayi(confirmed)

      Bielek to get diaby squad position

  13. Ozil and Goetze outclassing the USA team. Sweet ! Waiting for Podolski to come on in the 65th minute.

    1. GOD I hope not, impossible to win the League let alone stand a chance in the Champions League with players like them in our ranks. Honestly

  14. Maybe he is going to Tottenham, with Liloris going to United. That would then pave the way for De Gea to go to Madrid.

    Every other season Wenger says we have to get through play offs before we can attract big players, according to wenger, Sanchez was a exception he was a surprise early last season. Then why now when we have automatic Qualification to UCL are we not signing anyone.

    Then he will make late signings and will say this player needs ‘x’ number of months to settle in.

    Barcelona, treble winners and with a transfer ban have already bought a player.

  15. Martinez joining AC Milan is about to happen… I really hope we are planing on signing a striker. Its still early, but please lets not wait until deadline day and buy another Welbeck (no offense, but we need somebody top class in that position)

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