Arsenal move four clear of fifth spot with convincing win over Leeds

Arsenal were ahead for almost the entire 90 minutes today as we beat Leeds United by the 2-1 scoreline to build a four-point gap between ourselves and Spurs.

The Gunners hit the ground running thanks to Eddie Nketiah’s instinctiveness, running down the goalkeeper to pounce on his mistake as he tried to switch the ball from his right boot to his left.

That man Nketiah was at it once again to make it two just moments later. He picked up the ball in the final third before playing it back to the midfield in space, the ball was then played out to Gabi Martinelli down the left who moved to run past the opposing back line, before teeing up our young striker by the penalty spot to neatly tuck it away with a first-time effort.

Things went from bad-to-worse when Luke Ayling was later red-carded for a shocking two-footed slide tackle on Martinelli on the far left, with his studs up on the follow through, and Raphinha was then lucky to stay on the pitch after his over-the-top objections saw him pick up the caution.

Nketiah nearly completed his hat-trick when the ball was whipped in low at speed by Martin Odegaard, but it wasn’t to be, and we went into the break with a two-goal lead, a one-man advantage, and knowing that we had denied our opponents even a single shot on target.

With so much at stake, there was no need to be taking any huge risks, and we certainly didn’t look to be taking any in the next half. Gabi Martinelli was our main outlet down the left as he continued to keep our rivals on their toes, while we kept looking to unlock Odegaard through the middle so he could make some magic happen.

We were unable to add a third however, and we got a little warning when Diego Llorente pulled one back with their first effort on goal, which came by way of their first corner of the game also, giving his side 25 minutes on the clock to go in search of the equaliser.

While they may have grown in a little confidence on the ball, they weren’t able to put much pressure on our goal however, and we saw out the rest of the match for the 2-1 win.

We now have a four-point lead over Tottenham going into the North London Derby on Thursday, where a win will now see us cement ourselves into the top-four.


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Video – Mikel Arteta talking about our nerve-filled win over Leeds United

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  1. Nketiah was obviously the MOTM. I’d gladly take Raphinha, Phillips, Firpo, Bamford, Harrison and James as our Champions League squad rotation players next season

    1. Bielsa was seriously overachieving at Leeds. They haven’t even got any proper goalscorer. That man has got some potential to be one of the best in the world. I know its about Arsenal but I dont like it when coaches arent given their due.

      1. Bielsa wasn’t successful at Lille, Lazio, Marseille and Leeds. I think his approaches are obsolete, similar to Mourinho

        Raphinha, Rodrigo, James, Harrison and Bamford are decent shooters, but Leeds have big problems in the back. Their GK is erratic as well

        1. I know nothing about the others but to me he was successful with Leeds and since he was able to do well with them in a tough league like the EPL it suggests to me he has something. I watched one video where Pep years back said something along the lines of Bielsa being the best coach. His Leeds team had great pressing and cutting edge. When I look at his style it would be devastating with quality because they usually played teams off the park but get caught out due to lack of individual quality.

          1. I remember Guardiola said that, unfortunately Bielsa’s system seems more suited to highly technical and tricky players. His Leeds were also too “green”, unlike our team who’re starting to master the “dark arts”

            1. I think that green part is just Bielsa. Out of all the small clubs I loved whtching them play most and I hope to see him again in the EPL coaching a better club. With him I’m super confident they dont get relegated but their new coach has good potential too so all isnt lost.

          2. Kev,Bielsa is revered among Spanish and South American coaches, Pep Poch…have said that he’s had a big influence on them.

      2. He built the team, they were not overachieving, suffered atrocious injuries this year and that is the difference as much as people try to ignore injuries. Last year we had Tierney/Partey/Gabriel out a lot and we suffered its normal. Leicester looked bad this year because injuries, they’ll be fine next year. Inconvenient fact but if you not City injuries matter.

        1. Bielsa was overachieving at Leeds. Check their finish last season and the football they played. Also this season with Bielsa Leeds easily stay up. They usually dominate the small teams so that would get him out of relegation trouble. The Leeds team itself is overrated. They have no proper goalscorer but due to Bielsa’s system creating lots of chances the likes of Bamford and Raphinha are able to score more than they should

    2. Taking so much players from a relegated threaten side is like madness. Maybe Philips, but that’s it.

      1. I heard Phillips could cost just around 30 M, since his contract will expire in 2024

        1. @ GAI, i dont rate Phillips highly. Also, he does not have the height.

          I would rather go for Ruben Neves and Bissouma. we need stamina, aggression in midfield.

          1. I reckon Neves to be a playmaker like Xhaka, whereas Phillips and Bissouma can play as pure DM

            Bissouma might look slightly better than Phillips, but Phillips will gel with our British players faster and Phillips seems to be a more likeable character

    3. Bamford is very underrated. I think with a change of scenery and a confidence boost he can be a great addition to any team.

      1. Bamford could be our plan-B center forward and Phillips will make our British spine stronger

        1. for our offensive addition.

          Just 2 players are needed.

          Gabriel Jesus and Serge Gnarby.

          40m pounds will get Gabriel Jesus. He was worked with Arteta before. He knows how wants to play.

          Also, he can play on the wings. Has won many trophies.

          Gnarby is a gooner all thru. We can bring him back home.
          A top player to have on the flanks also.

          4 additions are needed to the squad

          1. Gabriel Jesus
          2. Gnarby
          3. Ruben Navas/Bissouma
          4. A tall, strong full back who can play as both RB and FB

          1. I like Jesus’ skills, but I think Gnabry will only thrive with a highly stable team. Gnabry didn’t play that good in Bundesliga, before moving to Bayern Muenchen

      2. Bamford is an injury wreck, would rather we keep Eddie and go for someone else, but for me Eddie knows he is not going to be first choice at Arsenal once we replace Lacazette.

        1. Yes, our medical team should check Bamford thoroughly, if Arsenal are really interested. We’ve got Tierney and Partey who can’t finish a season without getting long-term injuries

      3. The only positive is the three points. Leeds exposed arsenal players lackadaisical approach to important games. How can a team not take advantage of 2 goals and one man down and win convincingly. If they play Spurs the way they did today, they will loose and miss the opportunity of getting CL spot. The coaching crew should work on their sense of urgency and killing games off when opportunity present itself.
        Let’s face it. Our last three matches is not too friendly. If we loose to Spurs on Thursday, goal difference may determine who goes.
        Get the points and get the goals. Congratulations all the same.

        1. Games don’t always pan out as simply as you have stated… it often can be more difficult, playing a team one man short.
          We missed some chances, and a number of our goal-bound efforts were kept out. Overall, and more importantly, the game was reasonably well managed.
          All said, game outcomes don’t always match efforts and opportunities.
          3 more points in the kitty… deservedly!
          Bring on the spuds!!!

    4. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 mom … no one deserved mom …3 points from an awful display is all I can say about that … ball still in our court but if we play like that in final 3 games then we will not finish in top 4 …

      1. LOL have you seen spurs play, okay sometimes and rubbish sometimes. Same as Chelsea and yet we have won more games than them🤔. What showed today is that we are in desperate need of a world class forward…….

      2. We stopped taking risk after leading by two goals, but we completely dominated the game. Our great ball possession would likely frustate Spuds, so I’m not worried too much about the NLD

        Nketiah fully deserved the MOTM title, as he worked his socks off to press

        Elneny was the unsung hero with 97.5% pass completion rate and he’s been a revelation since he became a regular starter. With him as our main anchor, we have now won four games on the trot!

        1. I’ve never had a issue with Eleny, I think he does what he always done and has probably been unfairly criticised on this forum by fans, for various reasons.

          We need a great forward next season to transform this team. Take Harry Kane out of spurs and I have no fears playing them on Thursday despite us probably being a better team this season…

          On today’s game, let’s face it Martinelli just didn’t have he’s shooting boots on today despite being in the penalty box often…

        2. @gai
          Guess you didn’t watch the Liverpool-Spurs match. Spurs played 4-5-1, so Pool, with most of the possession, were the frustrated ones…IJS

          1. I watched game, if arsenal played that way against Liverpool everyone would be up arms. Liverpool camped in their half. Were lucky they were not already 2 down when they hit their counter. Another day 1 pass or the final shot fails and the lose 1 nil, most days they lose 2+-1 anyway. Go support team you love and leave us alone your done. Poch’s gone. Kane’s getting old and you have no money. NL is red.

              1. He is really delusional
                You can support your team but don’t talk 🗑️
                Conte is unbeaten on 4 occasion against klopp’s Liverpool and have not lost in 3 visit at armfield

                I am still waiting for arsenal to at least score against Liverpool

      3. @RW1
        RealTalk. We were naive af. Had no real tactics or plan on how to break down a 10 man side…IJS

      4. Really?!!! Why so much pessimism on JA?
        1. Played better than the opposition with lots of chances created; granted only 2 were converted. AND THANKFULLY WHILE THE PITCH HAD ITS FULL COMPLEMENT… ELSE THE MOANERS WOULD HAVE HAD OTHER THINGS TO MOAN ABOUT! LOL!!!
        2. And on the flip side, you denied the opposition much sight of your goal.
        3. Had a good management of the game well and got the job done… 3 MORE points on the board!!!
        So, what more is required to win games?! And we’ve also had the needful sprinkling of luck!
        What more do you need to win the games that are left? WHAT MORE?!!! Kindly be content…😃
        On to WHL, and 3 more points! Believe!👍

    5. Nketiah maybe……. But Elneny controlled game well, he is so good that he is like a different player. He is playing through ball and long ball. Maybe african nations cup helped him a lot.

      And lastely, am not a fan of xaka…. But he has surprised me, He has been playing well lately. ITs like I dnt know him anymore. He is moving the ball forward this days

      1. And dare I say MA coaching,in the last few games you could see him encouraging Mo to pass/move forwards.

    1. i don’t fancy arsenal chances in thursday game against spurs if they play like this

    1. It wasn’t a bad game. It’s game management. We didn’t over do it, we got the win, we didn’t have any players that maybe missing and we are ready to go against Tottenham.

    2. I was going to say the same about the title. From history, arsenal find it hard to break down a 10 man squad. We might have won 5-1 if we played 11 against 11. We need to work on that aspect of our game.

  2. Disgusting performance! 3 points is all that matters.

    Play like that on Thursday and we’ll get hammered. Day of judgement on Thursday. We need at least a point!

      1. No we do need at least a win or draw at spurs. Everton and Newcastle are trickier games for us than spurs last 2 games.

  3. I’m fuming right now. I got my stuff ready to watch the match and fell into a deep sleep. I woke up after I had a dream in which I was being told Nketiah had scored and thus I caught only a part of the 2nd half. Kudos to the boys and Arteta. From the little I watched we lacked the final passes to unlock Leeds but the total attempts tell me we wee dominant so it is what it is Also Bielsa was overachieving at Leeds and used to dominate small teams a big club. He has now left the club and they are battling relegation.

    1. I’m finally agreeing with you on Nketiah, I know he has always been a 18 yard box striker, but it seems he has improved his overall play. Martineli needs to sort his decision making, odegard as usual was everywhere but he was not at his best today, Ramsdale is starting to feel like he owns the number 1 jersey, he needs strong competition next season. All in all good win.

      1. Nketiah has already done this at youth level. The difference is he hadn’t started many matches at top level but was already written off. From the little I watched Mart and Ode were doing well but they need to take far more risks. Ode is very important and will need to step up even more. Yh Ramsdale still be having them haywire moments. It seems to me that is just him and he always seems excited in goal which also has its impacts. On to the next one I guess.

  4. I am never disappointed by a win and especially a win that keeps us in the top4.

    We were so on top in the first half, I felt there should have been more goals. Was it complacency in the second half? Another goal will come attitude? Never a good idea.

    Leeds had to eventually make a go of it and it made for a tense finish. I am relieved that Everton beat Leicester who have had a miserable season in the league. If Everton have avoided the drop before the last game of the season then I will be a little happier if we need to get something out of that game to finish in a CL place.

    1. Typical Sue P, First to the point post so far – and about US rather than Leeds, as who cares about them? Not I – and as ever a sensible and thinking post
      I was personally keeping an eye on Evertons score all through our match, as your final comments truth was so vital to us.

      Some on here never think ahead- they do not seem capable, some of them.
      But you do and I do too and I so much appreciate thinking posts from astute Gooners, such as you.

      1. Jon,
        The last thing I want is for Everton to need to win to stay up if we need a point or 3 for the CL.

        I am not sure if I am looking forward to Thursday. I shall be teleported back to the late 60’s watching Dr Who and the Daleks peeping through my fingers.

    1. 2 Gun down,

      Hmmm. i dont want this possibility. we must secure top 4 before that game.

      We have to win on Thursday.
      New castle away is also a tough one

  5. Absolute vital win, Nervy at the end but we got there. 4points clear of 5th, 1point behind 3rd & North London Derby Thursday evening where we can cement our place in the Champions League on their turf. No better ammunition to end it all at the Toilet Bowl.

    Nketiah showed why he deserves to be here challenging for that no9 spot with the new striker brought in once Laca leaves for his last big pay day and sell Pepe or use him in a swap deal scenario as we will never recoup a 3rd of what we paid for him. Tomi was also super at make shift LB.

    I am absolutely delighted today. Well done Arsenal.

  6. Pepe is absolutely useless.
    Sorry but no need trying to make any excuse for him or say he needs a run of games. No he needs to continue his run of being benched.
    He brings absolutely nothing to our game and team contribution.
    If you’re a fringe player, when you get opportunities like these, you show something to convince the manager you need more.
    When Laca was out with Covid and Nketiah got his opportunity. He showed he could bring something and would offer more if given a run of games. That’s why he’s still a starter RN.
    Tomiyasu was good today as the LB. I guess that’s Arteta experimenting ahead of the Spurs game since Tavares can be a basket most of the time.
    Well 3 points, but very disappointing end product.
    Very very disappointing, we wasted too many goalscoring opportunities, and I wonder if we’ll ever be a ruthless team in front of goal.
    The game on Thursday is all to die for.
    Let the boys know, we can’t look ahead and think we have Newcastle and Everton. (Who’s to say we’ll win those two games?)
    So the full squad better see the NLD as the champions league final, because if we win on Thursday, then the remaining two games can Fok off, winning on Thursday seals UCL qualification.
    No point in saying we can afford to lose, no we can’t afford to lose on Thursday.

    1. Bet u weren’t saying this about pepe in the wolves game where we were 1-0 down till the 70th minute

    2. But spot on on the importance of a win over spurs on Thursday, but we can’t play the way we did in the second half today against spurs, we’ll be in for a ass whooping. Our defence and goal keepers have to be switched on 100%.

    3. EDDIE,you are dead right about pepe. it is such a pity to see such a player actually struggle, he has no idea on how to get involved in a game.he looks like an overgrown schoolkid who is clearly out of his depths.terrible pity because i thought he really would light us up down the right wing, but instead, he is a liability. at this point, i would gladly give him away for free, free up another huge salary and rid ourselves of another highly negative player.

      1. Pepe played 20 mins by all accounts ,This is a player who as gotten scraps all season and is a confidence player .
        Some fans SMH

        1. Dan Pepe is yet another top player, had his guts ripped out by his treatment. And for the life of me i cant believe why anyone would be singling out Pepe for today, ludicrous. We have failed with him, he will go to another team and be a top player for them and for peanuts too. Ring any bells!!!!!

          1. Did not see the game Reggie
            But saw that he only came in for the last 20 mins ,and he gets singled out because he cannot make an impact after probably playing about 20 mins in the last 6months
            No mention of the players that played 90 mins and didn’t to sh1t as well I see .

            1. Dan, he wasn’t the only one who didn’t make an impact, nobody could, he was no worse than anyone else.

    4. I shouted my head off when Pepe was supposed to take on a defender when the Leeds’ United goalkeeper was caught in a no man’s land, instead Pepe went for a nutmeg and lost the ball. Martinelli wouldn’t have left that defender behind. I must say that Pepe’s decision making is absolutely nonsense most times

      1. Didn’t we all but thats has nothing to do with the shell that Pepe has been turned into. Did you watch him prrform at the AFC, totally different player but then again, he played.

  7. So so so lucky to get that win after a sloppy laclustre second half. The way we play really worries me and our attitude sometimes is S**T. Odergaard and xhaka lazily stupidly trying to nutmeg people instead of getting on with the job. 3 grateful points but we were very lucky not concede right at the death. A different mindset needed for Thursday and it should be treated now like a cup final.

  8. Hardly a convincing win and we still have another relegation threatened team to play at the Emirates. My biggest fear though is the game against Newcastle.

  9. Why can’t we do things the easy way? My poor heart and fingernails!!

    Chuffed for Eddie; a brace against his former teams – the Chavs and now Leeds – he’s on top form right now.. wonder what will happen with him?!

    Man, I need to go and calm down and prepare myself for Thursday night (gulp).. COYG

    1. Great to have u back Sue. I hope we don’t play the way we played today against the spuds on thursday. The way they played against the scousers yesterday gave pool a run for their money. Something we’ve failed to do against pool in recent years. Conte is a top manager and I hope we get our players 100% focused for the 90mins of play and most importantly take all their chances. A win against spuds would be like when we won the league at white hart lane. Spuds won’t want a repeat of that

    2. Yes Sue.

      we will get a win or a draw against Spurs on thursday.

      Arsenal must play in the champions league next season.

  10. Martineli needs to compose himself in front of the post. I don’t have too many complains. Good win

    1. Our defenders need to be more alert. The leeds goal had every arsenal player running to one part of the goal post leaving ramsdale completely exposed. We need to do better than today to stand a chance against spurs. We dont do well when playing against a counter attacking team.

  11. Good win today. We got the first two goals in the match and didn’t look bothered for large spells into the match. Leeds gave it there all after scoring and knowing they were a man down it was a hard fought to even steal a point. Good win and Nketiah was good for his two goals and Martinelli although didn’t score was a complete handful for Leeds today. Next Tottenham, and even a draw would be a good result. COYG

  12. Yes, a nervy finish. But credit to Leeds who really competed to the end. It shows teams fighting for the drop are going to be hard playing against.

    But arsenal too must improve on killing a game off

  13. Should have been done and dusted ten minutes after halftime but all that really matters is the three points.

    Well done to the boys and bring on Thursday night. Keep on grinding them out.

  14. We absolutely bossed that game, unfortunately we thought we had won when they had their player sent off. I reckon we would of won by more goals if they hadn’t had a player sent off…but who gives a toss, we won. Bring on the next match..💪

  15. This Arsenal team seem to turn up in big games. I would not write us off for Thursday. We can upset Tottenham. If we do that. It’s game over and chasing 3rd place.

  16. Wasn’t convincing at all. A stupid keeper error handed us the advantage and after some nice interchanges and Eddies 2nd we were helped out by some pure madness.

    But plenty of opportunities squandered to score more goals as you never k ow it could come down to it and the spuds are in front on that score.

    We need to play 10 times better than that on Thursday or we will be seeing the 3 points go to the white and blue side of north London. And NOBODY wants to see that!;)

    1. Shut up, we were 2-0 up in 15 mins we had an insane amount of shots, by the end of the 1st half we had more shots on target than both Liverpool and Spurs managed all game between themselves. Go away with that negativity, please.

        1. Don’t lower yourself to his lvl AB
          He’s an awful fan when things do t go his way .

            1. So when it wasn’t gong his way did you see the opposite telling fans to shut up ?
              Ofc you didn’t ,thought better of you buddy maybe I was wrong .

              1. DK
                I have been told by you on a occasion or two with rude replies.
                But it is water off a ducks back and we all move on
                We two still communicate and whilst we don’t agree it part and parcel on being on here

      1. You shut up fungus!

        Thought this was a forum where one can state their own opinion freely.

        Be gone thought police;)

        1. Angus you are getting bad habits of another nasty poster, dont lower yourself. It shows an utter lack of respect to tell someone to shut up, he is just as entitled to his her opinion as you.

      2. Number of shots in a match doesn’t count as goals, a goal is a goal. Let’s hope the boys play better than that against Spurs.

      3. Some fans really amaze you. The negativity and ignorance is unprecedented. The first goal was a forced error because of our dynamic pressing. But no, some…….. just think it’s luck.

  17. Who would have thought we will be in this position after those three loses at the start of the season then recently to the three teams we lost before defeating chelsea, manu and West ham….

    We are unpredictable this season but arsenal turn up well against a decent team. Remember north London Derby isn’t about the most inform team. Derby could swing anywhere. I hope we defeat spurs and clinch champs league place before playing the inform Newcastle and Everton fighting for their lives (they won today). Come on you gunners…. don’t bottle this at the dying stage of the season please.

  18. It was a very vital 3 points to move 4points clear the closest and major rival. But this win was far from convincing.

    As soon as the red card came, I knew it wasn’t going to do anything in Arsenal’s favor in terms of goals difference, but at least it reduced the excessive pressure from Leeds.

    Of course it’s always difficult going against teams fighting a relegation battle, but Arsenal has this habit of doing things the hard way. I’m just happy they secured that vital 3 points at the end of the day.

  19. So much negativity.

    Win the next match and qualify for the Champions League. It is as simple as that, Spurs would love to be in that position, but they are not.

      1. But we are closer than Spurs that is the realism. Even if we lose to them we are still closer than them that is the realism.

        Anyone would think we are 4pts behind going into Thursday.

        1. @Atid
          And “if” we lose all remaining matches, we won’t be ahead of them, nor will we achieve a CL berth. IS that not also realism…?
          Like I said”We aren’t there, yet”…

          1. I think that’s pessimism, not realism….. realism is as things stand, like Atid pointed out, and we have the edge over them. Win against Spurs, and we’re home and dry, a draw against them would require us to win one more game, and a loss would mean we have to win two. But however you look at it we are in the driving seat. That’s realism.

            1. Also, bear in mind that there’s no guarantee that they’ll win their other two games after playing against us either. And also, a Chelsea draw or loss could also land us third. So, again, as things stand, we have the upper hand.

          1. I didn’t get to see the match so cannot comment
            But Fck me Angus I’ve just gone down this thread and you have told someone to shut up ,another to go support another team and the best one yet “your a spuds fan”
            These are fans that comment every week come rain or shine .
            Where was your posts when things were not going our way ?
            You sound like someone who gets personal when things don’t go your way .
            Maybe you need to go away and learn some manners to fellow supporters .

            1. Agree Dan, ive told him he is taking his bad habits off another disrespectful poster. Angus stop being rude and show a bit of respect!!!!!

              1. His position on the debate team at Oxford is on thin ice most weeks I should imagine!;)


  20. Conceding goals for fun
    When last did we even keep a clean sheet
    This is scaring heading into north London derby against spurs Conte who are not conceding for fun recently

    1. Spurs only clean sheet recently was 0-0 to brentford……….. what are you saying?

  21. Cmon guys – it was all about the win today, and overall it WAS pretty comfortable. Lately we have been doing exactly what we have needed to do to win – maybe not in the style we like but we keep playing well enough to beat whichever team is served up. We have such a thin squad at the moment I am impressed with our consistent ability to get results. Once GM sorts out his finishing and decision making he will be phenomenal. Nketiah, considering where he was before, has greatly improved, we have a performing midfield made up of two players most supporters don’t rate, and all without two first choice defenders and with our star player Saka having quite a poor game.
    I don’t need champagne performances at this stage, just the points, and I’m confident this team won’t lose to Spuds.

  22. Good job done by MA and the rest of the team.
    3 important points bagged in whether ugly or not, they simply delivered.
    People wrote us off before the beginning of the season and worse after MA trimmed and did not add to the squad in January.
    MA and the team have had their fair share of bashing and trash-talking with their supposed inefficiencies painted all over yet, this young core has won a successful year for us and can only get better.
    The doubters had their antennas high when we were for Stamford bridge after some losses and they still are because they think we played poorly today and we have the spuds on Thursday.
    I’ve had a good time with the Arsenal this season and whatever transpires come Thursday, it will still be 3rd or 4th for this season.
    Best to have awarded MA a contract extension and the timing was right for it is very motivating.
    I can’t wait for next season.

  23. One point which no one seems to have thouight of and certainly not mentioned so far, which is that Spuds point at Liverpool is unlikely( though not totally impossible) to be any more use to them, than if they haD lost.

    Had Spuds lost, we would now have been 5, not 4, ahead. But as goal difference is unlikely at this late stage to alter in our favour, then we need to stop them equalling same points as us at seasons end, to finish fourth.

    Now, IF we beat them on Thursday their point gained at Anfield will still be useless. IF we draw there we will remain 4 ahead with both having two to play. One win in our final two games will be enough assuming they win both their games. IF we draw them both and they win both, they beat us on goal difference, which will be the one of only two scenarios where their point at Liverpool, would be of use to them. If they lose either of their final two games we finish 4th anyway, whatever we do in ours. The other remote scenario where they beat us for 4th by having the extra Liverpool point ,is IF we lost both final games and they win one, draw one.

    But that would mean we would lose to Everton( as well as Newcastle, who are safe) and right now I can envisage Everton being safe from relegation. BEFORE we play them.

    So Burnley will be fighting like mad, while Everton will not need to against us.
    All in all it means that barring extremely unlikely results in both final two matches, IF we draw at the toilet bowl on Thursday, 4th place is 95% ours.

    1. Further to my what if scenarios above, IF we lose at Spuds , we will be just one point ahead

      . Had Spuds lost at Liverpool, that would have made us two ahead, IF we lose at Spouds But that extra point they got at Liverpool, will be very unlikely to have made the difference in those two games (for us and them), as my post above this one sets out.
      HAD THEY WON OR we drew today against LEEDS, IT WOULD HAVE BEEN VERY DIFFERENT . But neither happened. Phew!!

      1. Thanks jon for this analysis.

        We should play for a win against them. A draw would be a good result also.

        Our players should be calm and disciplined in that game to avoid red card. Xhaka and Gabriel should control their emotions.

        I just have to appreciate all that Arteta has done so far.

        I use to be his critic, but now, taking things in perspective, going from 0 points after 3 games to 1 point behind Chelsea after 35 games is a massive improvement.

        Arteta and the whole squad should be commended.

        Taking that huge risk with Aubameyang in January and still in 4th place with 3 games remaining, it shows personality and a strong character.


    2. I don’t think our players will forget what Everton did in the last game we played them.

  24. At this stage of the season, I couldn’t care any less how we play as long as we get the for the NLD, I’d rather we going into it as underdogs.

  25. Not much different between Cedric and Tavares. Lack of composure and lots of errors.

  26. Scrappy win in the end, if our finishing was better it would have been easier, but the 3 points is all that matters. On to the swamp on Thursday against the vermin. Will be interesting to see how we line up considering the vermin really need to beat us. 595 !

  27. First thing first, it’s a massive three points.

    Simply means we are effectively tightening our grip in the top four race.

    Critics will say it’s a shaky win, but have seen a whole lot in my life time, teams struggle in first round only to win the tournament.

  28. Done it the hard way as we alway do but this time around we saw out the game out.
    Its all about results now and not how we play as some on here still keep shouting about
    Points on the board not slick football and nothing to show for it so well done to MA and the boys for getting the 3 points
    3rd is some how within our sights again but one step at a time and let’s secure 4th on Thursday.
    Onwards and upwards

      1. Always sueP
        It been a long time waiting and we are almost there.
        We should be joyous that we have actually died at the beginning of the season
        Pulled our selves around and get top 4 Christmas
        Slowly slide away after and then manage to to have our own fate in our hands again with 3 to go. Shows we have character, determination, and good togetherness-squad and staff
        Still annoying to see negativity around from a few and wish they would climb on board rather then hope the wheels fall off
        Each to there own I suppose
        Here to a Thursday and will take a win but settle for a.draw
        Onwards and upwards

  29. Liverpool have won 4 matches than Arsenal this season and some fans on here still want MA to be sacked. Lol

    Chelsea have been playing badly and I want us to target the 3rd place.


  30. I might sound like GAI and his CF but what I would love is a proper beast of a DM, physical phenomenon, intimidating….whose job would be to constantly cover our back 4 allowing MØ,ESR, Saka to concentrate mostly on attacking.

      1. I personally fear the worse for spuds game think there experience players will have to much know how for our young team and son and kane could have a field day hope I’m totally wrong and we play the game of our lives and get something out of it but being realistic it’s very unlikely!

  31. Thought it would be a tough game with the strong probability of a draw. Turned out to be a far from convincing win but in terms of gathering points, who cares. However, thinking ahead to next season this Arsenal team is an ugly one. Not convinced by either manager or his chosen ones.

    1. Top comment
      Joe s 👍
      Exactly where I am at .
      I didn’t see the game as I said above but apparently Sounds just like what we have seen over the last 2 seasons .
      But let’s hope that a few transfers in the summer we might at last see some really good football ,250 million spent in 18 months maybe the same again we can start to see some good football again .

      1. DK
        there you go again
        You can’t but help yourself
        Be glad of the 21st win of this season
        3rd most wins behind pool and city
        4 th and sitting 4 points clear of 5th place for now
        Every fan on here apart from the fakers would have settled at the start of the season to be in this position 3 games to go.
        It’s about the points in the bad now not the performance and we move on to the next game.
        Not sure what kind of football you want but I want winning football and 21 wins is a good start.

        1. As the “Arteta out” crew are finding fewer and fewer things that can live down to their expectations this season, they move on to “predict” next season. Surely, then they will have justification.

  32. As good as Man City is, their fans still want more from their players, that’s football. I appreciate the 3 points against Leeds but man!!! That was breathtaking. You can be comfortable with whatever that makes you happy but can’t take my opinion away from me. I want my team to get better and better 🤷

  33. We have been talking about 5 cup finals, 4 cup finals, 3 cup finals and so on….. Now, the next game will be THE final, put everything into it, we win that and the top 4 is done. Lets not wait for the 2 after that

  34. I’m surprised that some people are busy worried and pessimistic about us getting the top four position ahead of spuds who are four points behind us and not optimistic that we can actually usurp Chelsea and bag the 3rd place finish come the end of the season. I for one, I am optimistic that Chelsea will “capoot” and we will overtake them. I am not much worried about spuds. COYG!!!

    1. Henrospartacus Exactly! I share your optimism on our chances of clinching the third spot at the expensive of a fumbling Chelsea team.


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