Arsenal move in on top striker as his club pursue replacement

Arsenal are reportedly said to be keen on bringing Edinson Cavani to The Emirates this summer, with Angel Di Maria’s protracted move holding the key. Paris Saint-Germain have been linked with the Manchester United target all summer, with Real Madrid all set to cash-in to recoup some of their transfer kitty back after a busy summer of new Galacticos.

The Gunners have been linked with the Uruguay forward since the weekend, but appear to be trying to drive the Paris clubs asking fee down from the original £50M asking price. Cavani is a huge player, but has become increasingly frustrated with his lack of playing time in the central striker role, and has told the media of his frustrations on a number of occasions, leading Man United and Chelsea to take an interest, only for their interest to fizzle out.

He would no doubt add another dimension to our attacking force, and is the standard of player who would strike fear into defenders. He could be the difference between us challenging for the title until February-March or until the final day of the season. If we could break the bank on this one, it will pay off ten-fold in my eyes.

How much would you pay?

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    1. I hear you, but WC is a very short competition.
      Would anyone buy Cristiano, Messi, Casillas, and some others based on their WC? (and dont say Messi made it to the final, because for his standrads he should have desroyed every single defense and more with that team behind him).
      Cristiano and Casillas? awful perfs (yeah Cristiano was injured, but would you buy him? if he was injured and not as stuopid as he is of course).
      My point is that the WC is not a complete scenario to be based on when buying players.

      1. Yay!!!
        Koscielny fit for Arsenal opener, says Wenger
        The France international came off at half-time during the Gunners’ 3-0 defeat of Manchester City with an Achilles knock but is in line to start the Premier League season.

      1. He isn’t in terrible form as he has scored 16 goals in the league which was at RW(out of position) and he is world class.

        1. Then you havent been watching cavani…
          Hes world class but hes in poor form even when played upfront for psg and for Uruguay. Just like torres who was in terrible form just before he moved to chelsea for 50mill.

          Id happily take him for 30mill and average wages but not for 50mill thats a massive risk.

      1. Yes, but, if the right player becomes available at ANY position, Arsene has said, and has shown in the last 2 windows, he will pounce. Ozil was barely available and we were already strong in the position and we tripled our record fee because Arsene wanted him and was willing to pay.

        If Arsene wants Cavani badly and he becomes available, I am sure Arsene will try his best to make it happen.

          1. Cavani would be an awesome buy. But very very unlikely. If he came then Podolski would have to go. He is still on 100k a week and he probably wouldn’t play with Alexis, Walcott, Giroud, Sanogo, Campbell, OX taking the attacking positions.

          2. Whether it lasted months or not point is ozil’s position was already covered but Wenger felt he was the right player. If he feels Cavani is the right player and he becomes available, Wenger will go for him

      2. I am not sure but I read that right before announcing Santi he was asked about him and he replied ” i have never Heard of that player”….so there u go AW could be a poker player hahaha

      3. @Kataza

        If you were Wenger (and if you wanted to buy a striker), would you announce to the whole world that you ARE indeed buying a striker?—what that does is it lets the other teams know that you are desperate for a player in that particular position.

        Now, if I were the selling team, I would jack up the price (based on the fact that I know you want a striker).

        If Wenger comes out saying that he isn’t looking for striker. Then the selling team might want to lower the price or “entice” the buyer with incentives.

    2. Cavani was over-priced when PSG paid over the odds for the in-form striker at that time. Now Cavani is not in form and may never find it again like Fernando Torres and before him Andre Shevchenko. No way is Cavani worth 50 Million. He never has been.

      Why would Arsenal even be looking at him anyway?

      I know we are definitely buying a central defender because Wenger said we definitely are, but if another player is bought I hope it is a DM.

      1. WTF are you talking about?
        ‘Out of form’ what exactly do you base that on, the fact that he netted 23 times instead of 38 because he was pushed out to the wing with the ego waiting in front of goal?

        In answer to your rather stupid question, Arsenal would be looking at him because he is one of the best strikers in the world and could make the difference in BPL and CL.

        1. totally, he netted that much in a position where is not as evident.
          Alexis netted 19 league goals imo ’cause Messi played there and he was “pushed”

  1. In the beginning of this window I would’ve called it no-way, but now more and more signs are appearing that Cavani is unsettled and wants to be the main striker Arsene and his staff should really look in to him, something they obviously do. Just imagine, Cavani at Arsenal jeez. It would shake the PL and if we can get him back into his Napoli form, Arsenal have good odds to do some serious damage in the CL.

    1. I’m kind of tired of hearing about Cavani’s poor form. When did this happen? In the WC? Sure, he wasn’t great, but that team has serious issues and only the current best striker (form-wise at least) in the world made that team look even worthy enough to make it through the group stage.

      He scored a decent amount of goals playing out of position with limited opportunities with the ball very clearly going toward Ibra as often as possible. I think his strike rate was only a bit lower than it was previously (though I haven’t looked up the stats lately so I could be wrong there), and he showed that playing wide is another part of his game that he can bring out if needed. For me, he did no damage to his value, though I would agree with many that the price PSG paid was severely inflated, and the price they are likely to sell him for will also likely be more than he is worth.

      Unfortunately if we want a top class striker, we are going to have to either buy a young player to develop at a decent price or pay the inflated market prices for an established player. The people on this site don’t seem to realize that. They think Arsene can buy a good striker for 20mil and turn him into the next best striker, or else they think we can find a world class striker for a decent price. But very few want to go the youth route because they want trophies right now.

  2. I hope Wenger will sign him. it will be glorious if Wenger retires with Champions league Trophy and when he dies he will definitely rest in peace. we don’t want him to come back as a ghost at the Emirates to accomplish what he has a chance to accomplish Right now.

    just pay the asking price Wenger

  3. I really dont think Cavani is worth pursuing at that price, if we have 50M burning a hole in our pockets how about Reus and Khedira or Carvalho. For about the same price we get two amazing young players. Carvalho can cover defense and DM and Reus can play LW or CF.


    That is a more complete team then just having Cavani

    1. reus all the way!!! but when you do have a chance to sign a top striker like cavani would turn it down and let chelsea have him or even worse liverpool?!

      1. We don’t just sign players because we dont want other teams to have them else we will be the only team in the league. We only need to sign the players we need and bring out the best in them to beat the best in the world. If we have Rues and Khedira/ Cavalho, we don’t need to worry where Cavani ends up. We wouldn’t have afford him for that price few seasons ago and if he were available Chelsea would still have got him.

        Rues, a DM, a CB and we are league champions again!!! COYG!

      2. We cant just sign players because we dont want other teams to have them else we will be the only team in the league. We only need to sign the players we need and bring out the best in them to beat the best in the world. If we have Rues and Khedira/ Cavalho, we don’t need to worry where Cavani ends up. We wouldn’t have afford him for that price few seasons ago and if he were available Chelsea would still have got him.

        Rues, a DM, a CB and we are league champions again!!! COYG!

    2. Look, as much as I would love to get Reus, I have doubts on whether it would even be a good idea. Sanchez and Walcott are as much or more natural strikers than Reus is and if Arsene isn’t willing to put either of them in the middle regularly, why would it be any different with Reus?

      Then you have Walcott, Sanchez, Reus, Ozil, Cazorla, Campbell, and Ox playing for 3 positions while Giroud continues to miss chances. I’m starting to think maybe we really should spend on Cavani or Benzema. Most other coaches would try to get the best players on the pitch at the same time rather than sticking to a system, even if it has shown to work extremely well.

      Look, I know if you were managing the team you would be willing to bench Giroud for a more mobile player that isn’t all that good at hold up play (and I would probably not let Giroud see the field very often if it were me), but the question is whether or not Arsene will do it.

      That is why I am VERY interested to see what the team looks like when Walcott gets back. If he has to bench one of Walcott, Sanchez, and Cazorla just so he can keep playing with a target man I will really not be happy.

    3. Reus extremely close on Atlético de Madrid, in Spain it look’s like a DONE DEAL. If happens, clever move by Simeone and Cerezo they are getting a strong squad with the likes of griezmann koke reus turan mandzukic.

  4. not more than 40 million par i dn’t know if his wages ww will be willing to pay
    but its the defensive midfieder i m concerned about v can deal another season without a striker as v ha options in attack

  5. If he wants to come and wages are not an issue I d say spalsh the cash.
    The guy is good, he is already a finished product.
    If he ever fails to convert hopes into goals one thing is for sure, there is a HUGE psychological fear that teams will face when playing us and that can only be good for the likes of Alexis, Ramsey and even Giroud if deployed in a 2 striker formation to find real opene spaces.

    I would go for a DM as well, but I think Arsenal has the money to buy Cavani AND a DM whihc according to rumours arent higher than around the 10.

  6. 90% of the idiots that post here will be all about it because he is expensive, and a big media name. He hasn’t been that great recently. Granted out of position, but he has been really shaky even playing striker for PSG.

    I would still take him, sure. But not at the expense of having a CDM if they don’t mean for Chambers to fill it, and a CB.

    1. @sacrificial Pizza

      you may call 90% people on this forum idiots but we are entitled to our opinions and so are you. I leave in a country I am not allowed to express myself , at least on this forum I can write my thoughts.
      so who are you tell to me what to say . if you don’t like my post just thumb me down. I do it all the time , ask Rahman Hafiz ,but he is not an idiot. he expressess his thoughts.

  7. Let’s do this, we need to win the league this year. The fans deserve it, and so does Wenger, he’s been a complete workhorse all this time so let’s get him, carvalho, manolas and win this league.

  8. 40 million. Problem is that when you get a class player you need to get rid of at least one good player in the squad because getting cavani would mean Sanchez moving to LW when walcott is fit again, podolski wont get time, cazorla and Sanchez and even campbell will be fighting for the spot ( Have to say that alexis weak foot is the left), sorry i dont think this rumors about cavani are true. dm and CB are still prioritys and the main problem is probably that wenger think that he has enough atacking players.

    Getting Cavani would be awesome, but.. Just dont see it happening, wenger is doing one marquee signing per summer and we already got alexis.

    1. LCRH. I think Wenger WILL, if the player he wants becomes available, splash out on another top top player, as well as, a CB.
      Cavani however is NOT that player.
      We already have a host of players that WILL score goals this Season, and, paying £50 million, and, top wages for another Striker is NOT the priority.
      I could of course be wrong, and, if PSG let him go for £40 million, and, Cavani accepts our terms, then just maybe it will happen, just do NOT see either party agreeing.
      Someone said, IF he goes to Chelsea, or Liverpool. well, sorry, Jose needs to sell in order to buy, FFP, and Liverpool have already spent more than they can afford.

  9. What bout his salary, what bout our need for a dm, what bout our squad number, what bout what wenger said? Think before you start the reverie.

  10. Wenger please sign another player already and give us something to talk about. People are loosing there marbles and articles here aint getting better.

    SOS Wenger. 007 out!!!

  11. Our team chart at has only 6 defenders. That is extremely worrying. Maybe Wenger is considering Bellerin as an RB option and Miquel as a CB but injuries happen and i really dont want to see Bellerin-Miquel-Chambers-Monreal playing against Liverpool or Chelsea. So lets stop talking about Cavani and get at least one good CD and a good DM to sit infront of them and stop the onslaught that happens when we play the big teams away from home.

    Lets fix our obvious problems first and go for luxury later, we have Sanchez who can play the striker role with the best of them.

    1. Actually, though I doubt we will need him for the EPL games, I think Hector Bellerin is a massive talent, and will be Debauchys long term replacement, with Chambers moving to DM (NOT THIS SEASON),
      We need a CB right now to cover for Kos. Miguel and Monreal, though both did ok, are NOT the answer.

      1. Falcao is definitely better than Cavani but Monaco are very reluctant to sell him and also
        Real Madrid e interested.

  12. Would be a fantastic buy. To be honest and Realistic with myself, i will be surprise if Arsenal or Wenger for that matter spend £50 mill on him. when a simple £30 for a CDM with a bit of class and Steel to their game, that can also cover CB and who will earn probably 50% less that Cavani. like i said before wenger knows whats best for the team. but i will Love Cavani at Arsenal no doubt.

    1. I agree with you. We need a big strong CDM who can also CB. Carvalho is the player we need.
      However I think players like Wilshere and Arteta will bev very unhappy if we sign him because they
      wont be getting enough game time.

  13. This is BS proposed by the media. No way we’re in for Cavani.

    Pretty sure he said a year or 2 ago that he would never want to play for a lesser club like arsenal, so screw him anyways

  14. Before we start having fantasy or rather live on Disneyland. Please what’s the source of this report?

    1. Wenger said we can every player except Ronaldo, Messi and Bale. We can definitely afford 50-60
      m player.

  15. wont be surprised if wenger goes for him.firstly all of a sudden it seems like arsenal have been spending good money for years.and second,wenger will be really eager to make up for all the lost time and answer all who questioned his ability.hes assembled quite a capable team,adding a striker of cavanis profile will not only lift the squad but will improve goal tally esp in a team like arsenal flooded with midfield maestros and as admin said could be the difference between trophies…..really hope wenger gets him (that will surely send a shiver down mourinho’s spine lol)

    dont really think that arsenal need a cdm.imho,last seasons thrashings were down to playing high line with slow players like arteta and mertesacker.there is diaby,rosicky,flamini,ramsey,and wilshere.the team do need a cb though……

    1. Since we are in DISNEYLAND (as you said and I agree) I wonder how did you find a car park attendant, hahaha.

  16. Please Mr Wenger , DON’T buy any forward even Cavani, Falcao, di Maria or Reus. We don’t need them or want them. We just need CDM

    1. With no doubt we need a CDM, but to knock down the big 5, we really need better striker

      1. yeah, because Chelsea beat us, Liverpool, City, United, Spuds, Everton, because of their world class strikers last season >_>

  17. Stupid rumors. Wenger said were fine upfront, and Cavani needs to prove he is worth his cost again. Hasnt been impressive at all since his move to PSG. Keep the focus on CDM and CB.

  18. This article is missing the usual disclaimers:

    Arsenal are allegedly interest is bidding for Cavani and could be ready to spend £50 of their rumoured funds on the striker. It appears Edinson Cavani may or may not be remotely interested in leaving Paris to play in the EPL as well as, according to hear say a third party, not being t interested in earning a living.

  19. If our defence can’t cope with Chamack we are definitely in need of help….we need to start with a bang, not a victory but a total annihilation. I hope the competition between our attacking players sparks a few stunning performances this week end.

  20. cavani probably wont happen not wenger type of striker(wont play on the wings, non flexible non starter for wenger) like unless some one else said on here if it was on our terms and price(or if the big russian was willing to make a one off donation to cover all expenses then maybe also while we use the rest of funds to get players we need) then and only then it would happen maybe the growing consensus is a d/m who covers at c/h (it would have been mbia for free if we got cavani how scary is that) and maybe one more marquee signing for a reasonable price i would bet my house on it (if i had one of course lol) if we were to offer bvb £45 million for reus this week or at the start of next and offered him £130,000 in wages he would be ours injury or not at 25 years old worth the risk every time.
    i think it will be all out for reus (big bid for him coming up me thinks) towards the end of window and cheap under £10million d/m like tiote or mbia that would probably work for now maybe big money d/m next summer its all about availability like wenger says, the market is slow atm but will pick right up next week all big moves to made from all teams then watch man unted go for it in the market over the top prices and wages the road to bankruptcy hooray! hopefully wenger and gazids will do us proud i bet transfer team and tricky dicky law are somewhere discussing potential transfers with our targets i will stake everything on it REUS CARVALHO THAT WILL DO ME COYG

      1. giroud would play on the wing if asked (he seems a honest player like that) i am sure, its just that he would struggle out there to do what a wide forward could, at his age his skill sets are unchangeable usually generally he is a c/f and that’s what he is good at but i could be wrong though, as for cavani he seems to openly want to refuse to play on the wing(i think he plays there grudgingly atm) and states it publicly thus undermining his managers ability to know here to place him in the team team wenger wont have this from any player at arsenal

        hope we cool now fellow gunner

        1. just out of curiosity who do you personally think we should could/should realistically get before the end of the window?

          1. No idea. I don’t think personally that there is a striker out there that we could get that is already a star.

            The alternative would be just as Wenger has done and get Sanchez who can play there or the other thing would be Wenger knows of a player that can do a job but is not a huge name yet.

            It’s a tough one. I see your point and to kind of build on that, Wenger had a great record with strikers right up to when RVP left. After that he got burnt a couple of times. I think that hurts him because before Giroud his teams were built with elite strikers and now its a tough market. I don’t think he will take a punt. If he was going for it then its either a big name or a youngster.

      2. Giroud is a good example because Wenger would probably want to avoid buying someone like him again. Average for us, we can do better.

  21. I think realistically we need two players
    1. Big strong guy who can play CB and CDM.
    2. World class striker who can score 30-35 goals a season and who can deliver in big games.
    Inorder to get those 2 players I feel we need sell some players.

  22. This would be my lineup against C.Palace.
    Szczesny Debuchy Chambers Koscielny Gibbs Arteta Wilshere Ramsey Cazorla Alexis Sanogo
    Martinez Monreal Flamini Chamberlain Rosicky Campbell Giroud

  23. Who needs Cavanis when we have OG. This season; Played = 45 minutes, Goals scored = 1 beautiful sublime effort! Getting really serious this season, our own OG.

  24. i think cavani would drive our wage bill up a lot in what he earns our wage bill is at the £150-160 million atm at a alright 50-60% ratio in wage to turnover which for a self sustaining club like us is well balanced(it would be nice to bring it under 55%) we have worked hard to shave the wage bill down in last 2 years if we get cavani it might put us back to where we started i think we can go top end maybe £150k to £180 tops with any “worldclass” player without blowing a massive hole in the wage bill when you compare us to city’s wage bill which i think is at somewhere between 80-90% of turnover ratio(i bet chelsea’s aint far behind and uniteds will bankrupt them soon with the rebuild they will need 3 new players on £200k a week good luck with that one lol)we are “worldclass” at maintaining a healthy wage bill COYG

  25. Seems unlikely with a price like that, maybe about 40mil. Wenger lamented how far behind we were in terms of acorig last year compared to City/Liverpool and lauded our defence which makes me think he isn’t done offensively.

    Jury is out on Campbell, he’s not a “young” player, he’s ages with neymar, gotze etc and is he comparable for talent? No. I can see why Wenger isn’t quite convinced. So back to Cavani….

    Its a possibility because Wenger wants more goals, yet he signs Sanchez. He talked him up as striker but was asked where he can play and he answered “left or right” so to me that says he sees him more as a provider aka left wing upgrade. Next he said currently that south Americans are the best strikers (or words to that effect). Finally we know he’s a fan, and how he loves to be the beneficiary in a big deal ie Di Maria. I’d say it’s possible, with us having Arteta/Flam covering DM for one more season. Thoughts?

  26. Seems like bull. What about Wenger saying he won’t buy attacking players anymore? What about converting Sanchez to CF? What about Giroud extending his contract? What about giving Sanogo game time? What about a DM/CB? It just doesn’t make sense.

  27. I watched him recently even b4 world cup, nothing spectacular abt him anymore. Paying 50m for dat type of player is a gr8 risk.

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