Arsenal move on to ‘discussions’ over €60m-rated midfielder

Having finally confirmed yesterday that Gabriel Magalhaes is now an Arsenal player, and while we are expecting Dani Ceballos to return to London any day now for another season-long loan, it would appear that the Gunners have now turned their attentions to the Lyon midfielder Houssem Aouar.

David Ornstein followed up last night’s Tweet about Hector Bellerin’s possible move to PSG with some more inside information about Arsenal’s transfer dealings, including telling us that we are in discussions with Lyon over Aouar…

With the season opener less than two weeks away, it would appear that Arteta is keen to get all his targets in as quickly as possible, which is something us Arsenal fans are definitely not accustomed to! And by all accounts Aouar will be another excellent signing.

Although his team Lyon only finished 7th in Ligue 1 last season, he was an integral part of the reasons why Lyon made it to the Champions League semi final, before losing to the all-conquering Bayern Munich. Obviously the big sticking point will be the price that Lyon demand, and the Italian journalist Fabrizio Romano said this while speaking to Lee Gunner’s podcast about the possible transfer to Arsenal: “If we speak about Aouar, it will be €60m-€70m, so it will be so difficult to take Aouar.

“The Arsenal board is in love with Aouar, Mikel Arteta is in love with Aouar, so for sure they will try [to sign him].”

Well, it looks like we are in the process of trying, if Mr Ornstein is correct. Fingers crossed!

If we can get him and Thomas Partey, this could end up as one of our best transfer windows ever…


  1. Not seen much of him to form an opinion. But if Arteta rates him and wants him, then I’m sold already. Hoping we can land him. 🤞🏾

  2. If Partey, Aouer, Cabellos all end up coming we have just transformed our midfield with this trio… Wow!

    Gabriel, Willian, Soares and Mari already in the door.

    Could be a great window through £45m for Thomas we may pay but £55m for Aouer I dont know how we do that tbh.

  3. If we can successful add ceballos, aouar and partey with Auba’s contract extension. Believe me guys then we’ll b challenging for the title not top 4 alone. Also hope we’ll have an injury free season. Please God let these b possible

    1. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here mate.. It’ll be fabulous if we get all, no doubt, but no talks of title this season please.
      Top four is the target right now, back in the UCL, get more money to strengthen us further

      1. Eddie, How cathartic to read true perspective and rationality. How very much I both dislike and fear hype.
        Hype is almost always used by those whose intellect is not as keen as non hype fans. Food for thought !

  4. What all the magic going one at Arsenal one has to wonder where Edu has been all along our days of wilderness?

  5. I’m just saying we can compete for it and y not based on our recent performance. I’m not getting ahead just believing in d team, if we can sign all those guys and they gel well with no injury. Eddie believe me we can compete. We’ll just b like an underdog moving towards d title without no one suspecting us. All media having their attention on d Chelshit, loserpool and manc. though d truth is we re not going for d title just that it can happen along d way just like Leicester fairytale title

  6. With cebalos, I dont think we can get both Aourora and Partey, 3 of those will be fantastic, but I’ll rather we get Aourora over Partey if am to choose one, because I feel cebalos can still fill in for us as box to box

    1. Disagree Adajim. We need someone like Partey. Ceballos cannot be a box to box MF IMHO. He has a tendency to fall over too much at the slightest contact.

  7. Showing interest is one thing but managing the requisite funds to buy is totally another thing. I think MA wants Partey more than Aouar and if we sell Guendouzi, Torreira, Socrates than the funds could be utilised to buy Partey. Partey is the more complete player and worth every penny. If the Board has to choose between Partey and Aouar due to lack of funds, than the choice is simple: Partey. However, if both are being sought and the requisite funds are available, than nothing like it.

  8. Two scenarios:
    1. The old arsenal happens. Won’t worry me that much as our Achilles hill was defence last season. Top still highly possible.

    2. The emerging arsenal: Partey or Aouar joins, Top four should be the standard.
    3. Aterta’s red army: Both joins while retaining our best players, with fringe players shipped out. We go for the title. Leicester did it. If we build momentum using the last six games, nothing stops us. Treat every game like an FA cup. Arsenal, now and forever

  9. Getting Reine-Adelaide from them instead would be a wildcard option.

    The lad has progressed massively since leaving us. He made a move from Angers for €25m but has requested a move due to falling out with top brass. He’s a ball-carrying CM with great feet, height, strength and an eye for a pass. Would probably be available for about the same as they paid for him, perhaps less if he pushes for a move.

    I wouldn’t go as far as to vouch for him, but would be an interesting alternative.

    1. He doesnt even start for Lyon. They rely on a 20 year old Caqueret more than him now. Sorry but I dont think we miss him. He never took his chances with us and I dont think he’s good enough for us. I only wish we sold him for more money is all.

  10. We have just spent £27 million on Gabriel. Now the press rumours have us considering spending another 45m on Party and 60/70 m on Aouar. Also, if rumours are to be believed with the return of Cellabos we will not pay a fee but cover his total wage. We have got Mkhitaryan’s wage of the books, which I assume will cover that of Cellabos. If anyone believes that Arsenal are going to spend another £100 million on two players they are deluded. It is plain that we have to sell just to get Party,not only for the transfer fee but to cover his seemly wage demand of £200 million. In the present climate most football clubs are strapped for cash and looking to sell high and buy cheap and AFC is no different. Trouble is, the players they want to sell have very little value in this type of market. AFC is a company in the KSE group and like any other company is run as a business and as such needs to balance the books.As much as I would like to see KSE put some more cash into AFC its not going to happen. So at the present moment, there is no money the buy any of the players ,which the press claim we are interested in, so they will not be coming to AFC

  11. I think you have summed it up very well patH.Without selling the likes of Torreria, Guendouzi, Sokratis, and perhaps Bellerin, we will be unable to conclude a deal for Partey, who we need, and Aouar, who we don’t and who is overpriced.If we sign a DM , Arteta will have the flexibility to switch to a 4-3-3 system where an attacking midfielder like Aouar is not essential.

  12. To be honest even though we just finally announced the signing of Gabriel for 27million yesterday I’m still annoyed at Arsenal, mainly the board.

    I mean yes due to the pandemic funds have been decreased significantly but still we should be able to pay the 54 mill for aouar easily. If only our board could give us £100 mill at least to spend we could get aouar and partey. If not aouar and benhrama.

    I mean look at the different clubs in the prem: spurs who apparently loaned money from the bank has managed to sign hojberg for 25m and Doherty for 12 m. Yes some of that money came from KWP but still. Everton agreed a deal for Allan for 25m, doucoure for 25m and James for apparently 20m which makes for 70m spent. Now can somebody tell me where this money is coming from my guess most probably the board. Chelsea is another thing entirely as most of their spending is from player sales.

    I know we arsenal fans should know how our board is and we have made a lot of changes in personnel this summer. But I’m still very irritated about the whole phrase ‘they need to sell before they can get more ‘ like for goodness sake! Our board can just give us any money can they. Look at our rivals Chelsea, man city, man u they are making waves and are paying 30m plus in one go and still spending. I mean when will the time come and we can happily spend 40 m on more than two players and not worry.

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