Arsenal musings – Cech, Koscielny – and Alexis to burnout?

Possible ins and outs? When will be our first signing? by KM

Hello everyone. Did you get your day rolling from the morning off? Whats up with the Arsenal news lately? Well we are at our usual Arsenal state of transfers. We’re linked with some people, then the window seems like its frozen then some news pops up again and so on.

The Petr Cech story is taking too long. Latest Skysports news say that it’ll take until the middle of next week to get a medical. I just wish it happens quicker. The earlier we do the business, the better. We need to get him on the training pitch, to get some understanding with the defence and his new team mates.

Regarding the defence, reports claim that Laurent Koscielny is on Real Madrid’s radar to replace Sergio Ramos, who the papers are shipping to Man United. Now I can see where the interest comes from. Laurent is one of the most underrated center backs in Europe, when in fact he’s one of the best.

He just plays at a team where everything is so focused on attacking football, the defence frequently gets exposed. But Kos has great pace for a CB, good tackling and marking abilities, and he brings a goal here and there. He’s one of my favourite players and I hope we keep him.

His contract is till 2017 and I hope we work on it. If we add Cech, a new striker and a new DM we’ll be in the mix for the trophies. Hopefully Arsene can persuade him with some magical words and a few good signings.

Real Madrid looks a great place to go on the surface, but scratch that and it’s a massively misguided machine with a purpose to destroy the opposition standing in the way of trophies in every way possible. Fantastic players and managers go in and out like flies and I hope we lurk around for some gems that might fall out of their basket.

In other news, Sanchez featured in a ill-tempered Chile – Uruguay game which ended with a home victory of 1:0 against 9 men. I have a problem with those international tournaments that they’re never aligned with professional football clubs, who pay those players, and play them every week.

Sanchez was over-used, which Wenger publicly said, and still he has to go to South America and play more games in the immense heat. Last years World Cup meant we had our German trio back in good shape after a third of the season had passed. He deserves a good rest, but I hardly see him against Chelsea on August 2nd.

Anyway, that’s all I got. See you in the comments.


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  1. Lol. Madrid with 21 million pounds bid for one of our best player. wish Wenger bids 30 million pounds for CR7.

    1. just remind them how Luke shaw, Luiz and how CB cost in England.
      survive in England and you can survive anywhere

  2. also they should search around for CB’s. the likes of Laporte, Otamendi, David Liuz and Thiago Silva are available.

  3. poor England, always over hyped and not good enough. over 20 years I was born, they haven’t won anything going down to their youth team. as Wenger said, quota won’t solve anything.

    1. neperie
      if there was a rules that you had to play for under 21’s if you were in that category then England would of walked that tournament all our best under 21 players are in the senior team

      1. @Tas
        And fair play to Kane for wanting to play in the tournament. Jack should have as well, so he could keep up his fitness. His creativity in midfield would have helped them loads. Afobe and Chambers should have been played, because their defense sucked and Ings was a bystander, dude has no engine.

        1. @NY-Gunner

          i never use to watch the under 21s but now i’m hocked on it 🙂 and it made me realize how important it is for our young players to master the international game as an U21 first,

          hats off to Kane

    2. The truth is rather than focusing on the development, the moment an English youngster shows the slightest bit of talent, he is catapulted into the first team and is expected to have the same attitude and behavioral mannerisms of someone 5+ years his senior. The worst thing is that tournaments like the Under 21 European Championships are never taken seriously, By England, rather than sending your Raheem Sterling and Oxlade Chamberlains, Jack Wilshere’s into a tournament to get them used to a tournament atmosphere or winning an international tournaments, You send average players who would probably never really feature for the senior England side. But Here’s the Kicker , with little to no experience doing well in developmental levels like U21 or U19 in a tournament (let alone winning one), When they reach the Senior team are expected to go out and Perform well in the World Cups and Euro’s. You cant moan about people leaving a club for Country duty, even at under 21 level, because you believe they might get injured. Till clubs and the FA here stop treating the young players like hemophiliac children wrapped up in cotton wool… There should never be an expectation of doing well in an international tournament at a senior level.

  4. Sanchez resting is ok.
    We have Wellbeck
    Sonogo Podolski Gnabry
    Rosicky Chamberlain + Campbell.

  5. we should loan them Chambers

    i get annoyed at one or two Spanish clubs they point the finger and get their man
    two clubs get something like 60% of the Spanish TV money how is that fare however i heard they might change that soon to share out more equally among all the teams

    1. off topic+ after watching Uruguay play Chile this morning if Sanchez comes back in one peace we are lucky, its crazy out there i mean why don’t they just give them guns and be done with it

      i loved the way Sanchez and Vidal linked up together its was as if they read each others minds
      that’s who we need Vidal with him we wont need a striker or a DM

  6. We sure can’t afford to loose Konscielny. It may look to you that he’s underrated but with Madrid’ interested, it shows he’s doing a yeoman’s job.

    1. no kos is not underated, believe me the best managers have been sniffin round him for two seasons.

      21 mill is a joke offer

  7. its essential we sign a player to rotate with Sanchez…

    Alexis cant play every game…..

    1. I think its essential that we are not dependent on Sanchez, its not so much as needing a player to rotate with him, its having another person, a proven goal scorer and who can assist, being there to share the burden, obviously with him in Copa America now, there is no telling when we will get him back, he needs rest of course, so highly likely we wont even see him during pre season.

      1. this is why we need a quality LW….if Sanchez is injured…we do not have a quality LW to replace him….

        1. The OX and Welbeck can replace Sanchez on the left. I will argue they’re even more natural on the left than Sanchez. I know you’re trolling though. You’ve been on this Sanchez rotation thing for a while now.

  8. its a mistake to miss out on Firminno…..

    hes world class…together with coutinho….Liverfool will be formidable…future secured

    1. we dont need firminho, we have that position more than covered.

      but he is a excellent player…along with de bruyne…stand out stars of the bundesliga last season.

      future secured-lol
      ur crystal ball is actual made of plastic

  9. Clyne to Liverpool looks done so maybe let jenkinson go to Southampton on loan as a sweetener for Sneiderland to come to arsenal!

  10. Luckily, I support Madrid as well. So, I still have my Koscielny even if he leaves. Happy days 🙂

    1. If it ever comes to arsenal vs real madrid in ucl, who will you be supporting?

      1. Arsenal.

        Just happens I support Madrid in La Liga. You don’t support any team in the La Liga, no?

  11. The cech deal is done, and somehow i have a feeling so is the schneiderlin deal, if just we would get higuain or reus it will be a very happy summer

  12. Chelsea and man city seem too quiet this summer, i hope it does not spell trouble

  13. Arsenal cannot afford to loose Koscielny. Mert is shiit. Koscienly makes him look good. If he leaves, arsenal will have serious defensive problems and there aren’t too many good defenders available in the market to replace him.

  14. Koscielny is irreplaceable. we MUST keep him
    He is our best defender and one of the world’s best.

    I don’t want Per to leave but he is replaceable as he is not on the same level as Koscielny

    But I doubt anyone will offer £20 millon for Per lol

  15. Wenger vowed never to sell top quality players again. I don’t see that happening in the near future! in Wenger we trust #COYG

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