Arsenal musn’t finish empty-handed this season…

When Arsenal signed Petr Cech from London rivals Chelsea it was regarded as a major coup for Arsene Wenger’s side. Cech was expected to reinforce the Arsenal back line, to make the defensive aspects of the team much stronger. Pundits and players alike recognised that Cech would win us an extra ’10-15′ points a season with his strong performances in goal. Cech did save us from dropping points on many occasions last season, although it still wasn’t enough to guide the Gunners to the title.

Speaking to the media, Cech stated he was disappointed with how Arsenal turned out last season and he had expected better from his new side. Cech said: ‘We were disappointed. We thought that we were good enough to challenge for the title and to be in the title race until the last game. Unfortunately, Leicester did remarkably well and it was a historical achievement for them. We couldn’t match them but we finished second which was the best finish for Arsenal for a long time. There were a lot of positives from our last campaign but obviously we would like to carry that on and improve for the next season because we finished empty-handed and that is not what we wanted.’

Although Cech is disappointed with Arsenal’s performances over the course of the campaign, we must not forget that he was at fault himself on a few occasions. Cech is a world class goalkeeper, arguably one of the very best worldwide. However last season he proved on more than one count that even he has to own up to a mistake every now and then. Cech largely disappointed on the opening day against West Ham, as well as made a few mistakes over the second half of the season.

Hopefully Cech and the rest of the squad have their wits about them come the first game of the season this year, so we can build on for a strong and successful start to the campaign. But I think we can all agree that we will only be able to go the distance if we get that top striker that we didn’t have last season.

Let’s NOT be disappointed this season.



    1. A top striker may or may
      not help us win the EPL.
      There is no guarantee.
      Chelsea and Man U had
      many world class players including top strikers
      but did not even make top 4.
      City had Aguero and while he scored
      many goals City only just scraped 4th.
      Spurs had a 30 goal striker but did not win.
      Liverpool had Sturridge Benteke Origi and Ibe
      yet was placed 8th !!!
      Leicester had a 1 mill striker and won the title.
      Arsenal had the much maligned lamp post but got 2nd.
      Arsenal had the top scorer in 2012 RVP but did not win.
      Who knows what it takes to win the league?
      I doubt one top striker is enough.

      1. Football like life is uncertain … What is certain however is that following the same failed strategy year after year and expecting a different result is a sign of ineptitude if not madness … Our best 11 ain’t up to it largely because it doesn’t threaten and unthreatened teams also mean there is more pressure on our defence as well …So a bit of tinkering in the middle of park ain’t going to deliver titles that is for sure … Draxler plus a mobile striker is needed… So unless the idiote grenouille is willing to shelve out 80m can kiss titles goodbye now … He can recover 30-40m with obvious sales of mediocre attacking options so not too onerous but at this rate it’s déjà vu all over again

    2. So we musn’t finish empty handed right?

      What’s really up for grabs?

      UCL- zero competitive
      EPL- mostly unlucky due to our selfishness and neglect
      CoC- Zero interest…it’s why we crash out so early
      FaC- when cocky, we crash out late on to minnows
      Cs- seemingly irrelevant….but How do u become a participant if u can’t win the EPL or FaC?

      That’s just the way it is….

  1. If we are in for a winger then robben ribery , James Rodriguez would be great. And they are not that difficult to get compared to bale or griezman

    1. Why would Bayern Munich get rid of their world class wingers Robben and Ribery A.K.A Robbery?

    2. Wouldn’t want Ribbey or Robben they’re 32 & 33 years old respectively and nearing the end of their careers, Bale and Griezmann haven’t even hit their peaks yet.

      As for Rodriguez, even if RM were willing to let him go, they would want top dollar for him.

  2. When you look at Wenger’s record since our last major trophy, it’s embarrassing! Two trophies in 11 years, no major trophy in 12 years, not to mention the sporadic attempts at even challenging for a trophy! So odds on, Arsenal will not win anything this season, especially when you look at the managerial talent we now have in England.

    The reason I mention this, is because there’s been a lot of talk of a three-year contract on the table for Wenger, regardless of results, and I wonder how Wenger could carry on without ANY support from the fan base! Because Wenger lost a lot of support when last summer’s transfer window closed, and even more at the conclusion of last season’s disastrous campaign, his support is dwindling. There now seems to be a consensus amongst even the most hardened of AKB’s, that this season is Wenger’s last chance. If we don’t win the league or the Champions League, I would imagine he would no support left at all. Given that scenario is highly likely, and that Wenger will almost certainly sign an extension, what could this mean for the future? How could any manager carry on with zero support from the fans?

    1. Wenger came in 96 at the time Arsenal had 10 league titles and at the same time Man United also had 10 league titles but since 96 Arsenal have only added 3 league titles to take their tally to 13 while Man United moved their tally to 21 and this is why Man United buy top class players with no champions league football!

  3. I believe this season will be more about tactical decipline. good use of players according to the opponent and squad depth. That doesn’t mean wenger shouldn’t strengthen. we have to be a great team because if it’s all about world class players. d big teams should have that in abundance this season.

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