Arsenal must act on Bayern star Muller´s transfer hint

If Arsenal suffer another season of disappointment in the Premier League and do not manage to improve on the third place finish we managed last season, it will of course be a massive disappointment. It would also make what I am about to write about as far fetched as our north London rivals the spuds trying to sign Lionel Messi from Barcelona.

However, if Arsene Wenger can prove his many doubters wrong by winning or coming very close to winning the EPL title next May, then I think that Arsenal could be in with a good chance of completing the stunning transfer of the Bayern Munich and Germany star Thomas Muller next summer.

I have not just pulled this out of thin air either, because even though Manchester United were widely reported to have tried, and failed, to sign the prolific player this summer with some hefty offers, Muller has this week admitted that the money washing around the top flight of English football is hard to ignore, as reported by Sky Sports.

The German forward said, “In the end, we should not forget that playing football is our job.

“So people should accept that wages will always play a role in a player’s decision-making. Of course, the wages that are being paid in the Premier League are very tempting. It would be hypocrisy to deny that.

“You have to look at the complete package to determine whether something is right for you. What’s good for you one day will not necessarily still be good for you the day after.

“I know that a lot of German clubs are unhappy with the Premier League clubs’ spending, but I think it is something good for all clubs in the end. It can only be a good thing for football when clubs invest so much money.”

Maybe Muller is just looking for a pay rise, but seeing as how he signed a new contract just recently and according to a list of Bayern players´ wages revealed by, that still sees him earn less than the likes of Ozil, Alexis and Walcott at Arsenal, it seems clear that even the top club in Germany cannot compete financially with the EPL money.

What Bayern Munich can offer, however, is a realistic chance of winning the Champions League as well as thedomestic title and I think Arsenal would have to demonstrate an improvement in our own chances if we were to have a chance of signing Muller.

With something like £200 million in the bank, we could afford a huge transfer fee and a serious pay rise in order to tempt Bayern and Muller, but would that be enough or do we need to win the title this season as well?

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    1. Not that he’ll ever come to Arsenal with the likes of United sniffing about, who could outbid and offer more wages than us, but getting back to you point, he’s just turned 26 and in his prime.

    2. He is actually in his best years. I don’t believe Bayern will oppose a 50 million bid but then the club will have to make sure pays him royal. I have no doubt that Manure and Citeh can pay 200k in wages for Muller. In any case, I would preffer we give Alexis 200k instead of getting Muller.

    3. Sure….. it would have been nice to “get him” some years ago when he was younger but let us just step back into reality for a moment.

      1. Just say you want a player and magically he is yours. This transfer stuff is so easy. What’s the problem?

      2. You may wish to notice that no other team in the world “got him” either. That should tell you something.

      3. Most importantly…… Muller IS in his best years right now. – that is one reason his valuation is so high.

  1. What a great talent like Herr Muller earning less than Ozzy Wally & Ale…perhaps we should sign their accountant what?

  2. truth is he would start a world wide bidding war if he wanted out.
    we would be near 7th in line

    behind- city, manure, nicki minaj, chelsea, the beastie boys, madrid

    1. Hahahaha….. With nicki on it…..I would rather call that a B**bing war instead of a bidding war….

  3. Giroud is hundred better than Muller. I will always be happy with the hold up play of OG than the tricks and goals from Muller. To be honest i hate a striker who scores goals because goals can’t win trophies but hold up play.


  4. Lol! Its funny how everybody is trying to be the Arsenal manager…thinking they know better about who to sign and who not to sign. How about we stick to jus watching the game and supporting the team.
    This has gone far, we even think we know how much wages can get us to sign players…I mean how do we know that muller will even want 200k to sign for arsenal?

    1. Nothing wrong with having ideas and preferences but… you are right. This fantasy transfer stuff goes beyond the ridiculous.

      It is one thing to admire a player from another club. It is quite another thing to magically transport him into your team. I am sure Bournemouth would love to get Muller for a 7 mil fee and 30,000 weekly salary. So why does it not automatically happen for them? They would like him too! Right? Answer = Reality.

      For those who like fantasy transfer management…….. there are many games and websites that can accommodate.

  5. Muller seems unlikely for Arsenal for several reasons.

    1. Arsenal would likely be outbid for his services. He is a highly coveted player so his fee would be high. And other clubs can easily beat out Arsenal’s salary limitations.

    2. Wenger often prefers to go for players when other managers are less interested. He believes he can identify talent where others do not and therefore can get these players at less cost than the more publicized transfer targets.

    Believe it or not, as great as Sanchez is, there were relatively few reports of big teams targeting Sanchez that transfer season. That is one reason Wenger was able to get him – and for a good price.

    Many EPL fans had never even heard of Cazorla when Wenger targeted him. Monreal was not only unknown but was one of the few players NOT rumored to come Arsenal when he arrived in January. Most importantly these were cheaper options for Wenger.

    Ozil was one very obvious exception of course. And, of course, not all of Wenger’s plans have worked out perfectly. Thus we are all aware of Wenger’s infamous “Dead Wood” pile.

  6. Dear the pundit Gooners, it will be nice to note that Arsenal are at the moment not in the transfer mode. But they are in mode of strengthening their positions in the table continually. And in the interim also beat Bayern Munich home & away in the Ucl to progress. From mid December onwards, they could switch to the transfer mode to start exploring the possibility of buying 1 or 2 outfield player, e.g. Aleksandr Kokorin and possibly a CB. But only if 2 of their young Gunners who are out on loan are not recalled to strengthen their squad. In the word of the Boss, he will only sign a player that can improve his squad who he can afford. Do we know what that word ‘can improve’ means? It means that can make them to win the title and the Ucl. Can Muller make Arsenal to win the Premier League and the Ucl after signing him? His purported £50m signing fee and £200K/week wage bill are not a joke to gamble with it. I believe Neymar could make an instant impact at Arsenal in January if the Boss can afford to sign him. But on a 2nd thoughts, the financial investment that will be invested on him could turnout to be a waste if he didn’t make Arsenal to win the title. I watched the video of the goal scoring exploits of Aleksandr Kokorin today on Bleacher Report. And I must say I am impressed with his goals scoring. He could become a good added option to the Gunners’ forward line if the Boss went ahead to sign him on a permanent deal during the winter window when it could be necessary for Arsenal to strengthen their squad to forestall any unfavourable eventuality.

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