Arsenal MUST aim for the stars – No excuses!

Arsenal have at last (nearly) made a small leap from the Wenger Trophy to third spot in the Premier League, or maybe even second if Southampton do the business this weekend. But Theo Walcott now believes it is time for the Gunners to aim for that top spot at long last.

“Third place is a step forward from where we finished last year. But we need to be pushing on now and trying to challenge for the title,” Walcott said.

“There was an opportunity in the season when we were getting close to Chelsea and people were talking about us competing but I sensed throughout the dressing room that we were never quite up there with Chelsea.

“But looking at the squad, the manager has an absolute headache to try and pick his best team and we want that going into next season.

“We are looking very strong and you never know, he might add a few extra players but we need to be pushing for the Premier League now. There is no excuse.”

That is definitely what Arsenal fans want to hear right now Theo. And I might add that it is also good that you intend to stay and be part of that title-winning squad next season. It would certainly be a good thing if Wenger adds a few more quality players to give him bigger headaches and I’m sure he would love to have more headaches like that!

Onwards and Upwards!

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  1. Hopefully no more excuses from d players and the coach next season, everyone should give 100 percent.

      1. You speak the truth, yet you get voted down. People must have thought you steeped on their toes as an insult


    None of this Dybala, lacazette, Kondogbia, Schneiderlin, Fekir, Cech, Van Dijk, sterling nonsense

    Get STARS like Suarez, Cavani, Busquets, Mascherano, Neuer, Hummels, Reus etc.

    1. Yeah didn’t realise we were P$G and can offer £300k p/w wages before tax. Rome wasn’t built overnight, so easy there tiger.

        1. getting tired of your comments. this is not fifa. sanchez, özil. these are “top, top signings”. not sure the names get much bigger, realistically. a couple more guys and jackpot

          1. So almost all the many ‘Player of the Season’ etc awards have now been won and lost so maybe we should take it easy on KickAssFan because with the rubbish he’s spouted on this page he’s making a determined bid to take up the running from Hafiz Rahman in their hard fought contest to win the ‘Idiot Of The Season Trophy’ here on this board. As you rightly point out these 2 seem to think Arsenal have £500,000,000 to spare to buy players and of course give absolutely no thought to FFP – indeed, reality is NOT something they feel comfortable about. Personally I think KickAssFan should take the trophy as I’m not sure Rahman has all his marbles but it’s up to you – thumbs up for KickAssFan and thumbs down for Rahman!

            1. But the counter argument is that we are in the top 6 or 7 richest clubs in the world, yet continually underperform in both Europe and at home!

              1. It is not a counter argument – no team in the world could or would buy that list of players and meet FFP. The list would cost more than our entire annual revenue. And all the above assumes all are available which is an obvious nonsense.

      1. Yeah, u keep riding that sad, little donkey of yours becuz in your mind Arsenal does not and will never have enough money to spend big on players, even though Gazidis himself has said we can and would.

        1. How much money do you honestly think we have? We spent a net of around £60-70m last summer, plus we bought Gabriel for £10-£15m in January. So a £65-80m net spend and we made a £9m pre-tax profit. On that basis the maximum we can spend this year, net, is £70-85m. Meanwhile United were spending money for fun, Real and Barca spend that kind of money on just one player.

    2. Funny you say nonsense yet Brian McDermott is scouting Lacazette, Fekir and Umtiti from Lyon for us. Cech actually wants to play for us and from what I’ve been reading Southampton wants Shez on loan and why not. Especially if we could get Scheiderlin in that deal… Just saying

      1. Oh and PS. McDermott also scouted Hector Moreno and Gabriel and we all know how that ended because the club chose the better option in January.

        1. And Villareal and Lyon are two of the team’s invited to the Emirates Cup. Hmm..

  3. another Defensive Mid is priority. another strike option. if theo goes, another winger. that’s the minimum. voilà.

  4. @season ticket holder, do away with cow dung and where did this sudden name calling starts? Must you known saddists always call any1 who is against your opinions(non rational). The transfer window is not opened and y’all have started the shits y’all known for. Go on!

  5. If you aim for the stars and fall short you will hit the moon. Ie if you want to win the UCL, EPL, FA Cup and the League Cup you might win 2/3. Come on it’s about time we showed true ambition or face a fans revolt.

  6. To the board and Wenger if you are working to a plan please let us know. Yes we have had a stadium to pay for but that is no excuse for keeping us out of the loop. Just remember where your money comes from.

  7. We need a goalkeeper and a DM. After that we have a complete squad of decent players. Once we have that, we improve on each position to make the squad stronger. For me the best player that we could conceivably get this summer is Reus, so we should go all out for him after securing a GK and DM. Is it likely that we’ll get Reus? No of course not, but is it likely you’re going to get any top player unless you’re Real or Barca? Not really, but it’s still worth trying. For me having Alexis and Reus on the wings would more than just compensate not having a world class striker.

  8. @Mick The Gooner
    If you look at most of Wenger’s best teams they have scored goals from all over the pitch so I would say yes to Reus.

    1. I just hope Wenger doesn’t blow our budget on Sterling. He’s really not that good and not worth anywhere near his pricetag, but Wenger didn’t say he wouldn’t bid when asked which concerns me. Regardless, Man City will outbid us anyways so nothing to be worried about.

  9. This is why Theo is worth keeping. The guy is intelligent and speaks sense while being a positive voice of calm passion in the locker room. He may not be the finished article on the pitch every game, but he’s certainly a player worth having in the squad.

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