Arsenal must avoid falling into another Mesut Ozil situation

Arsenal must resist overpaying Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang as they did with Mesut Ozil.

Arsenal has been trying to tie Pierre Emerick Aubameyang down on a new deal but the attacker is refusing to commit to a long term deal.

This seems like Deja Vu remembering how Arsenal struggled to renew the deals of Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez.

At the end that negotiation was a disaster with Arsenal ending up giving Ozil a huge deal and losing Sanchez to Manchester United.

Ozil looks to be back to some of his best but we can’t deny the fact that he is being overpaid and we have to look longterm if we want to offer a player such a deal again.

I know for certain that another player will one day earn more than Ozil at the Emirates and if that ends up being Aubameyang, I won’t be surprised.

However, we have to be prepared to always pay our best players better than the others if we start that with Aubameyang.

One of the reasons why we lost a top player like Aaron Ramsey is because we wouldn’t offer him more than we pay Ozil even though. to some, he was the better player.

I know that setting strict wage limits is somewhat counter-productive but there has to be some balance. Paying one individual so much more than the rest of the team has to be justified. I am not sure there are many that would say that about Ozil.

That is not a dig at Ozil, he got the club to pay him a ridiculous wage, it is hardly his fault the club made a mess of the negotiations.

But they have to avoid a repeat because the truth is, Aubameyang is not worth £350k a week at his age now.

If a player comes along that is definitely worth it then so be it, pay that sort of wage, Arsenal have to be competitive.

But there is a huge difference between being competitive and being foolish. It has happened once, it would be madness to repeat the same mistake.

In my opinion, the club should offer Aubameyang a decent pay rise but make it reasonable otherwise just sell him.


  1. ken1945 says:

    There can be no argument with what you are saying admin martin, except that the club actually offered him the salary, Ozil didn’t twist their arm…he could have received a reported £40 million signing in fee as a free agent let’s not forget.

    He wasn’t worth that ridiculous salary and neither is any other footballer, but if RM want him, they will offer that kind of money and that is how it is – put up or shut up – as these players seem to say.

    If the likes of wolves and leicester can do it, then so should The Arsenal, once bitten with the Ozil contract, we should be twice shy with the Auba one.

    1. Goonster says:

      So Arsenal woke up one day and said to themselves “Come lads, lets offer him £350,000 a week out of the blue”.
      Or was it Him and his agent pushing for that sort of contract and threatening to leave on a free if we did not give in?

      Which one makes more sense out of those two scenarios?

      I do not fault him for asking for such massive wages when he was nowhere near worth them. But we all try to get the most in a given situation.
      What I don’t buy is this constant “But he was offered £350,000 a week out of the blue when he did not even ask for it. The club just pulled that figure out of their “HUGE JARS” and offered it without him and his agent saying “Pay up or we will keep running down the contract then leave on a free and you get nothing out of it all”.

      To emphasise, I don’t blame him for asking for such wages as we all woulf have. But this notion that it was all orchestrated by Arsenal to just offer him £350,000 a week out of nowhere is ridiculous.

      What is clear is that Gazidis, Wenger and the board were clueless in that situation.

      1. Diogenes says:

        Gazidis was clueless of the fact that Ozil wanted to stay at Arsenal, wanted to stay in London. The demands of his agent were a foolish bluff. I bet you Ozil would have stayed if offered 200K or max. 250k, but Gazidis didn’t get it (or he was in on it and got a commission from Ozil’s agent).

        Auba will be 31 end of the season. Players after 30 recover twice as long after injuries. Offering Auba much more than 200k would be stupid. I’d go up to 220k max…

      2. ken1945 says:

        No Goonster, Arsenal woke up one day and realized that both of their two top players had been allowed to run down their contracts by gazidis.
        The board had nothing to do with contract negotiations, that was the job of gazidis, after Wenger confirmed he wanted the player to stay. Kronkie had the final say, on the recommendation of his CEO and decided he could afford to pay the agreed contract.

        Sanchez had already shown what he would do to get the move he wanted, by causing mayhem and discontent in the dressing room…Ozil, on the other hand, wanted to stay and conducted his business behind closed doors with his agent and the club…in much the same way he has conducted himself over his feud with UE, dignified and professional at all times and never held the club to ransom at all.

        If The Arsenal didn’t want to offer him the reported salary, they could have let him run down his contract and allow him to leave – they were under enormous pressure from the fans and the media to keep at least one of these players and the absolutely unjustified salary was offered to ensure he stayed…the fans were happy at the time, although, of course, we see some coming out and saying they were against it now.

        Your take is ridiculous actually, because there had been negotiations for over a year before it was finally signed, so it wasn’t out of nowhere was it?

  2. Kingandroidx says:

    Sell him.

  3. Arteta is building the team around Ozil. But if aubameyang wants to leave, let him go. We can get defensive minded players like Adama and puki and these players can change Arsenal.

  4. JJ Pawn says:

    Unlikely to sign, and will wait and run out his contract, then go to the highest bidder. Nothing wrong with that, as Auba will be taking a risk of getting nothing if he is injured badly. Yet, if I were Auba, I would sign a guaranteed deal for three more years at Arsenal as going else where will be harder, he is also on the wrong side of 30. For Arsenal, he is worth a new signing… if he re-signs.

    All the delusional attacks on Alexis and Ozil miss the risk the two players took to gain that larger paycheck. One injury major injury in the last six months and it would be their end in terms of a making serious money.

    Is there a better player than Auba? Sure. Who is it, sign him! LOL, how much do we have so spend?

  5. Roshan says:

    If i was Arsenal i would sell him if we can get a big return for him. He is over $30 and one of our few sellable assets.
    This could be our countinho(liv) or Bale(spurs) moment, where we reluctantly sell a superstar to regenerate multiple areas of our team.

  6. Adajim says:

    Now that the manager situation is sorted, Raul and couldn’t attention should be shifted to AUBA and lacca, they should be offered take it or leave contract, if none is willing to sign, then sell, now that Barca and inter are reportedly interested

  7. Goonster says:

    Not a single current Arsenal player is worth £300,000 a week.
    Auba is 30 years old right now.
    Sell up.

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