Arsenal must avoid getting into bidding wars with Tottenham

Arsenal cannot allow them themselves to be dragged into any bidding wars with bitter rivals Tottenham.

Of course, there is pride and all that but the best interests of Arsenal football club must take precedence. If Spurs beat us to William Salbia, so be it, that does not mean that the club should then start to try and hijack Tottenham deals out of some sort of revenge unless it suits us.

I am not saying that Arsenal should not make an effort for Nicolo Zaniolo, he is highly talented and does play in a position we need strengthening but why him over a central defender?

Why blast away a chunk of our limited transfer budget on one player in an area that is not as critical as other areas.

As I say, Zaniolo would be a good buy I do question the motivation behind going for him.

There are a load of great players we can sign that will strengthen the team but unless we sort the defence out then it will not matter what we do elsewhere.

I am not that bothered if we lose out on Saliba because we cannot use him this season, if we could then that would be a whle different matter but the reality is, we cannot.

So let Tottenham take him, let them win the race to sign Zaniolo, in fact, let them sign Ronaldo and Messi, I don’t care, I only care about Arsenal and what we need.

All these wingers, midfielders, forwards etc. should be secondary in our thinking. We need a central defender like humans need oxygen and the fact the club does not seem to have grasped that fundamental fact is worrying, very worrying.

So, in my opinion, Arsenal should forget about trying to fight with Tottenham in the transfer market and just get on with what we need to do make us competitive next season.

Beating Tottenham to Saliba and Zaniola will not ensure we beat them next season that you can take to the bank, not if we start the season with the same central defenders we finished last season with.


  1. Honestly, forget Spurs, United, City, Liverpool, we could get outbid by Everton, Leicester, West Ham ??

  2. At the moment every team seem able to outbid us were a joke to be honest. Teams gone backwards not even sure top 6 is guaranteed

  3. The Arsenal are out in the USA making money for the Kronk while the tossers and other mediocre teams are concentrating improving their teams.
    We all know what a blood sucker the Kronk is and I’m not convinced our new set of management is the answer,YET.While the Kronk is still the owner we ain’t going to win a premiership title whoever our manager is,sad!

    1. Roy, I’m not going to disagree with you but Arsenal have to do the pre-season tours for fitness and fan building. As far as the Kronke goes, yes I want him to dig deeper but I doubt he will. He if we are desperate!

      What does get me though is the fact that any player who we may be interested in is likely and most definitely successfully going to be persuaded quite easily to join another team (Not just the Spuds).

      It’s not just out main rival that is doing it. You can guarantee it. Arsenal have dropped so far in the pecking order that Arsenal as a club have declined so much over the last 10 years it’s almost embarrassing to admit!!

      If the club fails to strengthen for the next season with the players it needs and fails to spend the money that the fans and supporters deserve then I would hate to be any player playing for the club in an even more toxic crowd. We know it’s simmering at the Emirates and it will only take a bad summer transfer window to erupt the tensions and anxiety that are already festering!!

      Kronke is dividing the fans because he values $$$$ more!

      Personally, I think when your captain, who has been a fantastic servant for so long is suddenly pushing for an exit it does not make me feel any better or optimistic about are business transfers or the upcoming season..


  4. We need to sort the defense first, period. Pepe or Zaha won’t stop us leaking goals, attacking wins you games but defense wins you titles.

    Thinking any CM will possibly come later in window when we can buy from a settled team. Possible Iwobi gets his chances as a CM this year with Nelson being added on the wing.

    1. Question is will Emery take Freddie’s advice and give Nelson chances. I’m hopeful because Emery gave Willock some looks in midfield and he had some good moments.

      Love to see Saka come up in December with all those games and maybe settle in a backup role. Wishful thinking on my part, but with small budget not a lot of options.

      Blood the youth now since we’re not in title chase and floating around Europa level.

      1. Agree that we need to blood the promising youth now as we are not going to challenge for anything this coming season or the next for this matter. I also think that Emery isn’t a long term plan and Freddie will take over next year. This will not solve our problem of being stuck with a real shitty owner though. My fear is we don’t do a Villa…

        1. Spot on Durand; any available transfer funds needs to be used to upgrade the defense.
          There is some real talent in the Academy: Nelson, Nheketia and Saka in attack, Smith-Rowe, Willock and Bielik (and even Chambers is still relatively young with room for improvement) in midfield, Medley in defense. Also Sam Greenwood is another player worth watching in a few years time.
          There is no doubt that Ljungberg’s upgrade to assist Emery shows intent.

  5. I agree that it’s silly to needlessly get into bidding wars with anyone, however if there is a genuine desire for a player regardless of who else is interested in him, we should go for them.

    No matter how suspect our transfer dealings seem to be, I trust that the guys running things do have our most pressing needs in mind and I think actually that it’s likely there are plans in place regarding our defence, thus the Tierney bid and the Saliba deal. I really hope that we do get Saliba actually, as that will mean that after this season, we really can crack on with a strong defence and get ourselves one more defender once we can move on one of Mustafi or Sokratis. And we do have Medley coming through as a potential future star

  6. Defense and midfield need to be a priority. We need a strong fast reliable (preferably a leader type) CB.

    We also need a backup to Bellerin. Thankfully Lichtsteiner is gone (Hopefully, Jenkinson and Mustafi will follow)

    We also need Wingers and a Ramsay replacement

    If we can somehow sell Ozil and Mkhitaryan then a CAM too

    1. Basically, we need about 4 in and 7 out!!

      How Ramsey was allowed to go for nothing typifies the complete incompetence of the people we once respected and trusted to do what they said they would… “put Arsenal on the World stage”! Gazidis you muppet, Kronke you greedy git and Wenger you old fool!!

      What was the Emirates really for? It wasn’t for progression because this club are in recession!!

    2. Maybe I’m just crazy but seems to me our biggest needs are a LB (hopefully sorted by KT) and an out and out winger who isn’t afraid to run at and around people.
      Other positions in midfield and another CB would be nice (especially if Kos goes) but ultimately Freddies boys could do the trick….. Holding, Mavro, Bielik, Chambers maybe even Medley…. All could hopefully do a job alongside Sokratis in the back line.
      Hell with actual wingers in play we can pray that Ozil and Mhiki rediscover some form as doesn’t look like they are going anywhere but if not it would free up Iwobi to put talk into action and prove he should be CAM…. Same for AMN plus Willock and ESR.
      Then with Saka and new boy Martinelli hopefully providing a bit of competition/back up for any winger we manage to get.
      Potentially the future may not be as dark as it seems

  7. Just saw a headline that said Arsenal in talks with Everton. I was thinking who at Everton do we want. I clicked the link and we are in talks with the Winger Everton Soares lol. Not the club.

  8. I don’t believe for a second we are in a bidding war with any club and I don’t think Spurs can outbid for any player if we really want the player. All those crap are paper talk. The way Teirney and Saliba news have been be in-out of our hands show that the paper using us to get some money. They said we have submitted 70m bid for Pepe only for his agent to say that is a lie. We all know how Torreria story was squashed by just a interview or was it a social media post. If our club can be open and rebut any fake news and acknowledge right news we will start regaining our respect. Being secretive and tight lipped has caused us a lot. I was going through various news today and I saw Sturigge was on 120k, Moreno on more than 100k both were just released and move on from Liverpool without the whole world know about it. No one was on Liverpool’s back for mismanagement. I could remember too Maluda was on about 150k and he was made to play with reserve for the later stages of his contract and Chelsea was vilified for it. Lukaku flopped in manu just like Di Maria, Depay, but they managed to get good money for them. Inter is looking at 90m lukaku. Imagine if he is our player, we will be lucky to get 90k for him. IMO the bad press and fans negativity mostly is our problem.

    1. Gosh mobella you are a really smarty pants. True talk everything you said. Sometimes on here it’s like someone died with all the negativity and wailing and crying. It’s unbelievable

    2. Motorola one problem with Sturbridge and Moreno is they are out of contract my friend so its simple maths and as for lukaku inter are not buying they just want a loan with option to buy they are not stupid mate,why pay so much for a united cast off so your arguments don’t make sense

  9. I don’t question arsenal won’t buy, I just doubt we will get most of everything we need!

    Media only now will get a better idea of what’s going on. 3 top signings is what we should do.

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