Arsenal must battle to break the insulting Man City losing streak against Arsenal – No excuses

Of Arsenal’s Emirates Crunch Game! by Godfrey

Who says Man City must win?? Where was it cast in stone? To hell with this media hyped dark prediction. Piers Morgan and his wobbly belief system must not even be listened to.
Against City, it’s Arteta’s defining moment and his team’s rite of passage to football maturity.
No excuses, no amount of words will compensate for the insult of Pep’s continued bossing of Arsenal teams…. 13 – 0 win record.
It is the ultimate test of Arsenal’s pedigree.
They must man up, buckle up to fight for the right to be taken seriously, not mere tip-tappy boys happy to be young and exciting, but dyed in the wool no holds barred team that gives no quarter and countenances no incompetence!
See, Arteta and his lads must be gladiators, to train, eat, fight, bite, sleep, dream and deliver a thunderous end to the long running insulting City streak against Arsenal! City is a bully for weak minded teams that suck on their passing. Nonsensical teams have put City to the gutters by manly play e.g. Teams like Madrid, Liverpool and Spurs.
This is no time for self pity, it’s a must do or die! It is the defining moment for Arteta as coach, it’s the exam to earn his pips as a bonafide big game tactical specialist. It is the time he forces his beak out of Pep’s feel-good shadow and crash into the pantheon of greats. Liverpool did it, Spurs did it with no refereeing clumsiness.
To the lions in the gunner’s ranks, this is the victory to define them. They must blood their footballing easiness with ruthless efficiency. Saka, Odegaard, Martinelli must be creative and relentlessly fearless, Xhaka and Partey must be brutally fast and decisive , Nketiah, and Trossard must be faster, stronger, sharper and brutal in one on one battles, Saliba, Gabriel and White must exercise cold hearted discipline to kill off City’s passes.
False praises of ‘they tried’ must be contemptuously rejected outright!
Arsenal must end City’s humiliating entitlement mentality. Pep believes the title is his and Arsenal are flukers. They must bury Pep’s disrespect clothed in pretentious patronising praises!
The gunners must fight or take flight as Premier league gladiators.
Arsenal must crave and battle for the wall of glory. No alternative!

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  1. I agree we have no reason to lose to City on Wednesday. Our coach just needs to stop his naivety of constantly selecting same players who many will rightly tag as favourites, especially when they’re playing nonsense. At least for the sake of keeping the backups fresh and avoiding injuries to starters, there should be some significant rotation which we sadly do not do. When they’re eventually called upon , they’re not sharp and receive a lot of stick as being not good enough. Whoever has watched Viera should see that there’s a very good player there who can actually push Ødegaard to the brink for a starting berth. Yet he’s now considered not good enough because he’s very rusty.

    Drop the out of form players such as White, Martinelli and probably Xhaka. I don’t subscribe to Tierney playing in this match. Tomiyasu could also be used at LB to neutralize Mahrez like he did to Salah earlier this season. And please please please do no play Jorginho else we will be beaten blue black

    1. I think Nketiah should sit out not Martineli, I’m sure Trossard-Martineli-Saka would be the beat option if we want to counter or push the citizens back.

  2. MA need not go all out to attack which was
    Wenger s style.
    Hopefully the Spaniard would play anti soccer and stifle the blues.Saka and Martinelli have found the going tough because two defenders would shadow them .
    MA must have plan b.

  3. 13-0 record didn’t show Man City’s spending in relation to Arsenal’s spending. It’s like saying lawyers make more money than policemen. And we suppose to make fun of the police force for that. Ridiculous.

    1. Not an excuse mate. If we are to look at the financial value of a team, then Brentford will never beat Manchester City in a decade

  4. This seems to be our bad patch.
    We have got to not lose to City.
    Our last 3 games have been very poor and terrible.
    Lets calm down and go again..

  5. Against Manchester City should be easy lost for us if we won last 2 match. Now we r desperate for a point.

  6. The law of averagez will see to it that Man City winning run will come to an end.Nothing is permanent.
    Hopefully our young gunners will step up and deliver the win all football fans want to prevent a BayenMunich scenario in England

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