Arsenal must be careful of over confidence against Tottenham

Things are not well at Tottenham, they are no longer a united club, they have serious issues and that has been reflected in their recent results, so a good time for Arsenal to face them, right?

Well, yes and no, it is always handy to face a club with internal issues but one has also to remain realistic and not get carried away.

Tottenham are a seriously good team, no point denying that, but their manager constantly moaned throughout the transfer window about having no control over transfers, Danny Rose was basically told he can find himself another club, Christian Eriksen is creating disharmony in the dressing, Jan Vertonghen is an unhappy budgie and Toby Alderweireld has yet to put pen to paper on a new contract, what a mess.

But the thing is this, these exact same issues were in play when they scraped a 2-2 draw at Man City, so their issues do not make them walkovers.

So when I read that Paul Merson predicts a 4-1 win for Arsenal I shook my head, I know he is not the most credible pundit but that is going too far in my book.

I fully expect that we will beat Tottenham, I would have thought that even if they were totally united and at the top of their game, they have a brain freeze when it comes to paying at the Emirates but I cannot see a 4-1 win and I would worry if that was the feeling at the club.

Any team that becomes overconfident normally gets bit on the butt and I would worry that happens to us. You cannot be complacent against a team of Tottenham’s quality, you cannot walk on to the field and just expect to run away huge winners.

I mean, 2-1 was all we won by over Burnley and for all the will in the world, Burnley is not Tottenham. Yes, they lost at home to Newcastle but in the same way Arsenal lost away 3-1 at Liverpool you cannot overreact to those results.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being confident, I am confident, but being overconfident leads to errors and that Arsenal must avoid.


  1. All Arsenal has to do is to go and play their best eleven.We don’t need any special tactics or formation.We just need our best eleven for this match that is all.Spurs are good when they set up defensively but they always try to give their all at the Emirates because it’s a derby so that will play into our hands.
    Due to the fact that both teams have lost it’s going to be all to play for and I expect them to put their issues behind them and give their all.
    I see it as a draw or win for Arsenal

  2. We shouldn’t be confident at all.
    We lost 3-1 and won the other two matches by just 1 goal each
    Confidence comes from winning

    We should have belief in ourselves though. Belief that we can win.
    Belief and confidence are two different things

    Winning will depend on Emery getting the starting lineup right and our players having belief and trying their best

  3. Statistically, the spuds do not give us too much trouble at the Emirates. Since 2010 we have not lost a league game at the Emirates versus the Spuds. They did knock us out of the EFL cup at the Emirates last season but that’s about it. So if we put in a good shift and avoid that playing out from the back nonsense then the worst we can expect is a draw.

  4. Leno
    AMN Chambers Luiz Monreal
    Torreira Cellabos Willock
    Pepe Laca Auba

    This is the team I would like to see against Spurs.
    Torreira and P-A-L need to start!

    I also really like what Willock has brought to the team, he’s not afraid to move the ball forward and brings energy. Happy for him or Ozil to start

  5. No that’s absurd, we can’t be overconfident, but also I agree we shouldn’t bother ourselves since lately what most people are trying to do is come up with ridiculous excuses and justifications to losing games, since we are meant to win against small teams and lose against the top 6, we should be expecting another beating from Spurs since they’re a top and quality team too.
    Hey after all, they’re the UCL runner ups, so fellas, we can’t take anything from the game.
    We need to brace ourselves.l, I’m saying it, we’re a playing the UCL runner ups, there’s no way we should expect a win.
    Ridiculous bunch of people?

  6. It doesn’t matter wbo we play, I’m always nervous… and not big headed like the scouse fans (i know) that never expect to drop points or concede!
    No game is easy.. we never know which Arsenal will turn up, or who will be picked.. it’s no wonder I’m always on edge!!
    Just please, if the players are fit enough for the bench, they’re fit to play imo. Please play our strongest team on Sunday.. imagine losing to that lot on top of a loss to Liverpool.. omg….. ?

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    1. Over confidence or not ; I’m predicting a 3-1 score line to The Arsenal this weekend with Auba scoring a brace. I don’t see how those little chickens will get something from this game unless emery has a brain fart as usual. Does Xhaka has emery nudes or something? I can’t get my head around this. Emery is a slow learner I guess because I can’t phantom why he keeps playing Xhaka. Tha guy is prone to errors, can’t turn, can’t put in a clean tackle, slow as my grandma and yet he’s always in the starting eleven? Why did we sent Jordi on loan? Amn is average at best at right back, we could have given Jordi some minutes in the Europa League or the league cups. He’s learning very quickly and and hopefully he becomes Bellerin under study in a year or two. We are playing at home and emery should field his strongest 11 if not hell will break loose this weekend if we loose to those little chickens! Mind you we’ve not lost at home in the league to those ? in 9 years and I’m confident we are going to carry the day if everything goes our way. COYG!

  9. Statistics are on our side for a win or draw. Let’s see how Emery makes his selection. I pray we get a win.

  10. Overconfidence is the ugly twin of being defensive, and spurs will still remember the 2-0 win the last time they were at The Emirates, so they will forget their problems and give the Derby their all.
    We on the other hand should have the strongest starting lineup and play attacking football. It’s all up to Emery to NOT screw it up.

    Auba. Laca. Pepe
    Ceballos. Torreira
    Kolasinac. Chambers. Luiz. AMN

    Or if he is crazy enough he can play Luiz in front of back three comprising of Kolasinac. Sokratis. Chambers.

    But I for one think that Emery should pick one formation and stick with it for the season. To match that pick one first team and bench for the season, of course taking into account injuries and fitness.

  11. Haha can’t believe admin actually compared spuds losing at home to Newcastle to us losing away to Liverpool ?

    That aside I agree overconfidence should be avoided but personally I don’t think that will be a problem… Emery seemingly keeps the squad pretty grounded so they will approach the match with the respect it deserves.

    I think it’s going to be a comfortable win for us by at least 2 goals – can’t wait. COYG.

  12. let me say that should this clown called Unai start Guendouzi and willock in a derby then we are going to lose this game…save this post for future reference.

    1. This is recipe for disaster, it seems like you haven’t been watching ozil when it comes to the tough and physical games, this isn’t the match for him, he might be creative but he his a weakling both mentally and physically, a mid 3 of Torreira, Ceballos and any of Willock/guendouzi/xhaka would be our best bet

  13. In the previous post I read a comment stating Liverpool only had a better manager than us that’s why we lost, I get some fans hate emery i don’t even rate him that much but you have to be seriously crazy if you think our squad is on par with theirs, we only best them on the CF position they trump us in every other department

  14. dont try to be too clever and play to our strengths. if emery is even aware of what our strengths are. 4-1 is a pretty bold prediction from Mers. Ive noticed that when teams are there for the taking, Arsenal RARELY ever capitalize on it. So a draw would not be shocking in the slightest bit.

  15. we will disappoint. this manager will find a way to try to be clever or cute with team selection and tactics which will backfire.

    It is time he stops changing formations and just plays our best 11 which includes Laca and Lucas IMO. His methods prevent continuity and consistency.

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