Arsenal must be favourites to beat Tottenham to Icardi

So the search for Arsenal’s new striker is still wide open, but with Alexandre Lacazette and Alvaro Morata seemingly out of the running, could it be that Arsene Wenger has now set his sights on Mauricio Icardi?

Tottenham have been linked with the 23 yearold hitman, but surely he is unlikely to be first choice at White Hart Lane with Harry Kane set to occupy that space for the forseeable future. The rumours have been saying that Inter Milan have set his price at 60m Euros (51m GBP) but his wife (and agent) Wanda Nara has revealed there is no buyout clause in his contract.

She said: From what I can see, Inter have put Icardi up for sale,” she told Italian website

“There are many clubs interested. We will evaluate the situation with all due respect for everyone.”

“Mauro would be very sad to leave Inter, but we’ve understood the club’s economic situation and evidently they cannot hold Icardi back,” Nara added.

“There is no release clause in his contract and we hope Inter won’t ask for a sum that is outside the market value, but rather suited to his contract.”

In my opinion, 60m Euros is not such a bad sum for a 23 year-old that scores goals for fun in the notoriously tough Serie A league. He will definitely have a resale value if Wenger considers that important, but more importantly for the fans we will have real competition for Olivier Giroud up front next season.

Should Wenger go for the Argentinian international?


    1. hes worth a shout. plenty of potential

      but that whole ish with maxi lopez was real nasty.
      man stole his wife who he’d had 3 kids with an they were good friends an teamates.

      sounding like giggs , its about the football admitedy but i dunno that kinda ish seems brutal to me

      1. you are the man! thats the same thing i always say when some talk about icardi.. yeah its football blabla but i wont support a player with such a low morale 😀

      2. Wow, first time I’ve heard about the story, but spot on.

        By the sound of things I don’t want Icardi anywhere near the team I support.

  1. I don’t believe Wenger is in the market for a top striker, or at least I hope he is not. If he is in the market for a top striker his and the clubs efforts have been pathetic so far.

    I don’t see Wenger pay more than 25 or 30 million for a striker and that doesn’t buy you a top striker these days. At best that gets you a project with potential.

    1. Last summer we made an operating loss in the first half of the financial year, april to september 2015. This was due to payments on existing players contracts, basically deferred payments to their old clubs. Hence only one one £10m signing.

      Last year arsenal knew welbeck was injured long term but did not make money available from reserve funds for a striker, probably cost us the PL title. This year again welbeck is injured long term, we have spent £30m on xhaka, so will funds be made available for a striker? Well we put in a bid of £20m for vardy so I suppose the answer is yes but I think it will be cover for Welbeck, not for the world class striker us fans want.

      So if Icardi is €60m then forget it, or should I say Wenger will not go for it as Kroenke will not release the money.

      1. Probably an accurate assumption jnom or relfextion. I thought we should have a little bit more money but who knows. I never expected Wenger to spend 50 05 60 million on a striker. I also think we should have saved the money we spend on Xhaka if we were short on funds. A striker was more pressing IMO than competition for Coq and Elneny. That’s not to say Xhaka might be an improvement on these two players. But Coq and Elneny were definitely not a weak spot in our squad IMO, whilst Giroud and Welbeck

        Also if we were short on cash we could have considered selling some of our existing players where we have a seemingly surplus and buy a top striker where we have non.

        We seem to have a lot midfield players in Walcott, Ramsey, Wilshire and Ox at least one of which we could sell for a decent some of money to add to our striker funds.

        To be honest I have to admit that I am losing interest in who we sign as striker or any other player. Can’t be bothered anymore. I was a bit excited when signed Xhaka early but mainly in the naive hope it meant we had become serious in our ambitions to win the PL after a disappointing season. However as the weeks went by I realized nothing had changed at Arsenal and I should just wait till Wenger and Giroud leave sooner rather than later hopefully but probable in Wengers case not before 2021.

  2. It is now strangely quiet around Aubameyang,am not saying we may sign him but am surprised he loves BVB so much,top player!

    I always love the anxiety of the transfer window especially the covert nature of Wenger when it comes to new signings but mehn,this is damn too much…

    Wenger certainly don’t wanna pay a lot of money for a top striker for whatever reason but how else did he expect to win the biggest trophies???

    If the Turan rumours are true,which I doubt, maybe Wenger will just convert Sanchez to a striker and replace him on the wings with Turan….

    But if not,then I seriously can’t wait to see who our striker will be!

    1. turan dissed us as a club few months back. so forget him.he doesnt rate us and wenger doesnt like being dissed.

      aubemeyang goes nowhere. they lost hummels gundogan mkhityran subotic…anhmore an dortmund has riots.

      u need to aim lower son

  3. I for one believe that it is not about about having a world class striker that wins you a league however having having a world class striker increases your chance of winning a league.Having said that I just hope we go for Icardi or a world class striker or someone who isn’t necessarily world class but just knows how to do his job and put it in there.I’d urge Wenger to go for Javier Hernandez or Callum Wilson.They would bang it in and would have world class form because they would have consistent quality support from the midfield.It’s all about him being serious and telling himself he can do it.I’m just tired tired of watching that so called striker in our club let alone him starting for us.Its just pathetic.

  4. Rumours the spuds might be getting Goetz too. Looks like they mean business and we mean……oh yes business….but in the true sense of the word in our case!

    1. no bloody way they get mario.

      still can get how janssen wasnt worth a punt. wen we paid more for chambers an welbeck

  5. The important thing to winning a PL title is having a player who scores at least in the mid 20’s
    It doesn’t guarantee you a title but is a crucial to winning it

    We know it won’t come from Theo and Giroud. If Wenger thinks they can then he is delusional

    If Wenger thinks Icardi can do it then he is worth the money
    Personally I would get both a Striker and winger who can both score high like Vardy and Mahrez did last season

  6. Agreed @ Muffdiver…

    Talking of aiming low, aren’t we already low, as we have been aiming low for years…
    Campbell, Ox for me are lows….

    Isn’t it time we aimed higher??
    Griezmann will be a good start! Lol

    1. Grizemann next to impossible to get. Just a month ago he signed a new contract with Atleti. Going nowhere this summer unless we offer Pogba fees, lmao.

  7. Are spuds going to Icardi if they’re about to sign Janssen? Doubt it. I’d rather get Chicharito if we are looking for a poacher though.

  8. Latest on Icardi is he not for sale. Anyway if you read between the lines Wenger is Happy with what he has. Cheque Book is under lock and key. The Board are all Happy Big Dividends again this year.

  9. What’s the chance that we will be talking about this transfer window and the absence of the signing of a real striker when we will be 10 points out of 1st come February or March?

    Any chance of Wenger saying he was looking for a striker but they are not sold in a super market?

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