Should Arsenal be prepared for a tough game against Burnley?

The first thing we can do is put to bed the myth that teams have nothing to play for. When a team outside the top six plays a top six side they do have something to play for, they play out of their skin and want to take the scalp of one of the big teams.

Burnley will have that exact mentality tomorrow but how effective have they been against the top six this season at Turf Moor?

Not very well is the answer, however, they did beat Tottenham so they cannot be dismissed out of hand.

This is Burnley’s home record this season against the so-called elite sides.

Lost Man Utd 2-0
Lost Chelsea 4-0
Lost Liverpool 3-1
Won Tottenham 2-1
Lost Man City 1-0

So, apart from that win over Tottenham, who were going through their own rough patch on the road at that time, they tend to lose.

But this is the last home game of the season and for the Clarets they will want to go out with a bang in front of their own fans, they know we are vulnerable on the road and that we had a highly emotional game in Spain on Thursday evening and will believe they can take advantage of that.

Another factor to take note of is that Burnley went through a terrible run and that included most of their losses to the big boys and while they have lost their last two Premier League games they have turned their season around recently with a good run of three wins and a draw at Chelsea prior to those two losses.

In better words, Burnley may have a poor record at home against the top-six this season but they are playing better now, they are at home, they are playing against us when we are tired and emotionally drained and therefore, we can expect a bloody tough game tomorrow.

One thing in our favour though is that we have won our last NINE meetings with the Clarets…


  1. I wouldn’t play ANY of our of our first team, because we cannot afford a single injury. There’s nothing at stake, and it’s very unlikely that Auba can even get the Golden Boot. It’s Burnley’s final home game of the season, they’re very physical, and they’ll desperately want to beat a big team for their fans. Even if we were to play our first team, they’d probably lose anyway, and they’ll be coasting through the game, because no one will want to get injured before the final! So why not just play the reserves?

    1. If I were Emery, I would ask some first team players to play. They need some matches to keep their focus and physical condition before facing Chelsea

      But I would ask them to play safely and avoid injuries, because they need the game only for sparring

      However, I’d prefer to see new faces. We would never know the maximum abilities of our youngsters if we never tested them at EPL matches

  2. I would prefer finishing above Man utd but won’t ruin my day if we don’t! What will annoy me is if Liverpool win the league.. please don’t let it happen ? can’t wait for may 29th gonna be an excellent final COYG ?

    1. Ooh I’d like that too! Apparently their players will have to take a pay cut next season as they missed out on CL!!
      Huge, huge day tomorrow, Kev! COYG

  3. Of course!! Ashley Barnes could easily turn to WWE once he’s finished… ooh that’ll be interesting him coming up against Sokratis ?
    Who knows we may even be playing against 12 men (with Mr Dean ?)
    Confidence will be high after Thursday, so come on Arsenal!

  4. The only way finishing behind Man United matters (apart from pride) is in the event that Watford win the FA Cup. Then we would be pushed down to 7th and have to play Europa qualifiers which would mess up the lucrative pre-season fixtures. Of course it’s a moot point if we win Europa.

    It’ll be a tough match whoever Emery picks. Personally would like to see a good collection of youth – Nketiah, Willock, Mavraponas, Ameachi etc rather than the same old same old.

  5. This match still matters. If you want to be able to afford top players, the higher we finish the better. And the prize money for places do make a difference. Please end the campaign on a good note.

  6. Ther is till the important matter of finishing 5th and above United which may help us avoid pre qualifying in July. Plus we need to keep the competitive edge. Every game matters in any case and fans- the sports lifeblood- should never be shortchanged. We HAVE to play the Burnley game so either play it properly or disband the club and give up pro sport altogether. It is as nonsensical as that to not try properly. Someone on here suggested fielding a full reserve team; not a person given to deep thinking, clearly!. Incapable of seeing the wider picture. Sigh!

    1. And what happens if any of our key players get injured then? Whatever happens, we’re in Europe next season, so the Burnley game is effectively a pointless fixture. I don’t know if you’ve been watching Arsenal away from home in the league, but we’re shocking! Even if we play our best team, it’s extremely likely we’ll still not win. So talk about not seeing the wider picture! I guess you cannot complain at Emery though if we pick up some injuries, because this is what you wanted.

      Let’s play our first team in a pointless fixture, despite our first European final in 13 years, and our only chance of qualifying for the CL, just around the corner!

      1. Third Man, Injuries are always a possibility in any game and the fact remains we have entered a competition , the Prem, and need to respect it and our fans. It is still over two weeks til the final and we must not go off the boil. YOU ARE MISTAKEN IN YOUR THINKING! If any teams EVER disrespect the integrity of the Prem competition, -our primary one all the time – then football is devalued. THIS IS WRONG AND SHOULD NOT HAPPEN. It will not either, and any changes will not be wholesale.

        1. An away win would be a good positive to go to the final on. Teams build confidence with wins not losses. Of course this game matters as does every game Arsenal plays. Play to win!

        2. @jon fox

          I get what you’re saying about the integrity of the league, but then you’re basically saying that NO manager can EVER make wholesale changes. That is ridiculous, especially when you have a cup final just around the corner, and the fact we played Thursday night as well.

          Let me ask you a question then. Let’s say Emery respects the league, picks a strong lineup, and Torreira, Laca, and Auba all got injured, and missed the cup final. Would you be happy that Emery respected the league?

    2. As a Burnley fan I would like us to play your strongest possible team.

      It would be much more satisfying for players and fans when we do!!!!!!!

  7. Trouble is I think if we finish 6th and not win the EL we need to pre qualify with our first game in July when we are supposed to be on pre season tour in the USA.

  8. Arsenal find themselves in the position they are in (currently fifth), because too many players didn’t turn up with the right attitude to play the so called lesser teams. Those lost points have critical, as have poor officiating and missed penalties. This season has turned on small incidents.

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