Arsenal must be wary – Man United will be happy with draw

I am not saying that Louis van Gaal will not be keen to beat Arsenal at the Emirates on Sunday. For one thing it would mean that his Manchester United team would keep their place on top of the Premier League table and with the latest international break coming up after the game, it would be a very nice way for them to sign off.

But the Dutchman´s tactics have never exactly been adventurous and you could hardly describe United´s football under him as being fluent and free flowing. I am fairly sure that he will set up his side to, first and foremost, not lose. Fair enough I suppose, but my worry is about how the Gunners react to that because we are certainly more in need of a win than they are.

We are at home and could really do with a confidence boost after losing to Olympiacos. Arsene Wenger has already tried to play down the importance by pointing out how tight things are in the league at this early stage and hopefully the players will not be tempted to be too attacking, because that way lies disaster.

To be perfectly honest, a draw would not be a bad result for us. A win would be nice but another defeat would be a disaster, so we need to approach the game accordingly. United have some real pace and quality in their attack and will plan to soak up pressure and hit us on the break. We must not make it easy for them. How do you see the game panning out?

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  1. A draw wont be the end of the world, but honestly as a gooner a “win” would be even more sweeter! Coyg!

    1. This is so funny arsene and Arsenal will be happy with a draw however, that won’t happen Manchester United will win comfortably. Very Comfortably!!! It will be a walk in the park one more reason for me to say Wenger Out

      1. MU will NOT win COMFORTABLY tomorrow. there has to be some depth to which we cannot go. given the players backs are against the wall, there has to be some residual mettle there.

  2. For me the chavs are the biggest sc*m in world football. but this van gaal dummy is just terrible to listen to .an incredibly boring ‘motherf’..

  3. just hope we don’t go forward and forget to defend. we really need 90 **NO SWEARING** mins of concentration from these professional players. defenders need to stay back and not get carried away. really hope ox/ramsey get a goal soon. that will make a big difference. i want us to hound MU all over the park when they have the ball.

  4. I doubt if this Arsenal team can win big games. Let’s face it, the Motivation isn’t there. If they lose, their manager will find d perfect excuse for them. Don’t expect any wins in big games till Wenger Out…
    We will beat small teams, mid-table teams, and play for a draw against big teams even when we need a win. The reason, Arsene Wenger has nothing new to say to the players. No new tactics to teach, no new Motivation, no squad strength to displace non-performing players. All these play into the players psychology. So they can’t fight.
    Arsenal need a new Manager… Regardless of what happens tomorrow, even if we beat Man Utd 8-2, I want Wenger changed.
    Wenger Out, Wenger Out, Wenger /Giroud Out!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. If we hadn’t lost to West Ham and drew with pool at home and lost to both Zagreb away and Olympiakos at home, I would be happy with a draw.

    But we need a win at home against a Top side just to make our team believe again and for us fans to get excited again. A loss at home would be devastating to our confidence and belief, I think.

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