Arsenal MUST beat an impressive Leicester side

Leicester City vs Arsenal: Arsenal MUST pick up their first away win of the season by SE

Match week 3 of the 2014/15 Barclays Premier League campaign for Arsenal sees them travel to King Power Stadium to take on Leicester City, who have been the brightest of the three newly promoted sides this season.

Leicester City came back twice to wipe away 1-goal deficits against Everton, during the first Premier League weekend. Last weekend saw Nigel Pearson’s men travel to Stamford Bridge, where they did put up a spirited effort; but profligacy in front of goal meant that Jose Mourinho’s power-packed Chelsea benefitted, to pocket three points.

Arsenal, on the other hand, have been good, albeit not in full flow, yet. Ramsey’s injury time winner against Crystal Palace, in their League opener, bagged three points despite an insipid display. Last weekend was all about dogged attitude from Wenger’s men, who came from two goals behind to attain parity against Everton, thus, salvaging a crucial away point.

Going into tomorrow’s game, it’s about fitness for the Gunners, who already have a big contingent of their squad ‘unfit’ to take part. The midweek exertions against Besiktas wouldn’t have aided Arsenal, either, and it’s going to be rather intriguing to see how Wenger sets his team up.

Albeit the North Londoners’ spirited effort ensured that they left Goodison Park with a point, same thing cannot be said about tomorrow’s game. Despite Arsenal’s canny ability to see off those potential banana skins, Leicester are going to prove a hot cup of coffee to handle for Wenger’s wizards. Their manager was infuriated at his side’s ‘no show’, as he put it, against Shrewsbury in the League Cup, and definitely would want to turn things around, with the home crowd behind them.

Arsenal should be able to see off Leicester, irrespective of the resistance the home side puts up; but any lacklustre showing could cost Arsenal big time, and Wenger would warn his troops against such an aberration.

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  1. MUST beat and MUST beat convincingly. That is what will actually kick start our season. 3-0 to Gunners

  2. leicester away will be tough.
    could this be our first good performance of this season?

    oh sorry windows still open…falcao is at camden nandos , cavani is at gatwick. pogba is at internet cafe in seven sisters…

    1. I think wenger will surprise us by bringing kallstrom back.

      Alex Song how the might fall, arsenal Barcelona……..west ham!!!

  3. West Ham have signed Alex Song. Its laughable how Song’s career has ended up, went downhill the moment he left Arsenal the grass isn’t always greener on the other side lol

    1. The chairman himself tweeted it. They are very happy to have him. Big Sam must be over the moon with this one i.e. if he lasts.

    2. ry players career goes down hill, some faster tan others, when they leave Arsenal, some hit bottom some dont, but all downhill

    3. Exactly what he deserves. He wasn’t that great for Arsenal, had 1 good season which was made to look much better by RVP’s form that season then F’s off to Barca like everyone else and sits.

  4. Reports Chuba Akpom is close to joining Feyenoord on loan good 4 him but would rather sent sanogo on loan than akpom who is much better

    1. Going on loan to a club like Feyenoord will only improve Akpom’s game overall. And the fact that Feyenoord want him shows how highly he is rated. Dutch are masters at finding talent. If Akpom doesnt get a shot at Arsenal first team I will be highly disappointed.

        1. hattrick actually, lol. Against West Brom youth squad. Jonker telling him to go on loan cause hes probably just outgrown the academy leagues.

      1. Yeah feyernood done ryo the world of good.

        For me the Dutch league is poor, like belgium, Greece, Scotland and scandanavia. If you are going to go abroad the minimum should be france/Portugal but really Germany spain Italy or england are the top 4. When was the last time a team outside of those 6 countries made the Champions league final? I will tell you 20 years ago Ajax. In fact there has only been one final in the last 20 years contested by a country outside of the top 4 leagues and that was 2004 when Porto played monaco.

        I am all for our players trying their luck on loan but would prefer it be in the top 4 or at least the top 6 leagues.

    2. Akpom is not physically ready for the PL, Sonogo can handle it. That is all there is to it. Why risk a player long term?

  5. Yes we will beat them.
    Sonogo and Ramsey to score.
    Mesut to assist both the goals.
    And after the match Wenger giving THAT special smile and saying “we may have a surprise for you”.

  6. Well first is GOAL saying that we have bidded 21.3 mio. for Carvalho and now ESPN is saying that he wants to leave and many other sources have been saying for weeks that Sporting Lisbon wants to sell him! “Fingers crossed”

  7. I have never seen complete match in which Carvalho played. When i saw some utube videos i thought, what makes this guy a 30m player?

        1. That wont work. Just think about some Arsenal fans giving an opinion about Giroud to other fans. The lad is overpriced and has done nothing to justify his price tag.

  8. Damn Di Maria is good but hes playing with a much superior world class multiple championship winning medals players…..

    wondering how did man utd win so many titles?

    1. weren’t you saying how great Man United are two days ago? At least be consistent in your trolling.

  9. Falcao earns a ‘reported’ €350k a week at AS Monaco.Playing 4 Monaco is also tax free!
    still feel we can get him esp with Madrid not keen on him

        1. no they can’t afford him FFP they have limit to spend on transfer (around 50m) & on wages + pellegrini already said that negredo isn’t going anywhere flacao deal depended on that

          but think he may join Madrid …… hope we can do something in time

    1. forgive me if i’m wrong but monaco can keep paying for falco as its a loan AFC would pay monaco so falco ‘s wages would still be tax free and probably knowing the top stars filtered off to some tax haven.

  10. arteta/diaby back in training + theo back after break

    just the signings needed a cb (rumors about alderwield) / cdm (carvalho) & if possible a striker/winger (falcao/reus) coygs

    1. Sadly, 2 points dropped for Burnley.

      After 3 games, a triangle still has more points than MU.

  11. I hope akpom joins feyernood on loan, it will be massive for his development as he will get d chance to play european football and get more game time at the highest level

  12. Team i’d start with against Leicester, taking into account the midweek game with Besiktas and the fact we play Man City next. Szcz Debuchy Mert Kos Monreal Flamini Rosicky Rambo Campbell Ox Sanogo. Bench: Martinez Chambers Jack Ozil Sanchez Cazorla Podolski. Hopefully by next weekend we may have other players (nudge nudge, wink wink) to pick from.

  13. his is how it should be done in the transfer window…

    Chelsea..needed a striker – they bought Costa! Needed a creative midfielder – they bought Fabregas!

    Man City…needed a DM – they bought Fernando! Needed a RB – they got Sagna!

    Liverpool…needed a striker – They bough Ballotelli and Lambert. Needed a CB – they got Lovren.

    ARSENAL..need a striker – NOTHING! Need a DM – NOTHING! Need a CB – NOTHING!

    All these clubs buy within days of being linked with a player. Arsenal are to slow in the transfer market because Wenger does not want to get “bullied” in the market. Also, his deluded faith in his players that he had is ruining us. This is why Arsenal buy on the last day of the transfer market…because he wants a bargain. Instead of getting quality, he wants to nature and develop. This is a process that does not work anymore. He needs to change his philosophy now! Or we will get left even further behind!

      1. Arsenal needed pace – the bought Sanchez

        Arsenal need a RB they bought Debuchy

        Arsenal needed extra depth they bought Chambers

        Wenger stated he will sign a cb

        So while you have a point, City and Chelsea squads were already way ahead so no point in comparing.

    1. For all their spending compare man citys 27 man squad with ours then take 6 of their players out and name their champions league squad. Don’t forget they can only name 16 non association trained players providing they name 5 association trained players.

  14. Man Utd have spent 150m but still haven’t signed a top class defender and top class defensive midfilder although they have signed Rojo.

  15. We have signed Falcao. This Dollyflops the droo-due bird told me so last night as we enjoyed a worm stroodle atop a warm winters cloud.

  16. Remy not in the QPR squad. Hopefully he’s going to Chelsea! Would love to see average Torres being replaced by another average striker!

      1. Remy is going to Chavs, Torres going to Italy. I do think Arsene could have worked wonders on him or Super Mario but the money/gamble wasn’t worth it in the end.

  17. Man U are trying the ‘throw money around and hope for the best’ approach. It might work, it might not..

    For all Wenger is infuriatingly stubborn, I would rather his approach than the ‘buy a new team’ of Liverpool, or the buy 2 first teams of City.

    All that said, we need a striker / CDM / CB, or at least 2 out of that 3. That is beyond question.

    1. Mark,

      That’s what happens when a team fails to qualify for UCL. They end up paying a premium in order to attract good to decent players.

      De Maria left the European champions (and possibly back-to-back champions) for MU? Nothing but money is the motivating factor.

      I said the same thing about Arsenal sometime near the end of last season, that playing just to qualify for UCL could proof very dangerous, in that should we just happen to mss out on UCL, then all hell will break loose in trying to obtain good players the following season. We already have a strict policy on spending on good players, how much more difficult should we make it for ourselves in only playing with a thin squad now.

      The time to build is now, when good players are more likely to want to play with us, having a place in the UCL. Otherwise, we may go the MU way and start paying huge premiums for average to decent players.

  18. Ozil doesn’t make the line up for me… This setup is better balanced, has more pace and width to our usual starters… And everybody in their best positions

    Debuchy – Chambers – Kolchelny (fit?) – Monreal
    Flamini – Ramsey
    Ox – Corzola – Campbell

  19. Sack wenger bring in moyes or van gaal or Rodgers or avb or mourinho or the list goes on, serial spendaholics couldn’t win jack Shit in the last 2 seasons.

    It’s not about spending it is about getting the balance right. It weren’t long ago when everyone wanted Laudrup, cos he was so good. Even the much praised Jurgen klopp has only won 1 German cup and a couple of charity shields in the last 3 season, yet dortmund have the biggest attendances and loads of money.

    Exactly who would people want to give £100 or so of arsenals money to spend? For me the only man to spend our money is wenger. However, should usmanov put his money where his mouth is, that’s a.different story. If he really wants in at arsenal offer kroenke £25k a share, he will sell in an instant!! In fact i would even sell my 2 shares.

    1. I agree with you mostly, but look who won EPL last season, and look who won UCL last season. Two spendaholics…

    2. Apart from the part of your comment on “getting the balance right”, the rest of it makes little to no sense. You’re right about getting the right balance in a team, everyone gets that.

      What you fail to acknowledge is that “getting the balance right” includes spending. These two are not mutually exclusive entities. In today’s football business, these entities are intimately intertwined. One cannot move forward without the other being pulled along.

      In order to achieve the right balance, the right kind of spending should ensue. No one is saying that we should be throwing money at any player, simply to expand our squad. Money should always be spent wisely. Bu money has to be spent, regardless when trying to achieve the right balance in a team. The problem is that so many fans and others have realized where our weaknesses are and their respective corrections which will assist in achieving the right balance. It’s Wenger who has simply moved too slowly towards achieving that goal.

      As for Arsenal Holdings plc, (being a non-quoted plc) all dealings pertaining to sales of shares are done in such secrecy, no knows what’s going on. The current speculated share price should be around 18K – that’s a meager less than 10% increase in the last 2 years. Not an enticing piece of business for any share holder, except for the ones in control of the company’s finances.

  20. Honestly, winning by 1 goal isn’t good enough. If we are good enough to win the PL we NEED to have at least a few games where we win convincingly. Is that unreasonable?

    I mean I don’t want all our matches to be like qpr and Everton. I would like once in a while to have a 4-0 or 4-1 or something.

    I don’t expect a lot of games like that or a result like when we lost 8-2 to United. But we NEED to win s few games convincingly and Leicester is a good opportunity

  21. Falcao was named on Monaco bench for Lille game before being withdrawn entirely at last moment.

    still feel falcao is a smoke screen 4 kalou

  22. metro linked us with falcao. Anyway untrusted paper.


  23. Our strikers record in EPL
    Sanchez= 0 goals
    Sanogo= 0 goals
    Campbell= 0 goals
    Akpom= 0 goals
    Giroud= out for 4 months
    Podolski= Only striker who has scored EPL goals

    1. Sanchez: two matches in EPL, one as RW and 45 minutes as ST
      Campbell: two sub appearances in EPL, less than 45 minutes total.
      Sanogo: The most time in EPL at a whopping 150 minutes
      Akpom: I don’t remember an appearance

      There seems to be a correlation between lack of game time and lack of goals here, good observation.

    2. If Sanchez scores 15 this season will you stop posting for 6 months? You’re glass half empty comments make us look like weak supporters with no spine….

      1. I didn’t make a comment to bring negativity. Im worried about our strike force due to lack
        of goals. Sanchez will score EPL goals but what if he gets injured?

  24. so Man City are losing to Stoke City at home; let me guess, to all you negative gooners out there Man City must be fighting for 4th now, right? Or does that only apply to Arsenal.

  25. I may be overly optimistic but I can actually. See Wenger pulling a Falcao out of his hat. Shocking everyone.

    Talk is we’ve upped our bid for Carvalho to £27 million

  26. Falcao will go to Real, MARCA says they are looking for another striker to compete with Benzema.
    ManCity have 4 strikers, unless they sell ant one of them, they dont go for Falcao.
    Arsenal doesn’t have any out-n-out strikers, we still dont sign anyone. YYYY?
    We are
    1. Crazy
    2. Stubborn
    3. Over-confident and
    4. have many non-real strikers!!

  27. I think falcao is going 2 Madrid looks like that from start despite our interest

    mendes brought james rodriguez 2 Madrid 4 around 64m got di maria sold for 70m & now falcao 2 Madrid he runs this business like no one else it’s his world for sure

  28. Wenger must really be a gambler. The reason? We have our main striker out for 4 months and he seems willing to gamble that our remaining forwards / wingers can make up the difference. As mentioned above, only Podolski is a proven goal scorer in the EPL. The rest have potential, and perhaps Sanchez will score a fair few. Walcott is not back yet and it will take him time to find his feet. Based on that flimsy analysis, we HAVE to sign a striker either on loan or a permanent deal.

    If we don’t sign a striker I can only conclude Mr Wenger must be willing to gamble on players who are unproven to score goals and challenge for trophies. That is either complete genius, or single minded delusion..

  29. OT : Alonso has said in an interview that he rejected a move to England to protect his Liverpool legacy. Cesc, i hope you are listening. Respect to Alonso!

  30. So Falcao tweeted about his dream transfer to RM with the words Hala Madrid which was deleted later. Ok so can everyone please stop mentioning his name now. Thank you!

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