Arsenal must beat Chelsea to Kante as Leicester open exit door

N’Golo Kante has been told that he will be allowed to leave Leicester City this summer, once they find a replacement, opening the door for a move to Arsenal or Chelsea.

The midfielder earned a place in the PFA Premier League Team of the Year this season, as well as receiving huge plaudits from Manchester United legend Sir Alex Ferguson, who described him as the best player of the campaign.

Kante’s impressive season has opened a number of doors, with France selecting him to make his international debut, in which he scored within 10 minutes of starting, and looks highly likely to be chosen to play in the upcoming European Championships.

The 25 year-old now looks set to be given the chance to move to a bigger club in the upcoming close-season, having refused to commit his future to his club Leicester previously. Kante revealed he was committed to finishing the season well with the Foxes, but could not say the same for the next term.

In March, Kante said: “I will fight for Leicester this season and next season we never know and we will see. At this moment I am focused on Leicester. We have to finish well this season but I don’t mind about [being linked with] the other clubs.”

Reports are now emerging claiming that the surprise Premier League leaders are willing to allow their star to leave the club, once they decide on his replacement, with a vast profit expected from his £5.6 Million cost of only last summer.

Chelsea are believed to be interested in agreeing his signature, but with no Champions League football to offer for next season, we should be a more favourable destination for the DM.

Our place in the top-four is yet to be cemented, but we hold the keys to our own destiny, and Wenger is a specialist in doing what is needed to confirm CL football.

How crucial will Kante’s signature be to our club for next year?

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  1. Although Kante is good DM I prefer to see someone with height and physicality because of the lack of height in our team. Therefore, I want Xhaka who is leader, physical, has height and is good aerial power and excellent passer of the ball. Heard somewhere Guardiola wants Theo Walcott at City next season. Kroenke its about time you need to cash on that failure of a player.

  2. Some good strikers are available next season Ibrahimovic free, Milik 10-15 m, Icardi 30-35 m,
    Lacazette 30 m, Janssen 15-20 m, Slimani 20 m, Lukaku 40-50 m, Morata 25 m.

    1. i would be happy with any of them 🙂
      any of them would be an improvement to the CF we have

      but with Wenger even if he approaches a club, he haggles to low or he asks top player to try out and other nonsensical reasons not to sign some player

      And then he says I nearly got Ibrahimovic, I nearly got Bale, I nearly got messi, pique, payet
      The £50 million plus £1 for Suarez was just insulting. I mean in particular the £1. Obviously they would refuse. It was a waste of time

      Wenger has gone from le professor to le Homer Simpson

      1. ARSENAL GIRL … could you please write an article for this page !!. i am a big fan of your truthful comments . would love to see you actually send in an article . any chance ?, please.

      2. The Suarez debarcle was all about being seen to “attempt” to get him into an arsenal shirt in order to placate the fans calling for a big name, but in honesty the board were never even gonna spend the 40 million buyout cklause money and that why they deliberatly insulted Liverpool with the extra pound, so that were NEVER gonna sell to us BUT Arsene could say ….”well we tried to get Suarez but they just would not sell”
        smoke and mirrors and Bullsh!t and im personnaly sick of it wenger should eiether come clean or give it up instead of bullsh!tting on the boards behalf and being thier hatchet man while we the fans get a stream of rubbish every failed season and see ticket prices go up and up.

  3. We need four WCs players and wenger can only buy one(maybe kante) to fool us and not really to solve problem we have. DIEGO SIMEONE ASAP!!!

  4. Kante would be a good signing if AFC could sign more than fund relief forms for Stans ‘services’.

    1. @Admin,

      There seems to be a large part of my post missing…
      No swearing, just a fun little ditty.

      Is this the new Wenger police state on Justarsenal.
      If we can’t voice our opinion through fun shanty on a forum where can we? I’m not stepping inside in the emirates until Stan kroenke and his kronies have gone.

      Maybe outside!

      1. You see my problem, as I have stated many times… It may have been a funny ditty, and I liked it, but it should have been on the post about getting Simeone in as manager. It has absolutely NOTHING to do with getting Kante or any other DM. You have many many posts every day about Wenger for you to continue your protest, which I am sure you will. But I will not tolerate every single post being taken over by comments about Wenger when the post is nothing to do with him. This is not Wenger and some of us like to talk about other subjects as well.

        1. I agree that every post being hijacked by the wenger out brigade is irritating. However they have a point, if you believe that the fundamental problem at Arsenal is Wenger then issues like should we sign Kante relates to wenger. Issues like, is kamte the type of player wenger would sign, will kante make a difference if the team has no ambition etc.

          Unfortunately virtually every post can be answered in such a way as it relates to Wenger as manager

          1. I don’t think it’s harsh of to suggest we talk about something else now and then is it. There are more than enough pages of anti wenger on here.

            Especially as we know wenger and Kroenke are definitely here next season. It gets boring……

  5. I love the idea of having Kante next year, he’s been brilliant. At the same I would rank signing a DM/CM as 4th in the list of priorities. Despite the impending/likely departures of Rosicky, Arteta, Flamini- we have 5 talented players & options in that area, even if we want more from some of them- Cazorla, Wilshere, Ramsey,Coquelin, Elneny- even if it’s unlikely they will all be fit to choose from at any one time. I think our most pressing priorities should be a centreback and centre forward. I want to see a physical, athletic centreback with fundamentals in defending partnering Koscielny, not as bothered about them being accomplished on the ball like a John Stones type player. Obviously, like most everyone I suspect- I want a world class striker- a 25+ Prem galsl a season man, what a difference that could make! My 3rd priority would be another world-class WF to go in a front 3 with Sanchez & this new striker, to give us a Barcelona-esque looking, intimidating front 3- & selling/cutting losses on Walcott & Oxlade-Chamberlain. Then I’d be thinking about a Xhaka/Kante- both great players indeed.

  6. What is all this old B”llocks about Leicester players and why they should now be Arsenals no 1 Targets ect ect??
    whatis all this about? they have won the PL this season but who knows if they are gonna be one hit wonders or not??
    we are gonna go all out to buy in players who have had One good season ???
    wouldnt that be something to keep the AKB’s in thier happy place, arguing that they are top notch cos they won the PL (by a fluke) unyet will be, (and this is the most important aspect to the board) cheaper than the players we SHOULD be going after which we all know they wont as its all about making and not spending money!!!! personally Ill be really disapointed if we start buying players in from Leicester on the back of one seasons performance but hey it seems to the arsenal way.

  7. I think that the third/fourth culture is now ingrained in the club. Without a culture change and some grit, determination and winning mentality then Kante would make no difference.

    Perhaps some players with the attitude of Sanchez would help but basically a culture change is required and those players that do not fit in changed for players that do.

  8. Kante would be fantastic at Arsenal but let’s be honest the pace that Mr Wenger goes about signing a player is slow he didder’s at the thought of spending the money. Then before you know it the player has signed for some other Team.

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