Arsenal must beat Man Utd and Chelsea to Top Four to nab this exciting young Brazilian

It is being reported that we are interested in signing Ajax forward David Neres Campos, according to the latest transfer gossip in the British media.

We are not the only English club said to be keen on the 22-year-old, Manchester United, Everton and Chelsea are also said to want to sign the £45 Million valued striker.

Neres has burst onto the European scene following a string of highly impressive performances in the Champions League, most notably against Real Madrid and Juventus.

The young Brazilian has also been doing the business in the Dutch Eredivisie having knocked in eight goals and creating 11 assists this season and has earned himself a call up to the Brazilian national team.

The Dutch giants are set to make a significant profit on Neres, they signed him for only £10 Million in January 2010 from Brazilian side Sao Paulo.

Anyone watching Neres in action will not have failed to be impressed, but opinions are all subjective, so check out this video of him and judge for yourself, I think you will like what you see.

As long as we qualify for the Champions League we must have a solid chance of signing the player, especially if our closest rivals Man Utd fail in their attempts to qualify for next seasons premier European competition. COYG!


      1. His price tag is over 100 mill now ..if it wasn’t already .dark horses if they can hold out against juve

      2. I’m sure you’re enjoying this Barcelona performance as much as me Sue. Surprising how you perform when you get no help from the officials. At least they’ve got the commentator on their side. One other positive for our game Thursday night is we don’t have an English referee. Hallelujah.

      3. JW doesn’t know what he’s talking about apparently ? we don’t need another Mustafi in the team he was told ? De Ligt is a beast of a defender ? big night for Arsenal on Thursday night eh Suzanne ??

        1. OMG ?? Well about bloody time…. ? how the bloody hell are ya?!! Luke Skywalker?! ?
          A very big night Kevin ? I’m a little nervous about it!!
          So what have you thought of our games, since you went awol in your quest to find love with Alex Scott?! ?

        2. Haha I had to retire JW and LS is as good as any ? I’m well Sue thanks for asking ☺️ and how are you ? ? I’m sure the boys won’t let us down.. just remember we can actually afford to be 3-0 down and still turn the tie on its head, that clean sheet was crucial much better than winning 3-1 ? Everton aside I’m happy, yeah we were on the ropes Monday night, but I don’t care one bit about that, 3 points is all that matters… Performances at this stage of the season is irrelevant the name of the game is champions League qualification ? although I think we should approach away games like we do at home, go for the jugular early, get the goals, then play on the counter, we’re much better defending when we have the lead! Haha my quest ??? Well Sue, it’s good to hear from you and if I’m not on later, we’ll chat about our semi final with Valencia tomorrow ? you have a great day ?

          1. Well with your new name, you should have been born on May 4th (you’re a week out ?)
            Glad you’re well, I’m good thanks! Bit of a shocker seeing Suzanne at the end of a comment!! It’s not the end of the season, so that’s a bonus ? it’s good to hear from you too!
            I love that confidence – we’ll chat about Valencia ? well surely we can’t do a Stevie G and let that lead slip!!
            Have a great day too… laters!! ?

            1. Haha why was that a shocker? ? Lol a week out damn ? almost though Sue we only got 5 games left (in the PL) ? your blood pressure must be pretty high though ? ? Well I’m more optimistic these days Sue I trust the process ? god, please no Stevie G slips ? I did yes and I love it ? ?

              1. Because you said you wouldn’t return until at least May!
                My blood pressure is racing right now ?? I’m so gutted!! What a night.. not!! Haha
                Well I was expecting an article by you with a picture of your tattoo ?
                Well my daughter’s devastated… I thought Sterling had done it… omg what if they lose on Saturday???? ?

                1. Sue, I’m disgusted ? I can’t believe the scum are through, and have a good chance getting to CL final ? I can imagine, I’d throw the tv out the window after that ? Liverpool through too, can it get any worse ? Why was it ruled out ?? I know, I came back to surprise you ? haha I’m not sure topless photos are allowed I might get booked ? city will have more motivation for the league now Sue, it’s all they have to play for so I’m expecting a comfortable win ?

                  1. Well we’re going to have to hope for a De Ligt masterclass!! You’ve always said how good he is – so that’s good enough for me!!
                    Argh Sergio was offside – must have been those damn thighs! Damn!!
                    Haha yes booked for Magic Mike 3 ?
                    They’d better win.. if the spuds knock them out of that as well…. absolute devastation ensues……. Twitter ain’t a good place right now… although some Chelsea fans were moaning.. saying it’s tough being a CFC fan right now – which kinda cheered me up for a split second ?

                    1. The only thing I always say is like boxing, sometimes football games are won by contrast of styles.. Tottenham are favourites in my eyes because of the way they play but I just hope and pray that Ajax prove me wrong.. I don’t think I could cope with them and Liverpool contesting a CL final I don’t think you could either ? haha that was it then it was the thighs ? tough being a Chav ? Try being an Arsenal fan.. media pundits galore constantly writing you off, even keown has jumped on the bandwagon ? lol that’s a stripper film isn’t it ? ?? I was on a hellraiser binge lol

                    2. Scary thing is Sue, is that Tottenham play better without Kane.. Son gets more responsibility and he’s deadly ?

                    3. Jesus if they both make the final, I think I’ll find the closest bridge & jump off ??
                      It is a stripper film, for the ladies ? don’t tell me you haven’t seen it?! ?
                      Well come on Slavia Prague tomorrow ?
                      Haha the film or just in general?!! ?
                      I watched Us, Pet Semetary & 5 feet apart at cinema – all good!
                      So will it be the green kit tomorrow?? I hope not

                    4. Haha I’ll be right behind you ?? no definitely haven’t seen it lol male stripper films doesn’t fall under the Kev movie category ? I don’t see the chavs losing that one Sue but you know what I’m glad we got the toughest game at least we’re doing it the hard way and not relying on the draw to get us to the final, play the best teams and come the final we’ll be more than ready to take on anyone ? lol the film well 1-6 after that they get pretty rubbish ? so what was pet semetary like ? Haha I was watching the game on Monday night and when I seen that kit, I thought to myself Sue is gonna love that ???

                    5. That kit makes me so god damn uneasy.. was on the edge of my seat all night Monday… ?? I’d love to see the dark blue/burgundy one ?
                      Yes I agree to be the best you have to beat the best ?
                      I only saw half of Hellraiser 1… some weird ? PS was good bit different but can’t beat the original!
                      So if Xhaka, Sok or Mkhi are booked tomorrow, if we go through they’ll miss the 1st leg of the semi… so tense ?

                    6. Haha I always laugh when I see it because I know how much you hate it, your face would be priceless when they come out of the tunnel ??? lol so was I, I was swearing like a drunken sailor Aubameyang was doing my head in and even Ramsey kept giving the ball away! Oh it’s certainly weird Sue it’s not for the faint hearted ? let’s hope MKH gets booked then ? Sokratis is a terrible man for yellow cards deary me how many bans has he served he makes vieria look like a saint ? oh they never are Sue but I’ll have to watch it.. I watched that bird box one weird film ? well Sue I’ll let you get off to bed but I’m sure we’ll chat tomorrow yeah ?

                    7. Haha you do make me laugh!! It’s been quite quiet on here without you, so it’s good to have you back! ?
                      Yes we will… hopefully discussing the awesome game & goals we’ve just witnessed ?
                      Goodnight Kevin ?? been ages since I last wrote that ?

                    8. Well I couldn’t let you be the lone wolf on here Sue, Wenger had Pat Rice, Emery has Carcedo, Tom had Jerry, batman had robin ??? Aww but that’s nice of you Sue and thank you for the warm welcome back ? of course and that game in Spain and revenge mission on Valencia ? and the green kit coming out against wolves ? haha yeah but at least you got to bed earlier ? goodnight Sue you sleep well and chat later ???

  1. Hopefully now the Salah goal will be laid to rest albeit not a Champions League goal mind you a worldy. Agggh!

  2. He’s a champions League semi finalist now. The only reason to leave Ajax is for a bigger pay packet… Which you can get in Greece and Turkey too

  3. Wow, amazing Ajax. A special team for sure… Half will be sold during the summer, lmao. If you want a player, get one early before Ajax decides no more sales.

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