Arsenal must beware of Man United and REFEREES!

Are the bad old Fergie days coming back for Arsenal? by Sam P

I do not think for a second that Arsenal will fail to get the points we need from the last four Premier League games of the season. There is still a chance that Louis van Gaal and his Manchester United side could overtake the Gunners and force us to play the two legged Champions League play offs, enhanced after they won away to Crystal Palace yesterday but they are still two points behind and we have two more games than them left to play.

What I am worried about is next season. Because it seems to me that the bad old days of the Alex Ferguson era could be on the way back. Maybe I am reading too much into what happened in one game, but some terrible one sided decisions by the referee and his assistants yesterday absolutely gifted the three points to Man United and that sort of thing became so normal with Old Purple Nose in charge at Old Trafford that we stopped complaining about it.

Fergie himself has since admitted that he had a deliberate policy of putting pressure on the officials, including the famous tapping of the watch to get some extra, or some less, depending on the situation, stoppage time. Ha ha classic Fergie, people say. Classic cheating more like but people like him and the new king of cheats Jose Mourinho seem to not only get away with it – but actually benefit from it. Van Gaal seems to assume that United deserve all the help they can get and will surely be putting as much pressure as possible on the officials.

I do not want Arsene Wenger and Arsenal to go the same way, but I wonder just how much harder it will be for us to finish above Chelsea and United when we are up against the refs and the extra spending power. Do you think this will be a big problem for Arsenal next season or am I worrying over nothing?

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  1. Summer transfers:

    CB: John Stones, Martins Indi or Kostas Manolas
    LB: Abdul Rahman Baba, Layvin Kurzawa or Benjamin Mendy
    DM: Morgan Schneiderlin, Grzegorz Krychowiak or William Carvalho

    ( ST: Alvaro Morata, Paulo Dybala, Antoine Griezmann or Alexandre Lacazette )

    One player from each list above and the PL trophy is ours!!

    1. I personally prefer:

      CB: Manolas – A warrior! No words needed if you watch Serie A (Stones is my 2. choice)
      LB: Abdul Rahman Baba – 20, Ghana international (he was crazy at the ACN 2015)…In short: He has everything Gibbs and Monreal is missing – And addition to that we dont need to sell one of them if we buy him
      DM: Morgan Schneiderlin

      IF we sell Giroud, Campbell, Podolski and loan Sanogo (or sell him) and Akpom again we should buy: Paulo Dybala or Morata – Especially Dybala since he imo fits our play perfectly….But im 99% sure that AW isn’t going to buy a new striker….

      1. very good list- but sell giroud? eh?!
        that comment needs to go back once again for the renegade master

  2. silly article, worrying about the refs is pointless. What good can it do? Focus on banging in the goals please lads

      1. Guardiola really isn’t all his piped up to be. He’s even worse than Mourinho. Mourinho went to rich clubs and bought his team, Guardiola just walked in on ready-made champions.

        1. Yeh..wengers been much more successful on the crumbs his been given right?

          Ambitious clubs, sign big players and managers to win big things. You still gotta have the ability to deliver at the top and handle the pressure that comes with such a lofty position..

          1. Winning the CL with Messi, Villa, Xavi, Iniesta, Puyol etc in their prime. Not really that challenging if we’re honest.

            Winning the Bundesliga with Bayern? Not really too difficult either.

            1. Would Wenger have won? I doubt it but we will never know as he would never be asked to manage at that level based on his recent record.

              Chelsea Champions again under Mourinho..

              Let’s just enjoy a possible 2nd this year and more of the same, the next..shall we

  3. Our players must be hungrier like these Manshit!!Won but they are still looking for more. When we were up against Hull,we just kept on passing!!City can be on top of us just on Goa l diff..

  4. City have ripped QPR. Looks like we’re in a real fight for 2nd. Can’t catch them on goal diff after that result, we’ll have to do it on points. That means 0 losses until the end of the season. United are awful but against big teams they do turn up, and it’s an away game. It will be tough.

  5. Now that QPR have crashed and burned…Charlie Austin to Arsenal??

    Good Signing or Not Worth the Money?

  6. Damn it!! Just when our goal difference wasnt looking too bad as well, thanks then QPR…

  7. @mickthegooner. Agree we need to aim to win all games but we mathematically can afford to win 3 draw 1 and we finish ahead of city by 1 point, no? City win final 2 games 79 points, we win 3 draw 1 80 points.

  8. The writer of this article is getting his excuses for failure next season in a bit early eh?

  9. Wenger and his players were disappointed not to be in the title challange recently.Now even 2nd place is in danger,if we can not finish 2nd and beat man utd again then it will be a comical miss.

  10. I just admire they faith some of you so called”supporters/fans” have for your team…SMFH

  11. Leave Mou out of this…he was an achiever before coming to epl,he left epl an achiever, he achieved a lot in the land of sojourn, he made a triumphant entry back into epl and now he’s picked his bus of trophies he parked it.

  12. To “shino”, I thought the game was about winning trophies, not compearing the Miss World title how beatiful game you´r playing and not winning anything or a FA cup once in almost a decade, parking bus or not. Which one you prefer, winning FA cup now and then or winnig real trophies like premier league? Last time I checked out there were no judges in the sidelinens giving extra points the way you were playing, in figure skating yes, football no, it is ALL about WINNING. Remember George Graham, 1-0 and our boring belowed Arsenal, but still winning…

  13. At chelsea, Mourinho and players win games but at AFC, only players win games. Do I need to explain this?

  14. There are a limited number of good referees in the world and in the premiership we don’t have an over abundance. Of our best refs there are still many who will not put their stamp on a game early and several of those are vulnerable to pressure from managers. BUT at the end of the day, more often then not they just get things wrong because they see it wrong. Skillful players will often draw more fouls and refs give the foul even if there is no contact because they expect to see the contact. The Man Utd game yesterday didn’t have any hugely egregious decisions in it – the second goal is a clear foul but you can see why the referee doesn’t see it (after about 10 replays Neville still hadn’t!). We can’t believe referees are for or against us – we have to play our football. The fact refs have shit games is just part and parcel of football.

    On the flip side sometimes refs have great games like our FA Cup match against united. If only they were that good every week!

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