Arsenal MUST buy reinforcements as soon as possible

Arsene Wenger needs to address the problems in his squad as early as possible in January by Dimitri

Usually in the summer transfer window, Arsenal fans are left anxiously biting at their fingernails for their manager, Arsene Wenger, to make his first move. It usually ends up with last minute transfer panic buys, which, in past years, has led to the introduction of players such as Andre Santos and Park Chu-Young. However, in the summer of 2014, Wenger moved relatively early in a World Cup year to bring in players to improve the squad, in an attempt to compete for the league title and add quality, as he did in the previous summer with top quality players like Mesut Ozil.

The world class Chilean forward, Alexis Sanchez, was brought in from Barcelona, as Wenger’s linguistic skills, once again, fought off competition and convinced a player to join the North London club. Other transfers included World Cup stars David Ospina and Mathieu Debuchy and the young English duo Danny Welbeck, the Manchester United academy product, and Calum Chambers. On reading the list, the players that Wenger brought in seems like good additions to strengthen the Arsenal squad that lacked the depth to win it in 2013/14 season, due to their constant injuries. However, when comparing that list to the list of players that left Arsenal this summer, it just shows that Ospina replaced Lukasz Fabianski, Debuchy replaced Bacary Sagna, Welbeck replaced Nicklas Bendtner and Chambers replaced Carl Jenkinson in squad numbers, revealing Alexis Sanchez as the only real addition. With Chambers and Debuchy arguably not of a higher quality than Jenkinson and Sagna, it leaves Wenger only improving in quality through a substitute goalkeeper and a striker who he is currently playing out of position on the left wing.

Obviously Alexis Sanchez has been the best player at Arsenal this season, but this cannot excuse Wenger’s lack of addressing the real problems in the transfer window that cause Arsenal to suffer as a side who scrape fourth place every season, instead of building on last season’s prematurely ending title challenge. In the summer of 2014, after signing Chambers, Wenger promised the fans that he would sign another centre back if he sold Thomas Vermaelen. Despite this, after selling Vermaelen for around £15 million, he left it too late, with apparent last minute enquiry for centre backs such as Matija Nastasic and Virgil van Dijk not materialising into bids. The lack of centre backs at Arsenal is clear with Nacho Monreal and Debuchy who are natural full backs, having to play centre back, due to injuries. With Per Mertesacker and Laurent Koscielny the only senior centre backs in the squad, Arsenal have had a major problem at the back, as Koscielny’s lack of fitness in the first half of this season has left Wenger relying on full backs and the teenage, and recently converted centre back, Chambers to lead the back line. In the summer, Arsenal fans and pundits cried out for Wenger to sign experienced centre backs and a solid central defensive midfielder, yet Wenger rejected these notions, as he chose not to bring either in. In the past, Wenger’s title winning sides have been built upon solid back lines, including the one he inherited when he joined Arsenal, and the one he created when he managed ‘The Invincibles’ in 2004. Without stability in a defence, it is hard to see Arsenal win a league title, as shown by Liverpool last season, as even Luis Suarez’s fantastic individual performances could not even bring them success.

Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea have both stability in their back line, but also in their starting line-up, due to the lack of injuries in the club, which contrasts with the long list of injuries at Arsenal. Chelsea have had a fantastic first half to the 2014/15 Premier League campaign due to the consistent starting team and the depth in their squad, if needed. In the summer transfer window, Mourinho assessed the roles in the team that Chelsea lacked last season and addressed them efficiently, leading to the club’s success so far this season in playing aesthetically pleasing football, while also leading the league table. Arsene Wenger needed to follow his rival manager’s transfer policy in the summer but failed to address the lingering problems at Arsenal, by neglecting the gaps in defence and the defensive midfield role. Now Wenger faces a struggle to find players in January without having to overpay. Arsenal seem to be linked with numerous quality centre backs and defensive midfield players, but Wenger always looks for the ‘perfect’ buy. With world class centre backs, such as Mats Hummels, and solid young defensive midfielders, like William Carvalho and Morgan Schneiderlin all rumoured to be interesting Wenger, he needs to begin January with enquiries into players of high calibre to fill the missing gaps in the Arsenal team.

Last January when Arsenal were in pole position, Wenger rejected the media’s accusations of Arsenal lacking depth in attack, despite Olivier Giroud playing nearly every game last season for the club. Wenger made a last minute loan move for the injured and aging central midfielder Kim Kallstrom, who only ended up making three appearances in the loan period. Despite being injured for the majority of the loan, he did not bring a level of quality to win a Premier League title, especially in comparison to players Arsenal were linked to at the time, such as Blaise Matuidi. Furthermore, Wenger was rumoured to refuse to meet Julian Draxler’s release clause, although the Arsenal board were willing to match it.

Wenger does not usually act in the January transfer window, despite other rival Premier League managers taking full advantage of it, as shown last season when Mourinho brought in defensive midfielder Nemanja Matic from Benfica. Although he commanded a fee over £20 million, he has since made that fee look minimal, as he controls the midfield for Chelsea, becoming the player that Arsenal fans envy. Despite January not being the easiest transfer window, other notable successful January signings include Luis Suarez, Philippe Coutinho and Daniel Sturridge to Liverpool and Nemanja Vidic and Patrice Evra to Manchester United. This season, Wenger needs to react to the criticisms of his squad, retract his stubborn nature and go out into the transfer market to buy some top quality players who will help Arsenal become the force that they have previously been under his management.

Arsene Wenger made some great signings in the summer of 2014, but he should have addressed the existing problems at Arsenal that stop him from having a squad with title credentials, instead of a first team that has the top level ability. With the number of injuries that the Arsenal squad suffer from every year, Wenger needs the strength in depth, while building the starting eleven on a strong and stable defensive core. At least one top level centre back is needed in January, as well as a top level defensive midfielder, and they are both needed as early as possible if Arsenal want to guarantee a top four finish. In addition to this, Wenger needs to target players that will not be cup-tied in Europe, as the club need to make an impact in the knockout rounds of the Champions Leagues. With Arsenal drawing a weak Monaco side in the first knockout round stage, it could create the momentum for Arsenal to force a challenge in Europe. However, Wenger needs to move quickly in January and add the talent to the squad in a transfer window that has never really appealed to him in the past.



    1. Relax, folks. Funny title: Arsenal must buy defensive reinforcement as soon as possible.

      I know when we shall by defensive reinforcements: when we get f**ked up 8-2 by City, then Wenger shall bring in an unknown name from the Indian League.

      1. Wenger will buy a defender this January I just don’t think he will cost us more that 10 m and we all know about the correlation of price and quality.

    2. It beats me how you guys know what it takes in managing a club you think success is all about spending money on players to fit in now with all others we have , yes Arteta Flamini you did well but now we must say good by we don’t have to be nasty to them they have done no harm to you or anybody.The last game shows they needed to lift there game knowing players are on the fringe to come back you need competition to keep your place and be fit as some one is waiting for you to be injured or not performing Debuchey is so unfortunate to be out but Bellerin has a chance now to GO FOR IT just like Le Chqo chats done Don’t worry till after City game then judge if we need some one other than a Cback We have a good squad give em a chance now to shine I have confidence in Wenger Stop thinking you know best CB

  1. Alexis is a winger. Played there for Barca, played there for Chile. He is not being played out of position.

    1. Does anyone know what a winger is any more? He doesn’t play as a winger for Chile, didn’t play as a winger at Udinese and got fitted in anywhere he could at Barca because of Messi. And seriously, whatever his label of convenience that people insist on attaching to him, he can play any of the front 4 positions. And Wenger is certainly not playing him as a winger – I doubt if Alexis has had sight of the touch or bye-line since he has been here.

  2. Based on the stories from this website, Arsenal have several “done deals” already. However, when I go to the official Arsenal website I see that there are NO “done deals”. Is it possible that people just make things up?

    OK, I’ll try. “Arsene Wenger is going to break the bank in January!” It must be true I read it on the internet.

    Why even post or publicize blogs or websites that just lie consistently? Why?

    1. Hahahahaha! I had to laugh. You really click on a transfer rumor and expect truth?

      Come on Bro! More clicks more revenue.

      Poll: More bullshit on the Daily Star or CaughtOffside?

  3. Well I think that Lacazette,Gundogan and someone young like Matip would do the job. Lacazette would be tough to get but if we bid like 20-25M Lyon would consider this option

    1. It seems that Wenger is almost surprised by the January window. He always begins by moving players out. Surely he must have marked his targets and gone straight in and started negotiations. He should have it clear in his own mind before the beginning of January and have it all sorted out by the end of the month. That’s what all the top teams do.

      1. You would think so, right!?

        But AW does these things his way which unfortunately are to the detrement of AFC

      2. You should write for the Daily Star. You really think Arsenal scouts have not submitted reports about players in Oct/Nov or December?

        Arsenal can buy any jack shit player; but the players we are going for are in a LIMITED talent pool protected by clubs who WANT to KEEP them.

        Negotiations take time and cash smooths the way.

    1. Question: when or perhaps more pertinently will we ever get a UK/English Ballon Dor candidate or even winner?

    2. Hey, I really hate FIFA. Seriously, I do. Doesn’t Wenger deserve the World Coach of the year award for winning the 4th place Gold back-to-back?

      1. If there is an award for biggest pussy-whingeing-whining-moaning-sooking-menopausal-defeatist-pessimistic arsehole then you are a shoe-in.

  4. i’ve got a Lil problem with the “MUST BUY” and “AS SOON AS POSSIBLE” in the title of your article…. Have you forgotten who the manager’s name is?

  5. Does anyone really think wenger is going to sign a big name centre back and drop his vice captain merts. Sorry i just cant see it. What we will get is numbers rather than world class quality. Also do we think he is going to spend 15-20 mil on a dm when we got le coq, flamini and arteta i cant see that either. I hope im wrong though!

    1. If you rewind a few months and we had spent 50 mil on falcao you would have been happy. How wrong would you have been. Man utd spent 150 mil on players and they 1 point infront of us! Money not always the answer mate what is important is you buy players who have the quality to improve your team….and then play them in their correct position, something wenger dont do.

        1. Yes on the right players who will fit in with the team you have got. Mr rahman would spunk 800 million on 20 strikers.

        1. Ozil 42 mil. Sanchez 30 odd. I dont think spending is the problem. The problem is the man making the decisions and his lack of ability to change his formation and tactics depending on opposition….. Man city weekend!!!!

  6. Wenger will find a way to let us down AGAIN

    Summer Transfer Window = Main most important
    January Transfer Window = Emergency/Fix problems during season

    Think about it. Summer transfer window is the time to get what we NEED. (ie. Mourinho got Costa and Fabregas to complete the puzzle). We got 4 replacements and 1 addition albeit super addition. We loaned off Jenkison and sold Vermaelen leaving us thin defensively.

    He didn’t get the 3 pieces we needed in Summer (another very good defender, Top DM and Top striker) so what makes People think we will get more than 1 in January which is a transfer window for emergencies.

    Also look at previous Januarys. Wenger hates January transfer Window and is usually uneventful

    If we get more than 1 decent player (most likely defender) I will be surprised, pleasantly surprised, but surprised

    I hope I’m wrong.

  7. If I were Wenger I would get one in each category below

    Van Dijk

    Top Striker

    Defensive Midfielder

    If none of the above then at least any of the following would improve

    1. Why should those teams sell those players you name?

      Except for Carvalho whose team lives in the Bank Loan office, why should they?

      Convince them, convince me.

  8. There will be no marquee signings this window but I expect and hope we get in a CB.
    A DM is still needed as though le cog has done well we still need to fill this position,I would love pogba personally

  9. Here’s my theory — blame Diaby. Hear me out. Wenger loves Diaby and not with our reason. Even France’s manager said a few year’s ago that Diaby, when healthy, was the first name on the game sheet. I believe Wenger thinks Diaby, when healthy, is the perfect DM for Arsenal. So much so that he has resisted paying big bucks for a DM and has settled for stop gap measures – Arteta, Flamini etc. What’s the point of paying 20m plus for a DM just to sit the bench while Diaby starts, when healthy.

    So that’s my theory. Blame Diaby. Or if you don’t want to blame Diaby, blame Wenger for having too much faith in his players. As one former player said, his unswerving loyalty to current players is both his greatest strength and his greatest weakness.

    1. Well whilst we’re at it why don’t we blame jack for fabrigas not comming back

      Or theo walcott for vela not coming back

  10. If we were to just buy Gundogan and Reid, would anyone be disappointed? I wouldn’t, though I’d still want a midfield powerhouse, but those two would be great buys for Arsenal, especially since it’s January.

  11. Right now Wenger is sipping cogniac while wearing a smoking jacket. That is not the signs of a man active in the transfer market.

  12. If Wenger gets Hummels, Kondogbia, Cech, Reus and Cavani then I will be satisfied, not happy but satisfied.


    Bench- Ospina, Mertsacker, Chambers, Monreal, Coquelin, Rosicky, Oxlade, Cazorla, Giroud, Welbeck

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