Arsenal must do their utmost to hang on to Odegaard

Odegaard deal MUST be made permanent! by Shenel

I know it is early days but if we do not do all we can in our power to keep Martin Odegaard on a permanent basis then I don’t know what is wrong with this club!

Two goals in two games, two big games, nonetheless, seriously shows what a talent he is at only 22 years of age, although he does have a lot more to prove but he is on the right road no doubt!

He is clearly not scared of the stage, scoring against Olympiakos to give us one of three away goals and then finding the back of the net in his first ever North London derby. We can only hope Arteta and the board do all they can to persuade him to stay permanently, although I would hope that Odegaard makes the decision easier by opting to stay on because he has grown to love the club.

There is no doubt he is a class player and has the talent to be one of the best, but let’s not run before we can walk.

As we got happy about Ceballos in his first loan spell, his second loan spell hasn’t exactly filled us with much positivity that he will perform week in week out.

So for now all I can say is two goals in the space of three days for Odegaard, including one against Spurs in the North London derby, is not a bad stat or record to have to your name, but he needs to start as he means to go on. He needs to continue this fine form and even goal scoring form if he can, because I for one think he could really be a big player for the future, one that can fit right in and help get us on the road to where we deserve to be.

Gooners what do you make of Martin Odergaard so far? Do you think he has the potential to be a permanent and intelligent signing for our beloved club or is he going to be another Ceballos?

Shenel Osman


  1. Martin is going to be a very big star, this boy will rule the world I’m very sure of that. He’s so mature for a very young player, he doesn’t hide,yes he makes mistakes as all new players in a new league, but he’s never afraid to show up for a pass and he does the simple things like give and go, and to cap it all he’s work rate is on par with the likes of Rowe, if I’m being honest he’s work rate is above Partey and he knows how to score goals. I wish we can keep him but I think he will be too expensive for us.

  2. I really hope we keep him. We’ve been crying out for a goal scoring midfielder since ramsey left and odegaard is more than capable of scoring ten in a full season.

  3. Arsenal will try all they can to keep Odegaad.The guy is destined for the very top.Remember, Madrid bought him when he was sixteen years old, so that shows how good he can be. Scoring against Spurs and Olympiacos in a spate of three days is just wonderful. Even if Madrid will insert a buy back clause in the deal, Arsenal should do all they can to make his deal permanent in the summer. The combination of him and ESR and Saka will make Arsenal a fearsome club once a again.

  4. Ødegaard is far better than Ceballos and works well with him central and ESR on the left of him. I can’t see RM letting us have him for a reasonable price though.

    1. Assuming MO carries on in the same vein, I wonder where his innermost allegiance will lie? To a team that he presently can’t get a place in or one in London where he’d start? He looks happy enough at the moment and getting regular game time here may make his mind up for him. Lord knows what the transfer would be🙄

        1. Lenohappy
          I don’t know the answer to that…
          Clutching at straws maybe if his form continues? I know RM don’t have to sell him but it may play out differently if Odegaard wants to stay here. DC has always stated his desire to get back to Spain and Martin has kept silent as far as I am aware. We will find out in due course

          1. Sue P, Sorry to disgree but RM will need to sell him to gain money for either Haaland or Mbappe, as it is well known they are after one of those superstars and expensive ones too. RM are financially struggling too. Most clubs world wide are too, so all fees will be far lower now. I think we WILL find a way to keep Odegaard and much hope so too.

          2. Also keep in mind that Modric and Kroos are in the twilight of their brilliant careers. Me think Real may want him back. Hope I am wrong though.

  5. Him, ESR and Saka made the team look so sharp upfront, the three have football intelligence, Add on Tierney to the list.

    We started struggling againts the 10 man spurs once Pepe and Willian came on.

    I would say let Cebellos go back home but keep the Scandinavian.

  6. Zamind, that is the problem, he is not ours to keep and will probably cost more than we can afford.To me he looks a good replacement for Modric who must be coming to the end of his playing career.

  7. Personally not for me ,looks good and neat and has a good left foot but not a patch on some players I’ve watched here over the years and we have had plenty like him .
    His goal scoring record is not much to speak of .
    Career so far
    Apps 129
    Goals 18
    Assists 25
    1 goal every 6.5 games ,is that good enough for a mainstay in that position .
    Personally I would be trying to get our own players into the team IE Martinelli ,Pepe .not bending over for a player who most likely won’t be here next season

    1. Also he’s not some wonder boy anymore ,he’s 22 ,he should of by now settled into a team as a starter not moving Around different teams every season .

    2. Goals per game is very similar to that of Ozil. Given he’s amassed all those apps before the age of 22, I’d say that’s pretty impressive. Arsenal stats have certainly been good in the short time he’s been here.

      No idea what Martinelli and Pepe have to do with anything. He’s making the team better even if he does end up leaving. Surely that’s what matters.

      1. Maybe read my post properly then Sean ,rather than pretending you have read it and then asking me why I’ve posted it .

  8. Madrid will demand tons of money and his presence will kill ESR. Right now, he’s playing number 10, ESR position.

    He’s not our player, Madrid is hoping we develop MO for them. Arteta should rather push MO to the wing and bring ESR to his natural position. MO can play LW better than ESR so why is MA pushing ESR to the wing instead. I just can’t understand.

  9. MO should go back so that GM enjoy LW & ESR on no.10 role,BS on RW AUB on no.9 LACA & willian should be sold

  10. MO should go back so that GM enjoy LW & ESR on no.10 role,BS on RW AUB on no.9 LACA & willian should be sold

  11. I like him but to be honest don’t we have to see more from him before we consider buying him with our scarce resources?

    Ceballos had a few good games for us as well but overall I hope we will not buy him or seek another season of a loan deal with him.

    We need to buy players who have gone beyond “promising”,
    Saka is beyond promising, he has delivered a lot. ESR is starting to go beyond promising, Odegaard needs to show a little more IMO before we consider paying a likely hefty transfer fee.

    In fact, although both goals he scored were important goals, they were not convincing goals.

  12. Nowhere near a large enough sample size to make that determination…problem is if he continues to improve we will just push his eventual purchase price higher…based on the supposed monetary expectations that Real have placed on him, he’s currently not worth the 60 plus million valuation

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