Arsenal must fight to the death against Liverpool – without getting sent off…

Arsenal will prove if they are ready to fight it with the big boys!

We normally have a week to enjoy the most recent victory, but for the first time in a few weeks we have three games in a week. And this will test our team’s character and strength.

Which is something we will have to get used to if we end up back in the Champions League next season.

After sweeping aside an unthreatening Leicester City side 2-0 on the weekend, one of our toughest tests in recent weeks is just around the corner.

And having faced them three times already this season, barring matchday one in the Premier League, our two Carabao Cup games were as close as could be, where we came away from Anfield with a 0-0 draw and we lost at The Emirates 2-0, and both games we were down to 10 men. Not that that is an excuse though..

There is no doubt if we had 11 men on the pitch at the end of both of those cup games, the result could have been different, yet that is how the cookie crumbles, and we will get a good insight into whether things have changed and whether players have learnt from their mistakes tomorrow.

As long as we show the same steel and fight as we did against Manchester City in our last-minute 2-1 loss at home, we should be confident that barring a complete demise and a sending off, we can come away with at least a point if not three.

Liverpool are title contenders and already have one trophy to their name this season. They are also in three competitions still and will not want to slip up against us after City dropped points against Crystal Palace in their 0-0 draw last night.

But we also have an aim, and we should not let this one go without a fight.

We will need the 12th man as much as ever against Liverpool, and as long as we do not lose and are not cheated out of a win, than a draw or a win will of course be a good result, especially after our 4-0 mauling in the game at Anfield earlier in the season!

We have good momentum and it would be a shame to lose it now!


Shenel Osman

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  1. As long as we show up and look like we want to win I’ll be happy, regardless of the actual result

    1. The result is very important. We need to show that we are ready, willing and able to be in the championship. We haven’t yet got a squad of players to play in all competitions, now is the time for the 1st 11 to put their name on the board

  2. I think 69/70 will be enough to make top 4.
    So Brighton Leeds Everton at home and Villa Palace Southampton and Newcastle away are the games which will decide our season. 16 points from those 7 games gives us 67 points. So we only need one win from Liverpool Utd Spurs Chelsea and Westham to make 70 points. So Liverpool is technically a free hit. Just enjoy the game I reckon especially if Brighton beat Spurs.

    1. Fairfan, loosing to Liverpool is a no no to me, they aren’t invincible let’s give them a game of their lives. Pressure is on them

  3. We can win. With City’s Monday result, Liverpool is more desperate than we are and we can pick them out. But then, there is no guarantee.

  4. An foolish and unfortunate choice of phrase , as in “we must fight to the death” given the Ukrainian tragedy and us being a mere football club who will, however, do our best to win tonight.
    Headlines, on this JA site, are a major source of misrepresenration of what ought to be the truth and is an ongoing disgrace.


    1. It’s perfectly fine title for the article, stop trying to create an issue where this is none.


      1. Or esle Grandpa going to take a nap or put Pat in naughty corner.

        maybe put Pat over his knee since he is a grumpy old man.

      2. PJ- SA. what perfectly illustrates your personal lack of comprehension about how vital ethics in football is, is the “or what Jon”.

        It has not occurred to you that there is no “or what Jon” , as I have no personal power, beyond a life long courage to stand up for ethics and to persuade, if possible, other people to do likewise.
        That courage and my use of language to help persuade , not force but PERSUADE, is all I can offer, but words, young man, are so often far more useful in persuading others of doing the right thing than you can imagine , sadly for you personally.
        It is also sad for your personal lack of intellect that you even fail to see that deliberately misleading headlines and titles are the way that less honourable people in the media behave.

        Ethics, in life, in print and in personal behaviour are of VITAL importance to all humans.

        That is a life lesson that I sincerery hope you learn before you are too much older, for your own sake, as well as for others who come across you.


      fight to the death
      COMMON If someone fights to the death to achieve something or keep something, they try extremely hard to achieve it or keep it. I have been teaching home economics for 18 years and I will fight to the death to keep my place in the curriculum. What drove them was a corporate culture that made them fight to the death for their firms. Note: You can also talk about a fight to the death. Jimmy White now faces a fight to the death to reach the quarter-finals of the Embassy World Snooker Championship.
      See also: death, fight, to

  5. I have absolutely no doubt, we will give 100%.
    That is one thing, which this team really have shown.
    But will we finish with 11 men on the field???

  6. It’s gonna be all out war to grind a win against a hungry pool unlike our victory against them in 19/20 season so it’s gonna be a fight to the death ‘of the game’.gotcha!!

  7. As I stated somewhere let no one imagine that Liverpool is unbeatable. They are very beatable as Aston Villa showed two seasons ago. We have strong motivation to do well against them because on two previous consecutive meetings we ended the games with one person less. Let’s pray that it won’t be a hat trick of cards! However anything is possible in EPL. One thing I can’t rule out is Liverpool getting a penalty out of the blue! I suspect a lot of tricks will used to make sure Liverpool wins the game. Let us be optimistic but remain suspicious.

    1. Different side to the one Villa beat and Liverpool were probably the 2nd team after us most effected by the pandemic because of their style of play and the lack of depth they had then. Not so much an issue for them now. Do agree they are beatable but same goes for City who are the best prem team ever.

  8. I concur. If we turn up tonight and put a shift in I don’t think I would be asking for anything more.

    As long as we give it a go, I certainly won’t be losing my sh!t if we lose tonight.


  9. Come on Jon Fox nothing wrong with that choice of phrase.

    We are all suffering in the same boredom boat of waiting a whole week to see our team take to the field.

    We should ofcourse put up a brave fight tooth and nail, that grit and determination, once that is shown , regardless of the result even you will be please

    1. Gun smoke, Please see my reply above this post to PJ-SA. You may, just MAY, learn something about ethics that will be important in your future life.

      Words can move mountains but used wrongly, esp on purpose wrongly, can do immense damage.

      IF you still refuse to ignore that good advice, your future life will be the poorer for it. Up to you!

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