Arsenal must find a buyer for Nketiah in January

Hello Gooners. Hope you are having a nice time? There is this disturbing news on the internet about Eddie Nketiah rejecting Arsenal’s new contract offer. Sky Sports is reporting that Nketiah was ready to see out his contract and leave Arsenal as a free player in the summer, as he is unimpressed with what Arsenal are offering. If this is true, then Arsenal needs to make hay while the sun shines, and try all they can to get a buyer for him in January. Nketiah has spent a lot of time at the club, to be allowed to leave on a free.

It is very understandable why Eddie wishes to leave the club, and it isn’t for financial reasons. I mean, no ambitious player will be comfortable just warming the bench in games! Apart from the money in the game, every player wants to play regularly and achieve things in their career. When the opportunities to achieve all these are missing In a football club, then it Is only natural that a player leaves such club for another club, with the hope of a better career path. So Nketiah is not doing something wrong by wishing to leave Arsenal.

So now that negotiations between Arsenal and Nketiah seems to have hit a deadlock, Arsenal should be looking at a plan B. And that plan B will be to sell him for a fee in January, instead of losing him for free in the summer. Arsenal have invested a lot in his development, let them reap their reward on him.

Another reason why Arsenal should sell him in January, is so that they can quickly sort out his replacement, who will be needed between January and February next year, when Aubameyang and Pepe would have gone to represent their countries in the Africa Nations cup. Unless they are able to convince Nketiah that he is still needed at the club, then they should be ready to let him go as soon as possible, so as to create space for players who wish to play for the club, or for a new striker.

Nketiah’s wages too will go a long way in paying the wage of any new player, which may be less than what Nketiah earns currently at Arsenal.

We are Arsenal and proud.

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  1. That’s against our policy though!

    Loan out or bench until contact is finished then release…the Arsenal way!

  2. It was expected Nketiah will leave either in January or in the summer. Now it is upto Arsenal to find him a suitable buyer, of which I feel there shouldnt be any problem, and invest the money in a new striker in January. Best of luck Nketiah, you were truly good but never clicked at arsenal. Hope you succeed in your new club.

  3. Why didn’t the club take Crystal Palace’s £10m in the summer? Now we’re going to lose him for nothing. Bad asset management again

  4. Quite right! Who’s gonna pay a fee for a developing player that’s not guaranteed to get them goals when they can get him for no fee 3-4 months later.

  5. It just means that Eddie’s Agent is trying to do his job, the leak would’t have come from the Club and they probably wouldn’t deny it publicly if it wasn’t true

    Opening public gambit by the Agent, let the dance begin, too early to judge what the outcome will be. I tend to believe Arteta when he says he wants to keep him and Eddie has shown he wants to stay and take his chances

    I sincerely hope he stays, most fans on here seem to be more focussed on Martinelli getting his chance (quite reasonably) or Balogun jumping over Eddie in the age and experience order but I’ve got a lot of time for Eddie as a player myself and think he maybe should have got his chance this time last year when Auba (and the team) were on such a bad run and now that Auba’s form hasn’t really come back he should do again in my view, it was unfortunate that he was already injured before the Brentford game after a decent pre season

    He’s still only 22, about the same age as Andy Cole was when he left us on his way to a great career, George let him go because we had Wrighty and Super Kevin Campbell at the time, I think Eddie has the potential to be as good as Campbell at least, I hope it’s with the Arsenal

    Either way it’s still an area we should be looking to bring in someone new in the summer

    1. Spot on.Despite his limitations,given the poor form of our Captain I a disappointed he and Martinelli have not been given more game time this season.From what I have seen of them this season, Brighton could do with a decent goal scorer, and perhaps they might be interested in Eddie?

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