Arsenal must finish above Spurs – if only to annoy Jamie O’Hara

There are still a few Arsenal fans that don’t mind a bit of TalkSport now and again, but one thing I am certain is that there are very few Gooners that like the ex-Tottenham pundit Jamie O’Hara, who never has a good word to say about the Arsenal.

So, of course, when Gabby Agbonlahor asked O’Hara at the weekend who would win the bragging rights this season between Spurs and Arsenal, Jamie had no doubt in his mind. “Spurs will finish above Arsenal,” O’Hara said emphatically.

And then came the sting from Agbonlahor…

“I’ll make a bet with you,” he said. “The bet is, if Spurs finish above Arsenal I have to wear a Leeds United shirt for at least five shows.”

“If Arsenal finish above Spurs, you have to wear an Arsenal shirt for five shows,” Agbonlahor added.

But O’Hara diddn’t back down, despite the fat he will be humiliated if he has to wear and Arsenal shirt, and he said: “I’m happy to take the bet right now, because we’re going to finish above Arsenal.”

So this will give an extra frisson to the season, and us Gooners will enjoy it even more at the end of the season, especially as we watch the Gunners pulling away from Tottenham at the top of the table.

I’m looking forward to a nice and early St. Totteringhams Day this season!

Sam P


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A happy Arteta would have liked a couple more goals against Palace. Wouldn’t we all!

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  1. Funny thing is, the only reason he’s so bitter about us is as he never graduated from our academy.
    Bitterness suits him!

  2. Not sure it is really going to be that important. For me Spurs are looking stronger than Chelsea this season, I could be proved wrong of course. But it’s possible that finishing above Chelsea may be more important than finishing above Spurs as that may be fourth place. Whether you finish third or fourth you get into the champions league.

  3. I sadly occasionally have to listen to O’Hara. He is clearly not the brightest bulb in the Chandelier. Lets face it Arsenal have many bright intelligent superstar supporters….the imposters from N17 have O’Hara and just about nobody else known to anybody else. Tottenham Zzzzzzpurs.

  4. Spuds will be tough to top again this year ,they’ve added well to an already frightening attcking line up not to sure on their defensive side but in conte they have a top manager ,only bonus for us is that they play CL and probably won’t be able to rest their top players unless they go out early in the competition whereas we can rotate more because of our opponents compared to theirs .
    Worry for me is that the players signed only Jesus is a nailed on starter .
    Turner – EL competition only
    Marquinhos-back up
    Zinchenko- rotation in first team
    Vieria – have t seen him even play so cannot comment and was signed Injured .
    Is that enough without adding before the end of the window ?I don’t think so ,seems to me we will be short once again .

    1. @Dan Kit
      While we have the Thursday Europa matches. Then have to bounce back for the weekend league matches, which makes it harder on us if we don’t get our second string players match fit…
      Gotta admit, Spurs look sound all round, from front to back…IJS

    2. Mr DK
      ALWAYS love your pessimistic out look on AFC
      3RD MY friend is where we will end up which means the spuds need to finish 2nd or top of the pile.
      Not a hope in hell
      Great attacking line up but a pants goalkeeper who is coming to the end of his shelf life and a back 4 who not a patch on ours
      They will always score goals but leak them like a sieve

    3. The only addition we need is in midfield.. Our team personel wise is good.. Party injury and our season is over.. And zinchenko starts over Tierney for me 😁

  5. We need to stop being so tribal and concentrate on one thing i.e. getting back to what we grew accustomed to, Champion’s League football.

    I have said, on a few occasions, it’s going to be tougher this season and I haven’t changed my mind. Early exit from the domestic cups and no European games last season still left us short of the top 4 and we have replaced Auba and Laca with Jesus who is not the most prolific of strikers. Over 6 years with Man City he has averaged 26 EPL matches and under 10 goals per season. He is a superb footballer but I see him more as a provider than an out and out goalscorer. I hope he proves me wrong! If we manage top 4, above or below Spurs, it will be some achievement considering the quality of the EPL right now.

  6. O’hara is so scared of Saliba that he advised he should be sold.
    But honestly I don’t see us finishing ahead of them with the midfield saga unresolved. When Partey doesn’t play, we concede a lot of goals. We know he cannot go 10 to 15 games in a row without injury. Replacements like Elneney and Lokonga re not just up to the task.

    In addition ,our midfielders hardly have any goal contributions. How then can we finish above any of the top 6 when we play well only for 20 minutes a game? It’s too many vulnerabilities that have to be addressed properly.

    Finally, Arteta likes using the same players over and over. He rarely makes substitutions even when a player like Saka clearly shows he is getting exhausted in a game. He should learn from Klopp and Guardiola how to manage players and keep them highly valued.

  7. Can’t believe Chelsea are interested in Auba. It would be crazy for him to leave Barcelona to go back to London. I thought Barcelona was happy with him 🤔there be to many egos at Chelsea if it goes through and will probably end up in tears…..

    1. Auba recently posted a photo of his new squad number ahead of the new season so i don’t think he’ll be on the move.

    2. I hope it DOES HAPPEN. Let him ruin Cheseas team spirit as he tried, but failed, to ruin ours with his indifference to team harmony and all for one and ONE FOR ALL philosophy.

      A philosophy that MA has so consistently and sensibly installed in our WHOLE squad. No more trouble makers like Guendouzi. No more lazy players like Auba, Ozil and Walcott and no more letting players hold all the power.

      Thrillingly , we now have a proper and excellent manager GUIDING and LEADING our club.

  8. On reading this article, my first reaction was how sad that one of our writers even cares about these two nonentities and who they think or want to finish higher. We ALL WANT TO FINISH HIGHER THAN SPUDS AND MAY OR MAY NOT DO SO.
    But to hope we finish higher in order to put an unintelligent media pundits nose out of joint, is even sadder than the childish bet betwen those two nonentities. They do NOT matter one bit, either of them.

    But it matters IMMENSELY that we DO finish higher than Spuds AND at least in the top four.

    1. That was my reaction to the title, didn’t even read the article, just scrolled to comments to see if anyone had the same thoughts.

  9. We should be positive about this season.

    We are Arsenal. We are bigger than Spurs in every way. Let us support our team. Arteta has done a good job so far. We need some signings in midfield and we are good to go. Injuries to Partey and Tierney cost us top4 last season. We have Zinchenko and Gabriel Jesus. Two top quality players. So far, so good.
    Arteta is grooming a culture of having players with the right attitude and desire to win.
    We just have to get the right balance and mix.

  10. This is the so called pundit who two weeks ago suggested that Saliba should be sent out on loan once again. Why even give him the time of day.

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