Arsenal must focus on tough games ahead, not Wenger’s contract

It’s time to focus on the upcoming games, not Wengers contract. by KM‏

Hi guys. So after week 10 of the premier league we are sitting behind City only on goal difference and the results of late look good. I’ll take us back to the game against Everton for a second as I feel a few players deserved a notice.

First of all Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain got a chance to step into the squad, and a mistake he made led to a goal in our net once again. I mean these kind of things get to you, and when he starts I am just shaking at the thought that he’ll make a mistake up front and the counter will be costly. When we have like eight people in their box, losing the ball is not what you want. This for me is why Ramsey is preferred on the right and he will be missed.

Other than that, I thought Giroud came in and made a point. He had a bad start to the season and his red card at Zagreb might have cost us, but since then he’s calmed down and decided to work hard and his stats look good. He was unlucky not to score a second – hitting the bar, but his overall hold up play was sublime and it highlighted the complete contrast between him and Theo.

I personally believe Giroud gives us more options with the ability to throw balls in the box. He was always pointing where he wanted it and that Ozil pass was as sweet as it gets. Questions to Tim Howard, but our delivery was good and Giroud is against deeper sitting sides, and overall remains a better option than Theo for me.

Petr Cech was sublime again, with a crucial save at the end. It’s a bit worrying how easy it is to slip the advantage in England. If you watch Barcelona or Real Madrid, the discipline there is on another level and concentration slips and momentum shifts are really rare. This is something English clubs have a lot to work on if we are to restore our European pride.

It’s that time of the year where the squad depth comes into play. Against the Toffees we had only Walcott as an offensive option and games come thick and fast. I wouldn’t have been surprised if we had failed to beat Everton, just because of the amounts of games we have played and the pressure the good results put on us to win again.

You could see some players are really tired, but I really enjoyed the desire and the spirit. That celebration from Koscielny on the goal and Gabriel for his late tackle showed how much it means for the players. We need to rotate for the League Cup. And I expect Flamini, Gibbs and Debuchy to start, Campbell too. Might see some youngsters, because we have an away game at Swansea next week where we don’t do that good.

The Liberty is one of those grounds like Britannia and the Bridge where we just don’t play too well. Swansea did the double over us last season, but they are in a bit of a dip in form, despite beating Villa, so if we have our best squad fresh, you might fancy us. Then it’s Bayern away, where we will again need to get some points on the board, or we’re pretty much out of the CL and it’s Spurs at home afterwards.

The games don’t come easy, but our position is good at the moment so I think even Wenger himself would agree that now is not the time to discuss contracts. Besides we’re joint top now, but let see where we are at May before making any conclusions about Wenger’s contract. His 3 year extension was a bit too much for me, and giving him another 2 so early in the season is premature.

After the boards latest comments revealed that it’s just a bunch of ultra rich old people not doing anything, yet becoming richer on the back of the fans, I get the idea that they want to use the momentum to secure Wenger and their own lack of responsibility for another 2 years, but now is really not the time.



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    1. I would be happy with a point in Munich. For me the Swansea game followed by spuds are must win fixtures for us. We must stay close to city. It’s now or never.this has got to be our season, we just need to keep getting results. Some impressive wins against united,Bayern and Everton. We are on the right track just keep on focusing

      1. Looking at our fixtures in the next few weeks, we play Swansea away followed by spuds at home. Then we play westbrom and Norwich. We should be able to get results in all of the next four fixtures. We must keep the pressure on city. Coyg

    2. Bayern , swansea, spuds …. Phew! Tough string of fixtures ahead! …. Heaven Help us… But WE CAN DO IT!

  1. “I personally believe Giroud gives us more options with the ability to throw balls in the box. He was always pointing where he wanted it and that Ozil pass was as sweet as it gets.”

    Ozil can’t work with Giroud they said. But I believe Ozil has assisted Giroud more than any other Arsenal player…

    1. Giroud was involved in almost all of our attacks. He scored a great header and nearly got a second.he was the heart of our attacks. Give me all the thumb downs that you want but giroud is a quality quality cf. He should start ahead of Theo.he has proved that

    1. This ain’t Barca forum plzzzzz.. Save us the crap… Suarez is Gud….. what’s that got to do with GUNNERS????

  2. KM, watch it, the Boss’ contract will be extended by 3 years to his current deal. And no Arsenal supporter should bother him or her self to grind any axe to attack on that contract extention. For any grinded axe will be confisticated by the Arsenal Board of Directors(they won’t listen). Ofcourse the Boss has said he will do a Gunners rotation for the Sheffiled Wed game tomorrow. However, I expect the Boss to start the fully recovered from sickness Rhinosacker and the fully rested Walcott for that Capital One Cup game at Hillsborough to prevent the Owls having the chance to surprise the Gunners. My start: Cech. DebuchyRhino’ChambersGibbs. CoqllainFlamini. CampbellNelsonOxlade. Walcott. My bench: MaceyBellerinDeAbreuKoscielnyMonrealGiroudIwobi.

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