Arsenal must follow example set by Liverpool

I am not saying that Arsenal should be rubbish and never win the Premier League, or that we should fail to win an FA cup game at home and have to squeeze an unwanted replay into an already congested fixture list and then have that game go into extra time which we would then lose just as the penalty shoot out was looming. That is an example set by Liverpool that we should definitely not follow.

The example I mean is the one set by the Liverpool fans who staged a mass walkout of their Premier League match against Man City last weekend. The fans were understandably a bit miffed about the club increasing the ticket price to £77 and generally treating the fanbase as a cash cow that needs regular milking.

The fact that the team on the pitch lost a two goal lead after the mass exodus will have helped to get the club-s top brass to take notice and this is just a part of a growing backlash from football fans. There are grumblings about the fact that Premier League clubs are raking in more and more obscene amounts of money but are not passing any of the benefits down to us.

No club’s fans have more right to complain than the Arsenal faithful, as a report in The Sun today highlights. What would those disgruntled scousers say if they were faced with the £97 Arsenal want for a category A game? This ridiculous price along with all the inflated prices for food, drink and merchandise at the ground is why Arsenal have the highest matchday income in the football world.

Arsenal rake in over £100 million a season and that beats even La Liga’s giant pair Real Madrid and Barcelona despite them having way more fans through the turnstiles. All this while the club’s spending on transfers is miserly at best and our esteemed owner Stan Kroenke is revealed in another report by The Sun as having just splashed out around half a billion on a massive ranch, to go with the three others he already owns.

It is painfully obvious that our club cares more about money than it does about us fans and the only way to get them to listen is to have their profits threatened. Tome for us little men to fight back?

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  1. The Arsenal board will be
    shaking in their boots now
    that little men are coming 🙂
    What keeps them happy is
    the 90,000 waiting list
    for season tickets and don’t forget
    the other 100,000 who don’t register
    because they have given up hope of getting a ticket
    or those who could not afford it anyway.
    Arsenal could fill a 200,000 seat stadium
    every match such is the demand.
    London has thousands of high earners
    who can afford the tickets.
    Supply and demand rules.
    I bet there are plenty of Lawyer+ Doctor types prepared
    to pay a thousand quid for a ticket to watch the pivotal
    EPL game v Leicester or Barcelona the best team in the world.
    And what of the little men? Ignored or trampled under foot.

  2. liverpool fans walked out.
    dortmund fans threw tennis balls…

    time to up the ante…these r our options….

    * throw cricket balls with c4 inside
    * at 66 mins every fan cries….giroud will have to swim home
    *at 60 mins ….everyone pulls out a mirror to harness the power of the sun an reflect it onto jamie vardy …he is incinerated using mother nature at her vicious best

  3. Or winning a champions league.. They have 5, our bums have 0
    The Barcelona comparison says it all. They’re the best club in the world playing godlike football and are cheaper to go see and in beautiful sunny Barcelona too.
    If our fans keep excepting this nothing will change.

  4. For starters, Can everyone stop moaning about what Stan does with his money, It’s not as if he was a poor man before he bought the majority of the shares at Arsenal and it’s none of our business what this Billionaire Businessman does with his money… As long as he isn’t planning on building a new stadium for Arsenal fc in the USA. ??

    I can’t see what difference it will make, if fan’s walk out in protest, Arsenal fc still get their money and i don’t think that anyone will notice as the Emirates isn’t called the library for Nothing ? ?

  5. Valencia is playing the second leg Copa del rey against Barca at the moment. Please spare a quiet prayer for Gary Neville 🙁

  6. Screw Stan, Screw Wenger and Screw the Board. Get them out of Arsenal, we are a football club that funds itself and dont need business men at the helm calling the shots. 1st, Need a football man taking the reigns at the board who cares about the club and wants whats best for it to be successful on the pitch. We dont need massed amounts of money we can spend about half whats in the bank (200m+) to complete our squad and with an ambitious owner who will spend THE CLUBS MONEY… 2nd, a manager who will spend the money that isnt a liar, deluded or arrogant to a level where he can do no wrong ever from the powers above or change his methods/ways just to prove he can and is punishing the fans with all his BS ober the years. He was found out years ago, ask jose!

    Usmanov and New Manager, along with 5new signings and deadwood gone from the squad.

    1. Stan wants to be a success and keep making money continuesly well winning a few titles with a few world class players with the way Arsenal is set up and its a cash cow for life with the money you get from winning those titles and the publicity is more than what it ever was… more deals behind the scenes etc…! Ud even get the fans on board and would pay the asking price now for tickets no doubt ,as we are a loyal bunch of fans, if we were winning or atleast showing that he cared about the club and being ambitious enough to make us believe he does!

    2. @koss the boss
      It’s obvious you don’t know what you’re talking about…”A football club that funds itself” CTFU…Bet you still think Santa got you that playstation.

  7. I think I read that Arsenal have frozen any increase on the cost of their tickets for all categories of Arsenal Emirates Stadium games and away games watching fans for next season Arsenal matches. Right?

    Arsenal are a high class football club. The games may be a little bit costly to watch. And the club is located in the capital City of England, London. Where living, running a business and overhead cost could be costly for the club to meet up. Save they dip their hands into their merger reserve cash in the banks.

    Arsenal MUST begin to starch up cash of £50m/season out of their annual profit as savings for the inevitable upgrade of the seating capacity of the Emirates Stadium from it’s present capacity of just over 60,000 to over 75,000. This will enable them to issue tickets to some of the awaiting ticket applicants.

  8. A helpful note. Besides Arsenal, Kroenke owns Denver Nuggets(nba), Colorado Avalanche(nhl), St. Louis Rams(now LA Rams nfl) and Colorado Rapids(mls). Out of all the clubs he owns, only St Louis Rams won the superbowl and Colorad Rapids won the mls title. ONCE each. And we’re talking over a decade of ownership. Since he already won two FA cups with Arsenal, I guess we can give it a rest now with the titles and concentrate on feeding ambitious clubs with our well polished cheaply acquired talent as well as selling the dearest matchday ticket in the world. Hell, why not pump it up a bit while we’re at it? Arsenal have changed under Kroenke and changed irreversibly. The proper supporters will eventually die out, and all Arsenal will be left with are complacent librarians that will go along with whatever the board serves them.

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