Arsenal must forget Barcelona – Bring on Man United!

Arsenal may have lost to Barcelona on Tuesday, but the Gunners did keep the treble-winning maestros at bay for 70 minutes before succumbing to two silly mistakes. But now the team must prepare to face Man United in a maybe even more crucial game for our season.

The acting captain Per Mertesacker sensibly tells his team that Europe must be forgotten about for now while we get back to our domestic duties i.e. dumping Man United well and truly out of the title race.

“We created some chances and [it’s pleasing] how we got out of the pressure,” the BFG said. “We were doubted a lot but there is always something positive and we can take that from the game.

“We will go to Manchester United and we are in a good position – we don’t want to give that up. We have a great chance to focus back on the Premier League and forget what happened in the last 20 minutes [against Barcelona].

“Leicester City was a good game to make us believe we are still in it. You need to have little successes on the road. We go step by step, nothing else. We have a great chance on Sunday to do that again and show that we can compete for the title.

“It helps we beat United last year in the cup. I think that was a great experience for us and it is still in our heads sometime when you think about big games and Old Trafford. It is going to be an interesting game so let’s not forget the positives from Barcelona and go there and give our best with the same effort.”

Arsenal finds themselves in favourable position for a change as the Gunners have five days to prepare for Sunday’s game, while United have to come back from a 2-1 deficit against Danish side Midtjylland tonight at Old Trafford. Louis Van Gaail is struggling to get any consistency out of his expensive side and they lost their last League game to Sunderland as well, so I am expecting a good win for the Gunners if we play as well as we did against Barca.

And score some goals for a change!

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    1. Walcott though limited would be very confident against Man united
      Cech (No word he has shocked me , Wow this guy is too great for a team with wenger as coach)
      Bellerin (He really has to improve his attacking side nd try to take on defenders)
      Chambers (Hez really good against de big guns & always gud in de middle of de park)
      Kos (Hez been a bit de-moltivated due to wengers lack of ambition hope Man u will do)
      Mon (link-up with walcott on the left would be breath of fresh air)
      Coq (great tackler, stamina & power)
      Ramsey (great passer of de ball, professional & great stamina)
      Sanchez (on the right , so he won’t always play predictably)
      Walcott (thats where he was effective the last time against man u)
      Welbeck (Pace, goals & trickery)
      Giroud (Power, bully, link-up & goals)
      4-4-2 formation

      Subs Ozil, Campbell, Mert, Gibbs, Chambo, Iwobi & Akpom (no flamini)

        1. Elneny probably had another baby! The man is shooting his manjuice everywhere!

          Why not start Özil? 1 goal, 1 assist against United at home.

    2. Why does every say the same thing abt Ozil = Vision .. For God’s sake if we wanted a prophet for the no. 10 position there are many churches around…

  1. If we expect to win the league this season, we cannot afford to drop any points vs Man U..Im glad Welbeck is looking sharp and Sanchez seems to be regaining some form – expect him to score soon. All AW needs to do is NOT play Flamini..

    1. i’d really like to see what a giroud/welbeck (2 CFs) would do.
      or, less excitingly, theo at front [giroud needs a rest]
      if we play as well as we did in 1st 70min (and dont put flam on!), we can def beat this MU.
      also , why did we stop playing that counterattacking style we were playing at start of the season? let them have 60%: we’ll wait for them to get confident and mentally slip up.
      exactly what barca did to us.

  2. Every game is important now!
    Utd have a few players missing, as well as afew more doubts for Sunday, so no excuses if we can’t beat them!
    Especially when lesser teams have been turning them over.

  3. Barca is the farthest thing from my mind right now.

    I think we should start Welbeck against United. I have a feeling he would score

  4. My team for the weekend:

    In my opinion the most balanced team at the moment with plenty of speed but defensively strong with Sanchez & Campbell on each side to cover the left & right back. Would Elneny as a sub & Giroud/Walcott if needed in the 2nd half around the 65-70 minute.

  5. I can understand why everybody is jumping on the Welbeck bandwagon. Our strikers have been very uninspiring and we crave something fresh and new. It is always the case with fans and players who go on lengthy injury layoffs.

    But before we start putting an unfair amount of pressure and expectations on the lad, lets remember that so far he has basically only shown potential. Yes, he scored a potential title-wining goal against Leicester.. but we should remember he is just come back and so he may not be able to continue in that vein of “goal-scoring form” in subsequent matches….

    1. True but If he wants to establish himself into the team for good & possibly be a starter that his the only thing he has to work! Also making sure he stays fit & doesn’t re-injure himself!!
      He’s arguably the best of both worlds as he’s got speed, agility, physically strong & tall, great work rate & dribbling skills to create his shot in any situation within 25-30 yards from the wing or centrally…add a consistent clinical finish to that & you have a complete striker!!!

      1. I agree with you on the summation of his gifts and physical abilities. If we’re speaking purely in terms of potentials and natural gift, Welbeck ranks as among the very best young strikers around in world football today -the best in our club infact.

        But I’m saying let’s us give the lad some time to settle first and then develop key aspects of his game such composure and consistency… before we start to heap expectations on him. Imagine he registers only 1 or no goal at all in the next 5 or 6 matches. How long will it take for this very same fans to turn around against him?

    2. If we put too much expectation on him now, what happens if he falls below expectations? It will not take the fans too long to start tearing him and Arsene apart.

      I know Giroud is kind of playing like he is effing retarded right now, but given the fact he is our best CF (statistically speaking atleast), I believe the logical thing to do is to trust him to regain a bit of goal-scoring form ASAP.

      1. lets put welbeck and giroud both at CF! many times i see giroud heading the ball down : it’d be really great to have a partner right there for him.

  6. Arsenal need to address the problems game plan tactics position and scoring
    Corners long balls and rapid attacks and counter attack from the barcelona match there are few lessons to taken eg how come the ox couldn’t lob the ball over the keeper how come rasey miss kicked how come ramsey let joiner run by him without a fall how come matesacker ass was on the ground these are simple mistakes that can be rectified in training in tactics by showing and teaching these guys are professional with big wages they ought to show their worth else whats the point

    1. rectify tht in training? these guys have been doin same mistakes repeatedly, why dnt they rectify tht so tht they won’t repeat the mistakes again? we hear them say they’ll bounce back in the next match, to them this is a cycle, flop, get paid, promise to bounce back, nxt match they manage to atlst draw, then the cycle repeats itself

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