Arsenal must get a new top keeper to challenge Leno this summer

A new goalkeeper MUST be a key buy in summer!

If we are to make a real title challenge next season, then there are a few areas where improvements are a must and one of the main ones is in goal.

For me Leno is not the man to take us forward for mounting a title challenge and I have tried to give him the benefit of the doubt but too many times he has let me down. I know a lot of fans like him and I have nothing against him, he is human, he is going to make mistakes, but when you play for a top club like Arsenal, you need to have a strong goalkeeper and strong backup and I feel that we don’t have any of those.

More often than not Leno is at the front of all defensive issues that leads to costly mistakes and conceding goals. This for us is just unacceptable. We know our defence will make mistakes, that is a given, but if we had a top quality, strong goalkeeper in between the sticks that can control things then maybe the fans and the defenders in themselves will feel less nervous and anxious when playing in front of the goalie.

I do believe we can mount a title challenge next season, only if we get rid of the stupid mistakes we constantly make, start games much better, taking control from the off and get rid or train up Leno. Because with him as our number one I think we will struggle again next season.

Now if we could get Martinez back, that would be amazing, but we know that we don’t live in a dream world and so that is very very unlikely.

As there are not really any top goalkeepers out there that can be classed as available, and seeing as all of the top goalkeepers are cemented in European teams, it is unlikely we will get them at Arsenal.

Runarsson has not come through for us either and in all fairness to him he hasn’t been given a chance to, and we only have Mat Ryan on loan so we don’t know what Arteta thinks of him. So I guess we will be stuck with Leno for a while to come and if he wants to be number one and be remembered for the right reasons, he needs to buck his ideas up and show us that he can emulate Manuel Neuer or as close to him as possible. So he can really make a name for himself at Arsenal in a positive way.

Gooners, who would you like to see come in and rival Leno?


Shenel Osman


  1. You really think the problem at arsenal is a goalie problem? I don’t think so, look at the way the boys play with no ambition, no pase, and the coach has no tactics whatsoever. Get a coach who knows how to put a team together

  2. You sold Martinez now you want him back

    Martinez should’ve started the season with us but Arteta got rid

    Leno has a poor distribution and is costing us

    He delays in releasing the ball and when he does it often goes to the opponent

    He kicks poorly
    We’ll continue to suffer for preferring Leno to Martinez

    Leno in goal might not get us a title

    1. I agree with your comments. Over confidence is killing Leno. He is so relaxed because he is alone. He makes a lot of mistakes yet no one dare to have a go at him

    2. we should have a sticky note on every Leno article that getting rid of martinez was a mistake lol. It gets mentioned every single time. (i mean, im not disagreeing either!)

  3. I would imagine there are more important positions to replace ,getting a new goalkeeper is the least of our worries .
    Hasn’t the Leno ,Martinez discussion been done to death now ,this Article will just start the same old arguments off like we have seen countless times ,time to move on ,Arsenal made the choice .

    1. Yes we all know that but recent events have shown that it wasn’t the best decision
      If Leno has been great this season that would have been a decision justified but he isn’t.
      Do you honestly believe that with Leno we would have won the Fa cup? Look at the school boy errors week after week even in Europa league
      I still believe that all this will continue to surface until Leno improves drastically or we get an upgrade
      If he keeps making errors then articles like this will always come up like it or not

    2. As Dan states, the Martinez ship has sailed.
      Mat Ryan is an Arsenal fan, is prepared to be number 2 and fight for a start and is an EPL and international goal keeper.
      It would be good to see Arteta give Ryan a start to “strut his stuff” and put a bit of pressure on Leno.

  4. I don’t think Leno has been anything that he isn’t before now
    This mistakes has always been in him even before he arrived here at the Emirates. When Emery was around he had to face a lot of shots on goal which has always been his strength and that earned him a lot of love from the fans but for a top team that doesn’t have to face that many of shots on goal that is where he comes short…
    He has never been a commanding goalie nor a good sweeper goalie. And not dominant in air
    I also question his concentration at times this has always been his weaknesses that many of us thought will be coached out of him over time I also believe that this issue of needing a better goalie arose when we witnessed Martinez in goal he made almost everyone look good with his commanding presence…
    I aslo don’t think we will be getting an upgrade on Leno anytime soon yes we may get a backup goalie though….
    There are many matches where Arteta would have played Ryan instead of Leno. I don’t think Ryan is a bad keeper and beside playing him will only signal to Leno that he has a competitor

    1. Exactly right, Pepe. Give Mat Ryan a chance and he won’t let Arsenal down. A proven EPL and international goal keeper.

  5. I think we are stuck with Leno after the wrong decision made in the summer. A very good shot stopper but not so reliable at much else. Martinez is gone, yes that’s how it is but if it was the only bad decision last summer and beyond we would be better off now but it is just one of many made by Arteta. And most dont make much sense.

  6. every season we need to sign a gk, centreback, winger, midfielder and striker

    every fans want a world class and big tag player

    it will never end unless we sign 12 world class and big tag player every window

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