Arsenal must give Ramsey a final deadline of Monday – Take it or leave….

Should we set Rambo A Monday Deadline? by Dan Smith

This time last year Arsene Wenger stated that players running out their contracts would become the norm. We will find out in the next week if that was a lie or it’s something our club now accepts. If they truly believe that is the direction of the game then Aaron Ramsey will stay regardless if he signs a new deal or not. We made the same noises 12 months ago, insisting we’d rather lose Sanchez for nothing then give him to a rival.

Stan Kroenke of course did not become a billionaire by letting assets lose value so at the last moment was willing to do business with Man City. This contradicted our entire transfer policy and backfired, leaving it so late there was no time to find a replacement. I don’t write this with too much confidence but you like to think our board learn from their mistakes.

This time it’s Chelsea who are looking to take advantage of our failure to tie our star names to long term agreements. Like last summer, 30 million might not be worth the PR disaster of one of our best players joining a rival. However the last campaign was evidence that it’s not healthy to build a side based on an individual who won’t be there in a year’s time. Forcing someone to stay or sending them to Stamford Bridge is not the choice any gooner wants to make. I would suggest the preference is for the midfielder to extend his stay in North London. But the reality is the Welshmen’s had a long time now to review the offer on the table and both parties are leaving this to the last minute to negotiate. To be a big club you act like one. We need to show a ruthless streak and take some control.
Surely there is a contingency plan if he doesn’t sign?

Behind closed door someone in power must know if a compromise is likely or not? I would give the midfielder and agent your best final offer. I would set Monday as a deadline for a final answer. That then gives us three days to bring in a marquee replacement. A shortlist should already be drawn up as a precautionary measure.

So I suggest it’s a big weekend coming up. If Rambo still can’t make up his mind by then they we should do it for him.

Dan Smith


  1. Phil says:

    Ramsey should be given a deadline of TODAY.Good player but one that can be replaced and we must NOT allow him to run down his contract.He is not of Ozil and Sanchez standard and the Club should act in OUR best interest and not HIS.

    1. gotanidea says:

      Arsenal seem to be happy to let Ramsey run down his contract

      Maybe because they bought him very cheap and no real interest from other clubs, like Ozil’s case previously

      If they put him on fire sale, I am sure there would be many bids, but Ramsey’s service is worth more than ten millions

    2. Sheet head says:

      Ramsey needs to retire from football. We, celebrities, are tired of being anxious whenever he is playing since a goal from him means game over for one of us???
      (though I’m not yet one but I have this epic badass movie script that will get me into Hollywood sooner than later ???)

  2. Things are changing says:

    Let him go and let him go soon. Under no circumstances should we let him play out his final year and under no circumstances should we financially “reach” to keep him at the club.

    By now, we should have given him our best offer and if he doesn’t sign it this week we should not make him part of first team plans and we should try to sell him.

    1. OzzieGunner says:

      ?Ramsey it’s time!

  3. Diana says:

    I thought i had the commentators during th Chelsea friendly said he signed (on Tuesday). Were they misinformed. I do agree. If we dont have an agreement, get someone else. Because even his level of contribution could become suspect playing the year without an improved contract. Plenty options willing to come

  4. Sean says:

    As much as I want Ramsey to stay I agree with the article, sign by Monday morning or be sold before window closes as we have enough time to get another player in.

    Now this is interesting because if we do send the emails out to clubs that he’s available for transfer away from the club then the possibility of doing a swap if a big club comes in for him for a like for like or a winger we need.

    Few possibilities;
    Barca – Ask for Dembele plus another 40m.
    Utd – Ask for Martial in a straight swap
    Chelsea – Ask for 40-50m, Or Cesc return?
    All these big clubs have shown interest before.

    We have Mhikitarian, Niles & Guendouzi to replace Ramsey if we can’t get another midfielder. A new winger lets Miki back in the middle of the park like Santi did at a time but this time along side Torreira.

    Max Meyer is still a free agent. Give him the 80k a week he wants, let Ramsey go, bring in a winger & we are ready to rock.

    Would love Soyuncu brought in & Mustafi sold but tbh Sokratis doesn’t seem much better or at all than Shrokran. Chambers & Mavraponas start along side the more Exp defender has to be the way forward.
    Hopefully Lechsteiner shows Bellerin how to defend because yesterday he had a horrible time against that young boy for Chelsea.

    Still a lot of work to be done before City next weekend.

    1. gotanidea says:

      About the swapping thing:

      – Barca – They must be crazy to swap the young Dembele with Ramsey + 40M

      – Utd – Similar as Dembele’s case. Martial is worth more than Ramsey, due to his younger age, physical attributes and skills

      – Chelsea – If Chelsea are stupid enough to pay 50M, great. Fabregas’ stamina and speed are way below his peak level at Barcelona, he is not worth it anymore

  5. Vera7 says:

    Ramsey mustn’t be allowed to run down his contract. Top class bs pay top wages, Ramsey deserves £300k

    1. Diana says:

      No, he doesnt. Fabregas, Hazard, Kante, Can, Gomes, Kovacic, etc all get less and they are WAY better. I know all of them dont play same role as Ramset but just trying to prove what you are claiming is preposterous. No more that £120,000. Anything more, only Arsenal eould be stupid enough to offer

      1. gotanidea says:

        From all those names, I consider only Kante and Hazard are better than Ramsey

        Fabregas’ energy and speed are very low nowadays, due to his age and low motivation. I have watched Andre Gomes for several seasons at Barcelona and he is another lacklustre/ play-safe CM, a typical Arsenal midfielder

        Dunno about Can and Kovacic, but I have never heard any magnificent performance from them

        1. The point is Ramsey should not get even within spitting distance of a 300K contract! How many players are we going to have of 300k? Even moneybag city don’t pay De Bruyne 300k! So why does Ramsey who offers jack squat deserve to be on 300k? This nonsense with Ramsey and contract negotiations at this club has to stop. Ozil’s 350K contract really messed this clubs bargaining position.

          1. Th14 says:

            If Pogba earns 300k why not Ramsey?? He is a top player enough to build a team around him. Stop understanding our own. Ramsey is among the best 5 CM is EPL

          2. GunnerJack says:

            Ramsey’s not among the best 5 CM in North London.

          3. OzzieGunner says:


          4. Break-on-through says:

            Where are you getting the three hundred from, that is total bs. I think its closer to Aubameyang money, somewhere between Auba, Lacazette, Kolisinac, 150 – 200.

      2. Sue says:

        Can?? Oh dear

    2. rkw says:

      two too many noughts

  6. Coldzero says:

    If you want out Aaron then get out- no one is bigger than the club and so if you want to go then go- promote one of the kids that want to play.

  7. tony says:

    whats good about Ramsey? he can score some goals doesnt mean anything bcos thats not his job and he isnt good at his own decipline as a CM. just take the 30mil from barca and run!

  8. Adebayo says:

    IMO, Ramsey should have been long (3 years ago) gone from Arsenal were it not for the stubborn Wenger that keeps promoting mediocres…..
    I honestly think he should be sold immediately as what he brings to the team can be replaced if it has been done already anyways. SELL HIM!!!

  9. Diana says:


  10. JustJoy says:

    keenly waiting to see the end story…. why will Rambo be given a temporary captain band? nodding .

  11. value says:

    let Ramsey go inorder to settle other player’s mind

  12. Lol! Wenger basically made the whole team bend over backwards to accomodate Ramsey. So many times Ramsey was the clear problem but Wenger relentlessly played him, costing us games, titles probably. The important thing was building Ramsey’s career though, right? At the expense of the club. Now that Ramsey has somewhat made it he’s arm twisting the club into giving him a monster pay off just like every other mercenary in the football world. That is why I believe it is pointless to develop players. They become good and leave, if Iwobi comes good, wait and see if he will commit or take the selfish Ramsey route. Anyways, I can’t blame Ramsey, everyone has been playing contract games with the club even Wenger himself, the man who supposedly loved Arsenal more than anything, grabbed and squeezed Gazidis by the balls for a massive contract right before he got fired. These constant contract stand offs need to end. Ramsey must be sold or benched in the reserves till his end of contract. A message must be sent to everyone taking the club for mugs.

    1. Maks says:

      Well said!
      I ll have a special drink when he leaves the club! Then I will forget Wenger too.

  13. Sheet head says:

    Is anyone here bothered that a random star/celebrity kicks the bucket whenever Ramsey kicks a ball into the back of the net ??? The last he scored against AC Millan and CSKA Moscow, Stephen Hawkins and Darts legend Eric Bristow received the ‘red card’ respectively. Being an upcoming star/celebrity, I fear one of his goals may mean my 90mins of life are over. I am scared ???

    1. Sue says:

      You’re alright for the time being, he’s injured!!

      1. Maks says:

        No he is not. I did see him eating peanuts during Chelsea game 🙂

        1. Sue says:

          Calf strain I thought. Peanuts?! ?

  14. Cliff says:

    Let him go to Chelsea and we ask for victor Moses instead.Both are average players but I believe Moses can more value to us.He is fast,strong and can play several positions especially on the right side where we need someone both defensively and offensively

    1. ozila says:

      Victor Moses is very good not average

  15. Sergio says:

    I remember when Ramsey was consistently playing poorly and one of the worst midfielders we had. Now he’s arguably one of the best, but only because the good players around him have left and have been replaced by mediocre ones.

    Is he worth £300k pw? Definitely not. However, I can’t see us selling and replacing him with someone decent before the window closes. Whose responsibilities are contracts anyway? Gazidis? Hopefully his replacement can stop this kind of stuff from happening.

  16. D says:

    “Arsenal must give Ramsey a final deadline of Monday – Take it or leave….” And this is exactly why you are sitting behind your computer writing blogs on the internet and not negotiating million pound contracts for one of the top footballing teams in the entire world.

    1. Sergio says:

      How would you do it differently? This doesn’t happen at the other big clubs.

    2. jon fox says:

      D, good of you to put us fans who agree with DAN into our places, as mere prolls who “have never negotiated million pound contracts.” Whereas you, who we must suppose clearly HAVE SPENT YOUR TIME DOING SO, KNOW SO MUCH BETTER. And it seems you also know better than all the other clubs, who DO NOT let THEIR players contacts run down to zero. How grateful we should therefore be to you for your wisdom and how remiss of us that we are NOT!

    3. DAN says:

      Probably not the only reason lol

  17. MUHINDO JOHN says:


  18. Sergio says:

    @Admin why have our avatars changed? I liked my little confused green-faced guy.

    1. Admin says:

      Don’t worry, whatever your avatar is, you will still be confused!
      Nah, I just like a little change now and again, brings a little spice into my life!

  19. jon fox says:

    Ramsey’s deadline should have been a month ago , at least. Dans call to the board is correct BUT only if the board are making those decisions now. I thought it was Unai, Sven and Raul who now made those calls. Perhaps I am wrong?

    1. Maks says:

      Ramsey s deadline should have been years ago!

  20. heyzee says:

    I don’t get why ramsey is been treated this important…bang average player like him.

  21. Durand says:

    Ramsey was injured again yesterday! I swear that boy is softer than ice cream. Don’t give him pay raise; extra weight from heavier wallet guarantees another hamstring injury.

    Tired of this Diva, bench him, put this overpaid overhyped Diva in his place. So so tired of these spoiled British children, please get rid of him.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Could be himself guarding against his availability, if for some reason Arsenal look for a different midfielder or if he gets the best offer from elsewhere, injury would hamper everything, even his AFC salary might get affected if he’s unlucky to take a bad hit. Ramsey doesn’t have the best of luck/record with this stuff.

      1. Break-on-through says:

        AFC might have even had a change of mind because this is the last stretch if we are to get a fee for him. Smart thing is to wait til we know more.

  22. Jeremy says:

    I think club doesn’t learn. Why allow him to even drag feet till days before the season starts? Seriously, the nonsense havs to stop.

    He is not world class, let him go before he affects our team. Arsenal has this strange habit of being wishy washy towards player whose contract is expiring.

    I thought things will change but it seems their attitude remains.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      I think with Ramsey he is just making the most of this summer in trying to get a better deal. We heard him mention throughout the season that he must not be a priority, we spent the whole season talking to Ozil and Alexis. I don’t think Ramsey is like them, I doubt he will go into the season with it rumbling on, even if we begin the season without the signature I reckon he will give them assurances that we are not too far apart. One way or another I expect it to be resolved in a week or so.

  23. Simon Williams says:

    Deadline should have been 1 month ago!

    1. Maks says:

      Years ago…

  24. Break-on-through says:

    30m has to be a joke, Ramsey’s a much better player than Oxlade all Oxlade has over him is his dribbling into no mans territory before he has a brain fart. Ramsey actually knows what to do when he reaches that area, his strong suit has that last hurdle included. Ramsey is also a better link player, he doesn’t hold onto the ball long he likes to give and go with one or two touches like all the best footballers do (I know some fans think that’s him trying to show off but its not that at all). If Oxlade is worth 40m, Ramsey has to be at least 55 or 60m, if they go to 50m and he still hasn’t signed then I think we should take that and offer 70m for Tolisso.

    1. Durand says:

      The £30 million kicked about is probably right, given his poor fitness. He can’t play 4 straight months without an injury. Only get worse as he gets older.
      Sell now to at least get something.

      First Diaby, then Jack, then Kos, now Ramsey. Enough already with prolonging injury plagued players careers and overpaying to be.

      Give Ramsey same ultimatum as Jacky boy.

  25. Midkemma says:

    Us: “Hey Barca, you want Ramsey?”
    Barca: “Mayyyyybe, how much?”
    Us: “We will give you £25 million now along with Ramsey and £50 million next year along with and extra £25 million if we get UCL football…. For Dembele.”

    I wonder if Barca would be tempted with an offer like that?

    1. Maks says:

      Barca: Maybe, we took Song and Vermaelen, why not Ramsey… for 12 mil, a?
      Sven: I know I know, but I have a connections… you buy him, I loan him to Espanyol?
      Barca: But he is injured!
      Sven: Nooo, he is not.
      Barca: He did not play against Chelsea.
      Sven: You are right but he did eat peanuts on the bench!

  26. This Ramsay issue is slowly but surely becoming an arsenal problem, Yes from what i have seen Ramsey is a nice guy, not the miserable individual Alex Sanchez, however, when media begins digging, making false claim and print false stories, a negative light will be pointed in Arsenal direction.
    It can not be allowed to happen this must be resolved immediately so that we can continue building on the positives going in the new season.

    Some are saying we should get it sorted Monday, but i think it should be done by today going in tomorrow. We can then have someone in place by Monday after working on the deals weekend.

    Ramsey is a fairly good player, but there are good as, or better players available. Some fans behave as if Ramsey is irreplacable, but NO PLAYER has that TITLE. All players have a specific type of talent that only they alone may have , however, their are others available with skill sets that are of equal or greater value to a TEAM

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