Arsenal MUST go for Gareth Bale to win the title!

It is looking extremely likely that Gareth Bale will be sold by Real Madrid to fund their next move for a new Galactico this summer, as he is deemed to be a flop by their standards, and it is very likely he will be returning to the Premier League.

The obvious candidates to buy him are Man United, Chelsea or Man City, but the ex-Arsenal striker John Hartson believes that the Gunners MUST join the bidding for Bale or risk giving the title to one of our rivals. “He’s out there but are Arsenal the type of club to go and shock the world and go in for Gareth Bale? I don’t know,” Hartson told talksport.

“The thing is, if he becomes available, you know Chelsea are going to go in for him and you know Manchester United are going to go in for him. You know that already. Chelsea have got the money and the ambition and Manchester United are showing their ambition right now.

“For Arsenal to go and compete and appease the supporters and to stop them moaning, they’ve got to go and make a stand and go in for Bale because you know Chelsea and Manchester United will if he becomes available.”

I may sound far-fetched that Arsenal would spend that amount of money on one player, but IF we did it would be a massive boost to our squad. But in reverse, if Man United or Chelsea managed to buy him, that would considerably raise their chances of winning the title as well, which is why we must try to stop them.

Wenger is always saying we we will only buy Top Top class players, and Bale certainly ticks that box, and with the massive cash reserves Arsenal have available we could afford him.

Who agrees with Hartson?

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  1. _________IMORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT________

    Listen to me, you deluded fans of Arsenal_FC: We shall not win the league trophy next season, we shall only strive to “get close”. The aim at every point in time is to “get as close as possible”.

    ______Arsene Atkinson Wenger

    1. i’mma Lend u a “P” to add to ur word “IMORTANT” …….be sure to return that tho L()L……… Howdy bro?

      1. What are you a english professor? I am affraid we wont win any trophy next season. We need four high profile signings will wenger do that i doubt it. And sad to say we havent improve these two last matches as shown us what we need to do in the future which is

        1). Replace Ospina
        2). Replace Mert.
        3). A defensive midfielder with le coq. And
        4). Sanchez is becoming predictable

    2. I’m not sure I agree that buying Bale would win the title for Arsenal.

      I think to realise this dream Arsenal need to finish 1st in the table.

      That’s what we need to do to win the title.

      1. the best striker we could have is SUAREZ pay 70 Milion which is 110 Million euros and done with it, buy Morgan Scheneiderlin and the title is ours

  2. Uuurmmm, ok, so we actually will not buy him, we’re just gonna bid for him and that will appease the fans.

    Yey!!! Arsenal just bid for Bale!!!

  3. Its is a must to Land Bale….

    100m….just spend the money Wenger!!!

    100m Bale + 30m Kondabagia + 30m Lacazette + 35m Varane + 20m Illoris = the Spine = Champions!!!!!!!

    Come on Wenger….Spend the money!!! we got 4 billionaires

    1. 4 Billionaires ?
      I thought we only have
      3 billionaire owners

      Sham Chronic
      Ali C Uzi-man-off
      Hafiz Haha-man

    2. These billionaires should put their money where their mouth is. At least Kroenke is doing it. When Arsenal needed the money like air in the last decade none of these billionaires wanted to pay. They hid behind the minority shareholder status but kept their voice up. Why don’t they join Chelsea because there this is the norm. Borrow the club you actually own.

      1. @Budd
        Yea agree to a point but IS Kroenke doing it??really? he’s not doing anything from a philanthropists point of view For Kroenke its purely business and he knows about as much about the club and the fans and ow they feel ect as I don about performing open heart surgery. we are improving as a team and we are making ground but not enough and while I loath Chelski and all it stands for you have to say that Abramovich DOES follow football AND is a fan of the club he I bankrolling can the same be said of Kroenke?? I don’t think so.

  4. Would obviously love to have Bale in our team. I even think if we had gotten him instead of spu we could have moulded him into an Henry mark two type player, some differences of course.

    If madrid want full money back well we know Wenger is not interested as Wenger has built teams with less money. If can be got for about fifty im still unsure if Wenger would bite, he may.

    So i guess i dont believe for a moment we are in for this player, pity.

    1. Bale plays on the right. And we can buy reus for less than half what bale would cost and reus would lock down our LW for years. Then Sanchez could play on the right to supply the width

      1. Sanchez would be wasted on the right. His best position is left wing cutting in on right.

        1. Are u people finally seeing what I have been saying for a long time?
          Sanchez is a liability. He was only on a good scoring form, thats it. He is not good enough if we want to win the title. He holds on to the ball for too long, overhits almost every through ball, loses possession cheaply.
          On top of that he is not smart enough during his pressing and defending, he just runs around like a headless chicken, disturbing every1 (including our own players) on the pitch.

      2. But Reus is also 3x as injury prone as Bale. If he cant survive a Bundesliga season unscathed, I cant imagine how he would do in the EPL. Meanwhile, Bale is EPL tried and proven, even winning the PFA over the likes of Suarez at a lesser team like spuds. I’d take Bale over Reus even if he costs more.

      3. We wont Buy either, defiantly NOT Bale and probably not Reus AW thinks the team are the finished article and has already stated that he will be concentrating on keeping his team together ratr than spending anything, this was decided by the board back at Christmas when I read an article stating that Wenger would only have 50 million to spend. in the summer. Cut through the smoke and mirrors and interpret the Wenger / Arsenal Board speak and realise what REALLY being said.

  5. So, Walcott score just a goal against MUFC (actually, Blacket’s goal) and suddenly he’s now a psychologist and philosopher on goal issues.

  6. U (wenger) gotta be grateful to walcott for once……give up ur ramsey on the wings experiment already; it just doesn’t produce results…..Let a real winger take his place (ramsey even told u that, didn’t he?) He(walcott) kinda indirectly saved ur a*s yesterday….(thanks to wilshere’s drive as well ) Trust me wenger, u didn’t wanna see all those concealed butcher’s knives

    1. finally a fan that has spoken….

      Messia and bale = formidable!!!!

      lets get Messi too

      Wenger needs to get Messi to show our intent to win

      1. @hafiz………”Messia” ?…….no sure this player plays on our planet or perhaps he does on a parallel earth ….. Why don’t we bid for a “messiah” instead?….would make more sense

    1. Don’t watch much League 2 football do you…?

      Also the transfer window hasn’t even opened yet…

  7. Would rather two genuine stars at 40mil a piece than 80mil on Bale. Undeniably good, but ignoring our DM and possibly GK positions is hardly a wise way to spunk 80mil.

    Oh, and we are never gonna sign Bale give it a f#ckin rest!!

    1. I don’t get why everyone is raggin on ospina so hard. He is a very good goal keeper and it is 1st season in England some goal keepers need time to adjust just like players.

      He played in the WC and was superb, didn’t have a preseason with us and was injured for a good chunk of time. We need to give him time to acclimate he’s only 26 and could be world class soon

      1. There’s an element of doubt there, I’m not advocating it….just highlighting that 80mil on 1 player is wasted when we can address other squad “issues”.

    2. Chelsea and Man United have no issues signing Bale. If we cant compete with them for transfers, we got no business challenging for the EPL

      1. Yea because neither would blow their entire budget on Bale, he would simply be the candidate for wide forward that they desire. We would buy him and have no cash left for any other signings.

        Plus he’d cost more like 130mil factoring his 200k wages. It’s just not feasible, we have more money now but don’t think we can compete on their level.

  8. Sell Schez, & Per to Scunthorpe, buy bale, Messi, cavani and Zlatan.

    Bould to Accrington Stanley and bring in Adams, Baressi & Maldini and the ghost of Bobby Moore in as defensive coach team.

    hire Derren Brown for motivation and mental fitness who can in turn channel Winston Churchills spirit for the really big games (like the FA Cup).

    Do this and we are ready to compete for 2nd place next year.

    Or we could offer Wenger to Colchester for free and start competing..

  9. Sell Wenger & use the £8 million a year to buy Messi so he can win is the league and UCL?

  10. Reel Madread Pres
    Flirtingo Péarhead is
    to sack Manager
    Carload Ancharlotte
    and sign the best coach in the EPL John Carver 🙂
    He wants to swap Bale, Ronaldo Varane and Bentzema
    for Diarseby Poledoltski Rio and Sirnogoals
    Wenger has said no 🙂

  11. I would be surprised if Bale was the casualty of their poor season. It is pretty clear that the entire team hasn’t played particularly well, especially when they are being compared to Barca. I imagine that Ancelotti will go and Bale will stay to work under a new manager. I will be very surprised to see him in England next year.

  12. What suprised me yesterday is that Jones could beat giroud on pace while crawling and dribble the ball with a header from him.Giroud is a wc model not a wc striker Wenger has said he,doesnt know whether we will challange next cuz other teams will strenthen.Where is this billionare that want to buy Arsenal and sack wenger!

  13. What suprised me yesterday is that Jones could beat giroud on pace while crawling and dribble the ball with a header from him.Giroud is a wc model not a wc striker Wenger has said he,doesnt know whether we will challange next season bcuz other teams will strengthen.Where is this billionare that want to buy Arsenal and sack wenger!

    1. @Season ticket Holder.
      This is what Ive been banging on about for weeks whith Wenger coming out with all this rubbish we already know he’s NOT gonna spend and he’s sticking with Giroud as main striker which means No challenge and no silver wear.
      Surely another manager would be either keeping his mouth shut or protesting the situation to the board and laying it on the line? “If I can improve the side I’m going somewhere else” is what should be coming from Wengers mouth NOT these excuses about why we may not challenge and that he’s concentrating on keeping the current squad together ect ect.

      1. amour scout Brian McDermott was at the Lyon game on Saturday watching until it,fakir and Lacazette .Fakir scored the winner aswell.

        Why would they send Brian there who is a head scout if we ain’t putting a bid in?

        Lacazette >>>podolski,sanogo,ryo

  14. Since we and Sunderland just need a point to secure 3rd and stay in premier league why don’t wenger make a call to them, let have a great game by having 10-10 score line for the fans.

  15. Sanchez OUT (seems to be overrated by almost every1 in the world, would be sold at a hugely inflated price)
    Bale IN

    Dream scenario

  16. I the earlier article I said Wenger will concede trophy in day one of the season.Now he has conceded trophy in the tranafers by saying he actually doesnt know wether will challenge bcuz other teams will strengthen

    1. I agree! I hate this guys apologetic, defeatist, uninspiring and delusional chatter.

      Whether it’s his professor like smoke and mirrors or not I’m sick of his style. Based on every other years transfer window performances I can only surmise he is in fact telling us exactly what he will do: sweet FA!

      Wenger: you don’t have lots of options, nor the best squad in the world. You need a striker, real wingers, a top class DM, another defender and if possible a top GK!

      Stop f@cking about, and sort it out or get the f@ck out! And give someone else a crack of the whip to try to move things forward.

      1. Then what Wenger should be doing is strengthening as well instead he comes out with this and we all know that we’re done before we start.
        If as was written around Christmas that we only have 50 million to spend in the summer, is true WHY??? does Wenger either tell the board “If you don’t let me improve the squad Im leaving” OR tell the public we’re not competing financially and shame the board!!! We are a club with money maybe not as much as sh!tty or Chelski BUT enough to spend more than 50 million and we have not where the Fook is the money going??? and why does Kroenke not put some money in ?? too my knowledge Kroenke has NOT invested a penny apart from buying the majority shares wihc pay him dividends. IF as I suspect there will be minimum expenditure this summer then something needs to be done cos it should be plain to see to even the most hardend AKB’s that something is desperately wrong at the club. Wenger is either the solution or he’s part of the problem and at this time I cant work out which it is?

        1. I would be very surprised if we have only £50M to spend. I don’t know obviously but I find it hard to believe that a club of our standing only has this to play with. Global fan base, merchandise, sponsorship, ticket sales and new TV cash injection!!!

          There is a simple correlation: spend big – win big. Put up or shut up AFC about being champs if you can only spend like chumps.

          1. Sell deadwood now. Contact clubs and tell them they are for sale now and let’s agree on a deal come summer. Don’t wait until the 12th hour of the transfer deadline.

          Use this cash with transfer kitty to invest more heavily in your team/squad IF you actually want to be able to compete with the bigger clubs who WILL spend big to improve their chances of success ON the field.

          2. Pay Wenger on an achievement basis. 5 Mil for bagging premiership or otherwise give him a poultry 3 mil for FA cup and Wenger trophy.

          3. Ask our 3 billionaires to consider helping the club as opposed to just benefitting from their shares.


      2. Totally agree with most of the comments here, we will be shopping at the nickel and dime store this Summer

  17. It would be awesome to get him but we don’t NEED him.

    Mourinho got players he needed to win a trophy. A top striker, excellent backup striker and a top cam.

    We need to copy Mourinho by getting the players we need FIRST. A top DM and a top striker.
    Coquelin and Giroud are great but we need two more. We can’t expect them to play every match and we can’t rely on Welbeck as a striker, or diaby/Flamini/Arteta.

    However, once we have got those two positions sorted out then I have no complaints about upgrading other positions.

    If Wenger want to get players like Bale, Hummels, Cech, etc, that would be awesome.

    But realistically, we do have a budget. We don’t have limitless funds like Chelski, City, United, Madrid, Barca. So better sort our DM and striker first.

  18. Are u people finally seeing what I have been saying for a long time?
    Sanchez is a liability. He was only on a good scoring form, thats it. He is not good enough if we want to win the title. He holds on to the ball for too long, overhits almost every through ball, loses possession cheaply.
    On top of that he is not smart enough during his pressing and defending, he just runs around like a headless chicken, disturbing every1 (including our own players) on the pitch.

  19. No disrespect to Bale as he’s definitely a great player but the money it would cost for a transfer then wages for him is stupid. I’d rather spend less and buy Reus! He’s as dynamic a player as there is, scores & creates like mad. Imagine Ozil feeding Reus on LW and Sanchez on RW! Take the rest of the money saved and invest in a DM

  20. Sorry but Arsenal are not a club that buys players like Bale we’re likely to buy Giroud class players and plus Wenger is one notorious penny pinching manager.

  21. Bale’s good but too expensive but we can afford Hulk/Reus, Morgan Schneiderlin, Aubameyang and a cb. Am happy we’re nt playing cl playoff next season but if we don’t strengthen up, we’ll need plenty of luck to finish top4 next season

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