Arsenal must go on and win the title “next year and next year and next year”

Fabregas says Arteta will win the Premier League with this squad.

We’ve had a very good season this season and with everything coming down to the last day of the season, Arsenal fans will be on the edge of their seat as we hope and pray West Ham can manage to upset Manchester City, and we can win against Everton and walk away title winners. Unfortunately, we’ve put everything out of our own hands, but we have had a very good season and have made some major improvements.

Ex Arsenal legend Cesc Fabregas has spoke out in praise of Arteta and his squad, saying this “It’s been four or five seasons of hard work, determination, building something special, creating a culture, a DNA. Consistency is also a very key word on what they’re trying to do”.

“Taking it to the last game of the season against a top Manchester City team, you couldn’t ask for more. They are a young team, and they keep growing and keep getting better. They always add one or two players who make a good difference. For sure they are on the up, and soon they will win it, if not this year.”

“I think it’s still a young squad, they still need to develop even if they win [the title] this year, they will need to go again next year and next year and next year”.

“This is how football this is, this is how you make your legendary status. So, you cannot compare in terms of names and achievements. They are playing really well but it’s not about winning one [title], it’s about winning five, six, seven.”

And I have to agree, this squad has been in great form this season and even if we don’t lift the title on the last day, we’ve come a long way, and we look well on our way to success under Mikel Arteta. Manchester City have been a team that’s looked unbeatable for years and have become one of the world’s most successful teams, and Arsenal have managed to keep up and best them for a lot of this season.

We made silly mistakes against teams we should have won against, and we have a lot of lessons to learn, but when you look at the big picture of everything, this squad has achieved so much, when you think about where we were when Arteta took over, we’ve come extremely far and if not this season, I think we walk away with the title next season.

What’s your thoughts Gooners?

Daisy Mae


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