Arsenal must heed wise words of Cech on Chelsea danger

I can understand why the new Arsenal number one has come out with some words of support for his struggling former club. After all, Petr Cech spent 11 years at Stamford Bridge while the mega millions of Roman Abramovich helped Chelsea to their most successful period in history.

And the Czech Republic keeper still has a lot of close ties with people at the club, so when he offers his thoughts on what is causing the current problems across London and whether Jose Mourinho and the Chelsea players will be able to put it right, I do not think you could find many more qualified to speak.

Right now Arsenal fans are loving the way Chelsea are struggling for form and results, especially as our own form has started to look good and the victory over Man United in the last Premier League game has put us within touching distance of the top of the table.

But I think we should take heed of Cech´s assertion that Chelsea are still in with a good chance of retaining the EPL title. They may be just two places outside the drop zone but they are still only eight points behind Arsenal and that sort of gap is nowhere near big enough for us to relax.

In fact, relaxing is not an option for Arsenal. Even if we were nine points clear with only three games left to play I would still be nervous, although I would be more than happy to see the Gunners in that position. Do you think Cech will be proved right about his former club?

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    1. O.T As an outsider looking at the Mail’s reporters starting XI for England, it’s unbelievable how only one left out Rooney. I mean what has he done for the team in the last 6 years and what does he bring to it now. How can he be ahead of Sturridge, Walcott or even Welbeck.

      The problem starts with the FA. Hodgson is such an uninspired choice for the manager. Has shown nothing but tactical naviety and a failure to make tough decisions. Most of the top teams have experimented with some players but for the most part played the majority of their first XI.
      He seems happy to give any half decent English player a shot at the team. I mean no disrespect but Ings, Alli and Shelvey will be nowhere ner the first team come June. Now he only has a few dead rubber fixtures to get his first xi to gel.

      If I was Hodgson, I would putt out this team.

      Clyne Smalling Stones Bertrand (Shaw)
      Barkley Wilshere
      Welbeck/Walcott Sturridge Sterling

      Hart and Clyne are pretty much guaranteed spots. Cahill has been very poor this season. Smalling and Stones are the future, play them. If Shaw is back, great, but Bertrand is solid defensively, and that is what they need. Carrick is a great holding midfielder but Wngland wasted him by not playing him much earlier. His lack of pace will lead him to get overrun like against Arsenal. Barkley and Wilshere(if fit) will be absolutely brilliant. Dynamic, energetic and actually talented( unlike Henderson, Milner, etc). Sturridge is world class on his day. Sterling brings that much extra. Welbeck and Walcott will destroy teams on the counter

      Telll ’em to play on the counter, have a bit if fun and lets have and enjoyable English team out there for once.

  1. @admin

    My comment (the 1st) for article “Another anniversary for Wenger and Arteta eulogises” just vanished (not as in only now but as in suddenly and for no reason after it had been posted) from JustArsenal.???? Would you know why?

    1. Site must be broken.

      I have posted many comments which just dissappear, either that or admin is being selective with posts.

      1. I only delete posted with swearwords or personally abusive. But usually I just give a warning unless it is over the top.

    2. I have no idea. I’ve just checked Spam and Trash and there is none of your posts in there…..
      A glitch in the machine?

      1. Very strange! OK thanks.

        I put it down to the collective mind control of Arsenes thought police!


  2. Cech is right. They cannot be ignored. They have top players and a top coach who have won the Champions League and domestic so know what it takes .

    Then again we should underestimate know one!

  3. Hazard, Costa, Pedro, Fabregas, Cahill, Terry, Azpilequeta, Ramirez, Oscar, Matic are all top quality players.

    They will all click again at some point

    What we need to do is win as many matches as possible and we can avoid Chelsea from overtaking us.

    We need to improve our home record and continue our impressive away record

    1. Exactly! We need to stay out in front no matter what by winning all our games. That way we may well end up on top come end of the season like they did last year.

  4. can you guyz imagine the kind of players fab nasri clichy wud have been if they had been loyal with us.But im not sad because due to this we got even better in sanchez cazorla and ozil .So nice move guyz

  5. It’s great seeing Chelsea struggle and really don’t like Mourinho, but I always prefer looking at the bigger pitcher. It isn’t all that bad being a Chelsea fan. Not so long ago they were league champions, and champions of both European competitions! Whilst Arsenal were…

    Well it’s not the winning, it’s the taking part that counts!

    1. check their recent facebook page………. They are all calling for Moanino’s head and a complete overhaul with terry and ivanovic leading the pack …….. This happens a season after lifting the trophy…… Tell me they aren’t made of plastics?

      1. Lol you referring to Chelsea or Arsenal fans?

        After a win we forget problems and then the first loss we want players and manager out.

        FYI: Not me I constantly want Wenger out

  6. I always remember the words of former french defender thuram when they were clicking during the 98 WC.
    He said ” on a has ton focus when one has to focus and relax when one can relax”
    Sounds simple but it’s so true…and even in every day life we hardly manage to do so.

    But that’s what our team nerd to do.

    They can enjoy the table. ..looking at it and all…just until the training for the next game and in the next game. Then fully focused.

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