Arsenal MUST hit six of the best after internationals

It might seem a bit much to demand that Arsenal win every game, but I really think that we need to be right on the money after the current international break. The win over Burnley was well needed but on another day our slightly off the pace performance would have been punished, so if the Gunners are serious about winning things this season they need to hit the ground running when club football starts again next weekend.

To be fair, though, the fixture list gives Arsenal every chance, with the first four games after the break being at the Emirates stadium against Swansea (EPL), Ludogorets (UCL), Middlesborough (EPL) and Reading (EFL cup) before two away games against Sunderland (EPL) and Ludogorets.

Winning those six games will put us into the last eight of the league cup and should give us the platform to win our Champions League group, while staying no more than two points off the top of the Premier League. It could be better than that as well, because while we have three fairly easy games, Man City face Everton and Southampton at home and West Brom away, with Tottenham facing West Brom and Bournemouth away and Leicester at home.

Arsenal winning our games will keep the pressure on as well but more importantly we need to build confidence and momentum to a peak before the north London derby in early November. So there are six very winnable games for us before the spuds come to the Emirates. Can we win them all?


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  1. Can’t wait for the Swansea match. Bob Bradley is their new manager and he got mad at AW for not signing his son Mike, claiming European clubs were biased against American players…Hope we stick it to them good.

    1. I hope so too, But it won’t be easy since Bradley is a decent tactical minded Manager, no doubts that he will be doing his homework during the international break and how many times have we seen teams play better for a new manager?
      Oh and there’s also the added fact that Swansea is one of our many boggie teams lol ?
      Winning these kind of games will really show that Arsenal are a force to be reckoned with this season.
      My only fear is that world war 3 or planet X will rob us from lifting the title this season lol
      ( Russia are apparently exercising the evacuation of 40 million citizens into underground bunkers from the 4th -7th of October? something is cooking there!)

      1. @FbG
        Bob is a decent enough tactician. With never more than a 50 odd % win rate max. We got a new grit about us…

    2. Obviously I want Arsenal to get a result against Swansea but after looking into the situation regarding Bob Bradley’s son I think Bob Bradley has a point. Bob accused Arsene discriminating against his son, when looking for a midfielder, because he is an American. At the time Arsene made the unforgiveable mistake of signing the injured Kim Källström, instead of Mike Bradley, which emphasizes the point.

  2. as long as Swansea don’t park the bus like they do in the past 2seasons @ Emirates.
    ..we good enough to win all including the big games of November (Spurs,United)
    key to that ll be Ozil rediscovering his creative form and Alexis being more of a striker than a midfielder in his approach and hunger.

  3. swansea made a mistake by sacking their manager,they may have been losing games but they,ve had a difficult fixtures list.they,ve lost against better teams but lately they had been playing well and been unlucky too,you could see the players giving everything for their manager,i truly believe given time he would have turned things around and deserved it for keeping them up last season.the appointment of the new manager is a way for the new owners to stamp their authority on the club/to announce that the americans have arrived in town,no one can say that bradley was the best man available for the job/big mistake i say!!

  4. sorry i got carried away,what i wanted to say is that the players may be unhappy at the sacking of their manager and show it on the pitch by not performing, the complete opposite effect on the team when a new manager comes in anyway we should beat them!!

  5. How many times have i seen we must win 6 in a row or 3-4 in a row we must win the next game and none of the games are as easy as you make out.
    l hope we win but come on 6 in a row doesnt happen too often and odds are against it.

    1. Yes i know if we win our next game its 6 in a row but to win the next 5 after will be 11 why not say just win the lot and be done with it lol.

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