Arsenal MUST hurry as Man United seek new defender

There have been suggestions that Arsene Wenger may try to get by with the centre back options already available to him in the Arsenal squad, some even going so far as to suggest that he might employ either Francis Coquelin or the young academy star Krystian Bielik at the back despite both of them being defensive midfield players.

I do not think this will be the case, however, as Wenger has already spoken about the need for an experienced defender to fill in this key position after our World Cup winning German Per Mertesacker was ruled out for a long spell after picking up a knee injury in the first pre-season game.

The boss needs to get his skates on, though, or else we could find ourselves battling with the spending power of Premier League rivals Manchester United, after the Sunday Times reported that Jose Mourinho has decided that United also need another experienced player at the back, with the 26-year old England international Chris Smalling currently the oldest head available to him.

The good news for the Gunners from this report is that Mourinho is currently focused on completing the world record breaking move for Paul Pogba from Juventus, so Wenger does have a better chance of getting his man if he does it quickly. Do you think he will or is this yet another Arsenal transfer rumour that will drag on like our search for a striker?


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  1. ? And with a wenger style ” Errrrrrrrrrr” So which defender target is this Article referring to? ??
    I checked twice and I still couldn’t see a name? ?

    Since there isn’t many options available out there, (according to Wenger) maybe this article is an ‘in general’ warning? ?

    1. Okay…. The ‘MUST’ bit was the clue… I got it, now ?
      It’s a shame that we haven’t even bid for him, yet!
      It’s more than likely to be Chelsea who sign him. ?

      1. “Him” is so great we must
        not actually speak his name.
        “Him” is related to mental strength, cohesion.
        bad luck the injury virus and that guy who always
        applies the handbrake just when we are converging on the title ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Year after year Wenger keeps saying he is looking to sign only quality players if he finds any and yet each transfer window comes and goes, quality players are bought and sold who help their clubs win trophies.

    So i wonder is Wenger shopping in the same transfer market other European clubs are shopping or is he shopping in another? If he is, I don’t seem to understand why he finds it hard to find quality players that can add value to our team when in every window other clubs around Europe buy and sell quality players.

    Well the truth remains that Wenger’s chronic penny pinching mindset and inability to adapt to present day reality has badly affected his sense of judgement and it is costing us trophies.

    I say it for the umpteenth time, the sooner Wenger goes and we replace him a more ambitious coach, the sooner we return to winning major trophies. This is the truth.

    1. @El Blaze.
      “Wengers chronic penny pinching.”
      You surely mean
      Wengers ” Kroenke” penny pinching ๐Ÿ™‚
      Although we are talking millions not pennies.
      That’s my joke now by the way..copy right * 208895621843*

    2. @ El Blaze
      “Year after year Wenger keeps saying he is looking to sign only quality players if he finds any”. You should add : ” only quality players at the right price which is his price” on to those paragraphs.

  3. In previous postings I blamed Gibbs for a horrible pass across the middle which set up MLS-Stars for their only goal.

    After reviewing the recordingโ€ฆ. it was in fact Bielik that made the terrible pass, not Gibbs.

    I apologize to Gibbs and his fans.

  4. Wenger has tried twice to get by without signing a DM in summer (we remember Kim Kallstrom Jan transfer)
    Last season Coquelin was injured for several months and it hurt us
    Thankfully Wenger got Eleney in January

    We can’t afford to do that with a CB
    We needed a new CB before Mertsacker got injured
    Now, not getting one and relying on inexperienced CB’s is too risky and foolish

    Either sign a ยฃ20+ mil CB like Mustafi or an experienced cheaper but reliable CB like Asjhley Williams, but get somebody experienced

  5. The old man forgot how to manage a football club. Arsenal is wasting 8 mil per year for the so called stubborn outdated manager. I don’t know what is running in his mind.
    By the way Chivas is dominating and lecturing a football lesson to arsenal.

  6. Arsenal playing super shiyt.. Arsenal making Chivas look like Barcelona. And Oh boy Rob, what was that..!!

  7. Oy, is Walcott trying to be bad on purpose? Such a disaster. Xhaka by far our best player on the pitch right now. Coquelin needs to cool it a bit

    Man, hate to say it, but Walcott is obviously low on confidence and has been horrible. His touches, his body language, his shots, everything is not on point.

    the only thing I can say is that he needs to go out on loan to get match time. I believe Walcott can still be a good player for Arsenal, but he needs some time out of the club.

    1. Ten years later he needs to go out on loan? He needs to be sold. He is playing as if he has just been thrown into the first team.

  9. If he were to leave he needs to go out of England. The dude is still a threat if he plays in the wings.

    Btw, who needs Sanchez when you have Ox lol

  10. Akpom 10x more threatening. It’s nice to see a striker who actually knows how to position himself. No more Walcott nonsense please. Guy shouldn’t be near starting XI. And nice to see Ox add some end product to his flair. Question is will he produce during the games that matter.

    1. Debuchy and Walcott should stay in Cali and join one of the MLS franchises, neither should be allowed anywhere near the first team.

      Holding has a serious future @ the Emirates and Ox was impressive for once. Lol

      Still need Mustafi and a striker Arsene……

  11. This has to be the most entertaining friendly of all time. Look at the players and the crowd! Imagine if our players has the same amount of passion on the EPL match lol

  12. And on….82′ Arsenal 3-2 Chivas…Just imagine! No transfer prediction goes on on the site but they could predict against their team…shame

  13. Debuchy wants out and with the kind of performances he’s putting in recently, Wenger should himself walk him out holding both hands from Emirates…

  14. Holding is quality defender at one point it left like he was the only player defending I even lost count on how many blocks he made iknow this is a team we should beat but i think wenger has found a gem and I can’t wait to see him along side boss at heart of our defence

  15. I dont think Debuchy wanted out, he was bullied by the opposition bench until one of their coach was sent off. Reception is never great against a Mexican team,but this is what the boys need to mature faster

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