Arsenal MUST improve away form or lose the title

With just twelve games to go till the end of the season, Arsenal find themselves in a good position in the table and are in touching distance of the summit. Despite the recent problems, most fans will be reasonably happy and would have surely taken this at the beginning of the season.

However, improvements have to be made. Apart from the Gunners’ new-found difficulty in scoring goals, there is also the problem of away form. Arsenal have won just two of their last SEVEN away League games, a record which needs to improve considering that Arsene Wenger’s side face away fixtures against the likes of Manchester United, Spurs, Everton, West Ham and Manchester City in the run-up to the title.

Surely, these games will be detrimental in Arsenal’s chase of the elusive Premier League trophy. Make no mistake about it, if the team do not make an improvement in the away form, winning the title will not just be difficult but almost impossible. Look at it this way, two wins from the remaining six away games will see the Gunners dropping between 8-12 points, and that will surely end Arsenal’s hopes of winning the title.

But with the injured players slowly coming back and the fixture congestion beginning to come down, Arsenal fans can hope that the team will start to find some consistency on the road. With just two defeats and three draws at home all season, the home form is reasonably good. But to go all the way to the title, surely an improvement in away form is necessary.



  1. Change is needed at Arsenal. All the top clubs :Man u,man city. chelsea, Liverpool, tottenham are all changing, but Arsenal still feels the need to be stuck with an old deluded man living off past glories. Am afraid with wenger in charge next season, we won’t finish in the top 5.
    I say get Diego Simeone and we will have a very interesting next season. Wenger just can’t compete with the incoming managers,he can’t match their ambitions

    1. Lol. Its so confusing 🙂
      Ranieri first season at
      Leicester … top of the table.
      Pochetino 2 years at Spurs
      top of the table.
      We must make changes right?
      But hang on Wenger 20 years at
      Arsenal … top of the table.
      Oh so we must trust the long serving?
      Man Utd spends mega millions… team struggling 🙂
      Leicester + Arsenal spend begger all of table?
      Nothing makes sense it’s all upside down 🙂

      1. I can see how you conveniently forgot the fact that Leicester and Spuds are overachieving by been where they are right now and we are underachieving….we have a squad that has been in transition for the best part of 5 years and yet we still have the same familiar failings….if a Spuds aude, with hardly any spending in the last 2 season look so solid and capable imagine what they will be like on 5 years…am no pro or anti a Wenger but I cannot stand fans overlooking his failings season after season after season

        1. How is two points from the top and a great shot a winning the double underachieving. At this stage of season this is our best season for years, forget about who is under and over achieving, all you can do is try to beat what is in front of you so if we do go on to win this thing well then we have beating everybody in the league. End of season such judgements should be made as yours because if we win it well then the only thing on my mind will be the sweet sweet feeling of Arsenal Champions of England COYG.

          1. depends when wenger says “we’ve been consistent for last 10 years”:

            do u take that as good or bad?
            yes its good to be in top 4 ev year.
            but given that we’ve been in top 4 10 years in a row, isnt it bad that not one of those times we’ve won?

            he’ll also trot out the “we’re the only team never to have been beaten”. he hangs his reputation on things that happened 10 years ago – which were great but what has he done for us lately?

            sometimes he says we’re a big club. other times he says we cant compete w MC, chelsea and MU for spending. spend up if you want to be called big; otherwise admit you’re not at the level you were at.

  2. We “should” win all our
    remaining home games.
    Swansea WBA Watford
    Palace Norwich Villa.
    So yes the away games are
    going to be the deal breaker.
    Man U 3 Everton 3 Westham 1
    Spurs 1 Sunderland 3 City 1
    So 9 wins 3 draws from our last 12 games!!!
    Finish with 81 although I have a feeling that 77-79 might be enough.
    So 3 points versus a very weak Man U becomes a must win.
    But it also depends a lot on how Leicester City+ Spurs fare.
    Also how far teams go in cup competitions may be a factor.
    An FA cup exit at Hull would be a blessing.
    Leicester have no cup commitments.
    Dropping home points will be a real killer blow for any team.
    But in all honesty anything could happen 🙂

  3. Unless Wenger’s hand is forced , he is not going to change .
    1 Injury to ox will force his hands now . Either sacrifice the right wing or play Joel Campbell more often.

    2 Ramsey in the middle is not working . There is an obvious lack of creativity coming out of the middle . Way too many wayward passes in a part of the pitch where you are supposed to have more accuracy.
    Play El Nieny and Coquelin behind Ozil in the middle. Sacrifice the right wing and use Belerin pace to compensate.

    3 Attack . Giroud will not win you the league . He is a third class striker .

    4 play Walcott up top . Sanchez scores and we win more whenever walcott is up top.
    The goal drought is not a fluke . It is a mark of his quality .

    Worldies: Aguero , Muller ,Suarez , Neymar , Ibro,
    2nd class : Diego Costa ,Aubeyang , Vardy , Benzema ,Kane
    3rd class : Giroud

    We would have been running away with this league if Giroud belong to the two top classes.

  4. Ramsey NEEDS to be benched. Even if Cazorla returns Wenger will simply move him to the right :/ But I don’t see that happening unless Ramsey releases a Youtube video using foul words on Wenger and Arsenal.

  5. Im a big fan of Cambell – I wasn’t always – but his proved to me – and many others that he has a great around game – he has good pace, good passing, composed on the ball, links with other players very well, and can score too. But perhaps more than all that- he tracks back, and puts in a solid defensive shift too. Walcott should take note – and learn.

    Amazed Ox was chosen ahead of him.

    Cambell on the right wing, sometimes coming in-field to allow Bellerin overlap – perfect.

    1. Pace is not something I associate with Campbell to be honest. He’s much faster than Giroud, Ramsey and Mertesacker though.

  6. watching our recent games clearly gives us an indication that we are seriously lacking a striker coz the ball is played upto the opponents box but no one to give goals regularly

    1. it was sobering to watch juventus v Bayern: juventus are now definitely a level up. i dont see things changing enough under wenger to take us to the next level. the kind of change a new manager would bring.
      really hoping he retires end of this season,. if he gets 3 fa cup in a row, that’d be a good reason. or of course a PL win. please , mr wenger: retire!

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