Arsenal MUST keep Sanchez off the injury list

Keeping Sanchez free from injury will be one of the objectives for Wenger by SE

With the increasing number of injuries for Arsenal, it’s frightening to work out whether Wenger can actually put out 18 names on the team sheet, in the coming days of the campaign. It started with Gibbs on the opening day of the season, as the Englishman pulled his hamstring very early on against Crystal Palace; Arteta was the next injury casualty for Arsenal during the first leg of the Champions League playoff tie against Besiktas; Giroud followed next and, of the aforementioned three injuries, the French striker has suffered the worst case scenario of missing up to 3 months of action.

As a result of those injuries, Sanchez’s versatility has come to Arsenal’s rescue. The Chilean, in the last two fixtures, led the line for his new club; He looked lively and, albeit hasn’t been at the pinnacle of his prowess, he surely has a lot more to offer, as the season progresses into the business end.

The utility of Sanchez to this Arsenal side is unparalleled to such an extent that, in my opinion, he has probably eclipsed the significance that Ozil carried during his first few weeks in an Arsenal shirt. Yes, the German playmaker is right up there in Arsenal’s ranks, but Sanchez’s versatility just makes him so much more important to Arsenal’s scheme of things than the German.

Focusing on Giroud’s injury, more importantly, Wenger doesn’t really seem inclined to utilize Joel Campbell as his first choice No.9, at least until now, as you get the feeling that it’s going to be Sanchez all the way, to lead the line for the Gunners.

There is quite the same degree of ambivalence on Giroud’s compatriot, Sanogo, who, ever since his stunning displays in the Emirates Cup and the FA Community Shield, has gone down the pecking order. Yes, the 21-year old, too, injured his hamstring during the opening game against Crystal Palace but – now that he is fit – it remains to be seen whether the lanky striker gets his opportunity to play up front against Leicester this Sunday.

Also, with Wenger seemingly uninterested in bringing another striker to the Emirates, despite Giroud’s injury, the significance of Sanchez remaining fit goes up by a further notch. And, with such a heavy workload, the Chilean could incur an injury, too.
And dare I say it: Wenger has objectives, to pocket more silverware, after the breakthrough one last May; but if he is to fulfill any of those objectives, then keeping Sanchez fit is the only way forward

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  1. And ramsey and ozil and ox and koscielny and chambers..well roy needs to do that, and cazorla not to mention monreal..walcott&diaby anyone…

    We simply cant aford injuries but we keep on geting them

    1. Arsenal must keep ALL the players off the injury list if possible!!!! We need everyone sharp, fit, and ready to contribute effectively on the pitch. Tired of us been on top of the injury table list season in season out and us paying people to be in the medical room for most parts of the season.

      Our medical staff must be the most hard working in the land, am sure they have more clients than some private clinics I know.

      The secret to keeping players fresh is effective rotation and NOT having deadwood players taking up spots in the squad for potential classy players who could join us and improve the team.

    2. We were supposed to have less injuries with the new German fitness coach we signed but it seems to be getting worst, it’s like a curse for us. Keep having injuries and that’s the way it’s meant to be. HOPE SANCHEZ never gets an injury, cuz if he does we are basically fked. I’m just waiting for this nightmare transfer window to close and just get over the fact that we never signed a CB,DM and a ST…This is to stressful, tired of reading all the rubbish rumors of this signing and that signing. Just shut the F down so we can all get along with our lives.

  2. We simply had to keep giroud active and how did that turn out..we just couldnt loose theo and ramsey last year anf what happened…

  3. Wenger needs to buy a striker….simple as that. Where is he gonna get a world class striker now? That’s his headache….it is why he is one of the well-paid managers! N lets all be practical….we KNEW we needed a striker…why wait last minute when Giroud is injured? kmt

  4. How do you keep a player from injury? It’s impossible. injuries are part of the game for any team, it cannot be avoided. However squad rotation is key to our season, but can we afford to do that. It comes down to depth. Hence the call for a decent ST, LW, and DM. We all know it won’t happen now. I’d like to see Wenger using Chambers in that Dm position in our next game, seen that Arteta is recovering from injury.

  5. I think Joel is not yet match fit or ready. He played yesterday for the u-21’s. Chuba Akpom had a hat trick against West Brom. I don’t think even Chuba is yet ready for first team action.

    Against Leicester i would play
    Sonogo and Alexis together instead of the lone striker. Or even Poldi if fit.

    Cause they will play for a draw. And they held the Chavs for 60 mins last time.
    Wenger please play Mesut centrally or drop him. So he can dictate the game. And not just contribute with a vital assist that won us the game run around.

    1. We’ll have to see but he is a fitness trainer, not part of the medical staff so his impact won’t be fully appreciated until half way through the season.

  6. I’m thinking arsenal won’t sign a striker will overplay sanchez and boom he’s broken, this usually happens 🙁 hearing lots of proposed moves are starting to materialise today, the musical chairs merry go round starts! Hate it when we seem to be dependent on ither sales before we get ourtargets Come on arsene please give us one signing today, cb maybe?

  7. OT: How did Campbell / Diaby / and Coq perform in last nights under 21 game? I was hoping for an article on how our young guns (and the not so young, cough cough Diaby) performed in the game. If possible Poldi should have been give a run out too he has not played for a while now and we need all our players sharp all the time.

      1. Thanks for the info mate. In that case we should have played Campbell / Diaby / Poldi… Wenger needs to make a firm decision of Coq, either sale him or loan him out before the window is closed. He rarely gets chance to play and we have people in the academy ready to overstep him. While he still has chance to rebuild his career, a mutual beneficial decision (club and player) needs to be made.

        1. Coquelin was one of the better players last night, but to bevfair akpom with his hat trick stole the show but not the headline reports. Those obviously went to diaby, campbell, coquelin, bellerin who all put in good performances as well. Also crowley scored again.

          I swear if crowley played for the first team now he would score, he is simply on fire. I know the jump in level is massive and he would struggle to compete physically, but give him space or put him on a set piece and he can grab a goal.

  8. @dboy. Chambers at dm means we have to let per m enter the pitch, very dangerous! I hate to say it again but the pl is progressing fast with players and style of play getting quicker. Meanwhile per seems to get older and slower, he’s become of major liability and wenger and bould must know this. We should aim to buy a an experienced cb who can play with kos.

    1. I totally agree with you Ronny. But we both know that Wenger will opt for experience, hence Per will be his first choice. Therefore it makes more sense to play Chambers at DM to give Per the extra cover needed. It was important for us the address the key positions this transfer window. Like replacing Vermaelen, signing a no nonsense DM, A skillfull LW and ST. We have to remember Top four is not getting any easier. As getting through to the group stages, Wednesday’s game proved it cannot be gauranteed either. If the referee awarded a penalty it could have been different story. We simply need to aim higher.

  9. I long for the day when players are fit at the same time so we can see a front 4 of: lw-ox, acm-ozil, rw-sanchez, str-walcott. Blistering pace and attacking prowess from all directions. Santi must be rotated with ozil, no more playing him on the lw nonsense.

  10. wenger needs to go ffs

    He is a great manager and deserves praise for his work but he is not going to take us to the CL

    he won major honours when only man utd used to challenge for the title(thats the truth)

    As soon as that c##t mooaningho came and spent money he dominated the PL

    now man city are doing the same

    Have you ever asked yourself even with invincibles and previous great arsenal teams why we never challenged for the CL always
    Only time we came pretty close was 2006 final NOTHING ELSE

    stop making him a messiah


    1. i agree with a little bit

      We have the money and we have a good team
      lets buy a CDM and ST and complete this great team

      yes if we go trophyless or get another set of hammerings
      then wenger positon should come into question
      cause for 2years running that would be unacceptable

    2. And how many European cups had Arsenal won before he came along? We lost twice in the finals of a Euro competition under Wenger. Barcelona and Galatasray.

      He is a Messiah. He gave us a playing identity. I have heard many of the senior support’s say that they would rather not win anything than go back to thr Graham days.

      Also if you didn’t know, he bought in dieting and no drinking to the Brit game. The manager who had the balls to play a non english side.
      “Footballers should play on the basis of merit, not passport”.
      Last year the playing 11 of the EPL champions did not have a English player starting their game. Except a few cameos from Millner.

      What Wenger does today, other managers follow that tomorrow.

    3. Well, you only have to look at united to see that changing managers and spending millions doesn’t guarantee success.

      Also look at Liverpool and chelsea, won nothing last year, Liverpool fought hard to keep suarez, but still won nothing. Chelsea spent loads and brought in Maureen and still nothing.

      Wenger will keep arsenal in the title chase at least until march and at most definitely finish top 4 again. Hopefully win another cup, and put in a good run in the champions league.

      For me that is realistic. Thinking we can compete with city and chelsea is not realistic. But can we beat Liverpool, United, everton and them into 3rd place most definitely.

  11. The problem at Arsenal is that we prefer to work with a very small and limited squad. Although our first 11 is usually one of the first in the league, our bench is usually rubbish. There’s very little competition for places and very little rotation. Players that do well become undropable and could go on to play ALL the games on offer. Last season, Ramsey kept getting played until he broke down, the same would be true for Sanchez this season I imagine. The downside of not buying another striker is that the workload on Sanchez will increase putting him in real danger of getting injured.

    1. hi @twig truth and thats the problem

      our starting 11 is as good as CHELSEA and LIVERPOOL
      not as good as MAN CITY

      1)But our bench is bang average

      2) Most of our players are like coffee
      One moment hot the next Cold

      one world class match
      the next flop

      No consistency and thats not something to say about one player
      Its about the whole team

      1. Here is a fact our squad is as big as everyone else’s.

        Please go to somewhere like Wikipedia. Look at man city’s 27 man squad and ask yourself if you would want
        Richard wright
        De michellis
        John guidetti
        Derek boyata
        Scott sinclair
        Micah richards
        Frank Lampard
        James milner

        Honestly there is 8 of their 27 that for me wouldnt get above at least 21 of our players.

        Then do the same with chelsea, Liverpool, United, everton and them. Most of the teams have about 20 top players, then they have around 7 or 8 players making up the numbers.

  12. Sanchez must be rested
    v Leicester. Love his work
    rate but he is running
    himself ragged like Ramsey
    did last season.
    Ozil got played forever because
    Wenger feared a backlash if he
    left the “42 mill man on the bench”
    Ramsey was scoring so he had to play every game too.
    Now Sanchez is the 35 mill man who has to play all the time.

  13. Our transfer policy always get tested against Chelsea, Man city, Man utd and Liverpool. They always manage to exploit us.If we get hammered again, it’ll be nothing short of a disgrace.

  14. @dboy. You are spot on and it would work with cc at dm assiting per with cover. However it frustrates me that we are basically saying “this guy is good in the air and reads the game well but he’s slow as sh*te and my nan could skin him one on one with a simple drop of the shoulder, so cc you need to protect and cover for him” ludicrous it’s like playing with 10.5 men on the pitch. All pundits fans and probably thebarsenal sqaud know he’s not good enough. Cb/dm and striker signed, (remy would do) snd I’ll sleep better at night 🙂

    1. And yet as slow as mertesacker is, people want usvto sign howedes who is just as slow.

      But reading between the lines, silkman is suggesting that he will be coming to England in the next few days.

  15. Campbell Gnabry Podolski
    Sanogo Coquelin and Rosicky
    are hardly used while Ospina Gibbs Diaby
    Arteta Walcott Giroud Ryo and Gnabry are injured.
    14 players 50% of the squad!!!
    Puts enormous pressure on the other 50%
    who are then overplayed and some of whom
    then get injured themselves.

  16. Stating the obvious.

    I ask the question why do we suffer so many injuries?

    Giroud’s injury was just bad luck but Arteta’s, Sonogo’s, and Gibb’s injury are muscle related, so the the question needs to be asked whether the training regime at Arsenal needs to be reviewed…

  17. Wenger says he’ll be “very alert” ‎​on ð deadline wenger Is a clown he actualy has to wait 4 clubs to dispose their valued trash on d last day 2 buy.he’s disillusioned expecting every year for clubs to do a madrid -ozil stunt so we can all say “what a wise steal”
    Well fellas take ur chill pills cz this man is just gonna do as he pleases & in this situation i’d
    say most likely nothing.

    1. Wenger has an economics degree and has managed for 20+ years and big deadline day transfers happen all the time. I think he knows a bit more than you so behave and go back to FIFA.

      1. Remember that players like Ozil, Arshavin, Arteta, Mertesacker etc have been signed on deadline days.

    2. Aug 1. I will be very busy
      the last 2 weeks of August
      20th. I will move fast
      when we qualify for ECL.
      28th After the Leicester game watch me fly.
      29th I will be very alert on dead line day.
      Sept 1st 9am I will have my phone nearby this afternoon.
      1st 7pm Tonight is when the deals are made.
      1st 10.57 pm. Now to strike.
      Oh Sh#t I left my phone back at the office !!!

  18. On a different subject.

    Very sorry to hear about Almunia – hope he can get treatment and lead a very long and healthy life.

    It sure is scary and life changing news to be told that you have a potentially life ending heart defect..

    1. Very sad for Almunia.
      He has “apical hypertrophic cardiomyopathy” – essentially an enlargement of the heart which is caused by weak heart muscles.

      There’s no cure for that except for medication to lower the stresses on the heart, so as not to stretch the heart muscles any more.

      He’s going to have to stop all sporting activity and most types of stresses if he is to live a long and healthy live.

      It’s a very sad time for him. I feel very sorry for him and his family.

  19. Arsene Wenger has pretty much confirmed that we are in secret negotiations with Falcao and the rumors saying that he is nearly at Madrid atm looks like bs because he met up with Arsenal, Madrid and Juve yesterday and I think he couldn’t have made the decision that quickly. I hope we get him because its us vs Madrid. Remember Falcao idolizes Henry and the pull of London and the Premier League might get him because he has already played in La Liga.

  20. Falcao to Arsenal, Falcao to Arsenal. Sorry I need to repeat it several times as it sounds so good! 🙂 Loan or perm, (unlikely) I so hope this goes through. I watched him at the Emirates cup and he is built like a brick S*it house but still is quick and his movement in and around the box is awesome. Rarely do i buy into this ‘World class’ talk but this guy is without a shadow of doubt.
    @arsenalman365. I like your positivity and you are right, Wenger has been here before many times and although it’s nervy for us, we have got to trust in him.

  21. This lad gets hurt quite a lot. But I must say the way he has worked I do take my hat of to him. After the game on wend he fell to the floor where he worked so hard. This is something he is not used to doing for his old club. So I thing he need 3 60 min games to hit a good level of fitness. AND FOR GODS HAND AW GO AND GET THE 3 PLAYERS WE NEED AND STOP BEING A DICK

  22. Wenger says he will be “Actively involved” on deadline day. Why on earth is he not actively involved now, or for the past two months for that matter? At least £80M to spend and we’ve known we needed a DM and a striker all that time, yet we have to wait until deadline day for him to be actively involved. Pathetic. Could’ve put together a Champion’s League winning squad in all that time.

    1. Its because teams are more willing to sell plus you contradict yourself because he has already signed 4 players. Easier said than done coz this aint fifa or football manager m8.

      1. I know he’s signed those players but we’ve needed a DM since Gilberto/Edu days, and deffo need a targetman striker. Just annoys me when we all know that we’re now sufficiently loaded in regard to transfer funds yet have to play silly waiting games while the rest of the team fall to pieces through injury.

  23. what do you think? should sanchez be brought on as a sub against leicester keeping in mind energy-sapping besiktas game and the injury magnet for our players ‘the international break’

    1. He needs match fitness plus the internationals are friendlies so he is a definite start. He has very good natural fitness and should play 36 league games.

      1. Agree if we are going to rest sanchez that should be cap1cup and fa cup.

        Ffs there is only 38 league matches and at most 17 champions league games. Spread out across 10 months, if you cannot play 8 hours of football each month then you shouldn’t be taking £7m a year in wages.

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