Arsenal must keep the belief, even if we lose at Anfield

Will a bad result against Liverpool derail our improvement? By Sylvester Kwentua

These are surely good times at Arsenal right now, and everyone connected to Arsenal is feeling the good old Arsenal vibes, just the way it should be felt. Not losing a game out of 10 games? Wow! What a great time to be an Arsenal fan.

I don’t think Arsenal has felt this positivity in a long time now, and as far as i am concerned, i won’t want the feel good factor to end soon. Unfortunately, the feel good factor may just be put to rest after our next game, which will be against one of the most feared teams in Europe, Liverpool. We play Liverpool immediately after the international break and I strongly wish we will record a win against Liverpool; as winning is all I have always wanted in my life. But there is this thing in me that tells me the game may not go well for Arsenal. However, losing to Liverpool is not my major worry; rather what we do after the game is what I am bothered about.

There is this strong belief that comes with winning football games; the belief that every game should be won; a drive never to lose any game again. These beliefs and drive right now, is what I can see written all over the Arsenal players. These beliefs are all that is needed to go the extra mile in the EPL. These beliefs and drive, if maintained, will surely propel the team to achieving greatness this season and beyond. Now the question is, will the team maintain the same level of belief needed to conquer Liverpool? And if we don’t win against Liverpool, will the drive and belief still be there?

Why do I feel we may not win against Liverpool?

Let’s face it, Arsenal may be doing well at the moment, but scoring goals is getting hard to come by. In games that we won by the odd margin, we had the opportunity to score more and win comfortably, but we never seemed ready to seize such opportunities. Against Liverpool, we may need to score more than one goal if we intend to triumph over them. Are we going to score more than one goal? I pray we do. Are we going to run Liverpool over from the first minute to the end of the match? There is this school of thought that feels Aaron Ramsdale has not yet really faced the best strikers the EPL has to offer, and to an extent, I agree with them. In our game against Liverpool, Ramsdale will face arguably the best strike force in the league. My bet is that Ramsdale will be up to task on that day, but the team may just let him down. Why do I feel the team may let Ramsdale down? Simply because i can’t remember us beating a big team, immediately after an international break (i stand to be corrected please). Hopefully, Arsenal proves me wrong.

What next after the Liverpool game?

Like I said earlier, if we lose against Liverpool, I may not be totally worried; but what will get me worried is if we find it hard to reignite our form, after the game. Winning against Liverpool will surely make Arsenal stronger, as much as i expect the team to still remain strong, even if we lose. A big team is the team that knows how to bounce back from a defeat without allowing it to dampen the spirit of the team. After the game would have been played against Liverpool, I expect Arsenal to still continue in their impressive form, no matter the outcome of the game. Hope these fears are not exclusive to me, are they?

Do you think the game against Liverpool may derail our season?



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  1. A bad result will mean we still are not anywhere near the level we should be after two years. I expect a good result and to do what Brighton and West ham did. We have spent way more than them and we dont have any excuses for bad results. 4 points against utd and Liverpool is what is needed, both teams are well gettable at this moment. Its now or never. Excuses are gone now.

      1. this is the verbal equivalent of apologizing to someone while you’re simultaneously punching them in the junk…there’s nothing the Apologist Brigade loves more than spewing out some passive aggressive banter

      2. A lot more than some on here Greco. And instead of just writing junk, give your opinion, that might be interesting. I know i shouldn’t but your reply was ignorant.

      3. If he picks his young strikers… Drop Abumeang and Lacazette…. Pick Martinelli… Pepe would also be a good player against Liverpool…. Go all out attack…

    1. @reggie
      Everyone is entitled to their opinion but i will not be judging Arteta on his first 2 years , because the first 18 months was spent getting rid of players who were treating arsenal as if it was a holiday/ retirement home and who weren’t very good at football there is a few more to go but he is starting to assemble a squad of his liking , it is now his team and Liverpool is the ultimate test.

  2. I just have this strong feelings that we will continue our poor at Anfield,except some miracle happens like we did spurs!!!

    1. that winning against spurs was a miracle huh?,,,,hey do you feel yourself….you must not be an arsenal fun!

  3. Losing at Anfield is expected, because their loud supporters will strongly intimidate our players and the officials. I think the only Man United supporters can intimidate like that

    However, Arteta is more experienced now and some underperformers have been dropped. So I’m confident we can get at least a draw, as long as we don’t change the winning starting line-up and everybody is fully fit

  4. If its a big loss then its a big deal i think and as Reggie said no more excuses

    But hopefully we’ll well 🙂

  5. If we give 100%, have a game plan, play to our potential and lose…. it will be because they are the better side – it happens – as long as they play for the shirt the entire game, then MA will have made massive strides abd that is what I’ll beach looking for, total commitment.
    If we pick up a win or a draw, that’s even better!!!

  6. For the first time in a long time I’m positive about playing Liverpool at anfield, it now depends on the way the coach setup the players, we should not go there and defend we should attack even if we lose at least we will know we played football.

  7. Liverpool is just 2 points away from us. That implies they haven’t won all their matches. How do you rate the teams that have resisted against them with us?
    Some of you are just too negative for no reason. The least we can get there is a draw.If Westham and Brighton could belive in their possibilities, why not us? The only defence that’s better than us right now is Chelsea if you take just the last 8 games.

  8. The performance is everything at Anfield. I’m seriously pissed at the humiliating displays we have shown there over the last 10 seasons. As @Ken1365 says, if we at least give it a go, as Brighton did, then we can have no complaints about being beaten by an established team with a coach who demands performance. If we sit back and perform like rabbits caught in the headlights then that is not now acceptable. The results from now up until Citeh on New Year’s Day will judge Arteta and confirm if the last 19 games are an improvement or not.

  9. I’m looking forward to the game as always and as usual want us to get a result but it is only one game, away to a top top team and we are second favourites simply because they have better players who are well established as is their Manager

    Obviously our record at Anfield is poor, even Arsene’s team’s got a few dickings there so fingers crossed but a defeat is only the loss of 3 points as it would be if we lost to Newcastle in the next game at home

    Although a loss at Anfield would end our unbeaten run it wouldn’t undo it, we have received and deserved a lot of credit for it, not to mention points

    This is a young side still making mistakes and learning, they are not there yet even if they win at Anfield but wouldn’t it be great if they did

    Come on you Gunners

  10. This game Should be for the tacklers and pressers
    Auba shouldn’t start if Arsenal should get anything from this game.
    secondly I would love to see a 3man midfield of Niles, Partey, and Lokongo.

    Tomi White Gabriel Tierney/Tavares
    Niles Partey Lokonga
    Saka/Martineli Lacazette Smith-Rowe

  11. United got wasted by Liverpool because they didn’t compete strongly enough and Wan Bissaka had no help from the right winger. I’m a little worried that Saka hasn’t got the defensive work rate that’s going to be required. Not much choice there for MA unfortunately. But if he instills the understanding deep into all they players minds that they can’t switch off and the clear dangers Liverpool possess I hope we can get the win.
    I would go with:
    Tomi white Gabriel Tierney
    Partey Lokonga
    AMN ESR Saka

    I would be well happy

    1. The presence of both Laca and Auba in the attack has helped to stabilise the team better than when they play with only one of them. Statistics show that each time both of them play, we have more shots on goal than when only one of them plays. Go and do your research.

  12. @Abbas- if we go with the mindset of being second best we will get nothing from the game. Look how ordinary Brighton made them look at times, by being direct and positive. We need a DISCIPLINED performance not a defensive one. FFS let’s just get at them for once instead of accepting defeat before the game had even started.

  13. More than the result we need to show that we belong there among the top teams. If we go blow for blow and lose due to Liverpool superior firepower it will be 1000% better than sitting back and getting smashed like we have the bad habit of doing vs big teams.

  14. I think we should go for a counter attackung approach and expose TAAs flank with ESR and Auba.

    Brighton played some superb football but i dont think we should take that risk.

  15. These beliefs and drive right now, is what I can see written all over the Arsenal players. These beliefs are all that is needed to go the extra mile in the EPL. These beliefs and drive, if maintained, will surely propel the team to achieving greatness this season and beyond.

    ☝️ taken from your article.
    I would want to put a stamp on it. And Arsenal should confront any team in the league without fear and favour. All the best to the next contest.

  16. If we lose then then the manner of the loss will dictate.
    If we get bulldozed like we usually do without any serious fight then Arteta will still be under water for me.

    I have got to see a proper style, plan and execution of play even if we don’t lose. Can’t be dominated from minute 1 to last minute like always.

  17. Liverpool is NOT that Hard to Beat at all!
    All you need to do is to Shackle Trent Arnold and Robertson!
    These 2 Full backs are the secret of Liverpool’s Attacking threat!
    They link up quickly with Mo Salah and Sadio Mane to do Damage to teams!
    Use Tomiyasu and Tavares to Block them Totally from moving Forward!
    Play a 532 formation!
    Holding, White and Gabriel. Midfielders will be Partey, Lokonga and Odegaard+ Auba and Laca upfront!

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