Arsenal must keep their top players fit for just 10 more games

Day after day, the excitement about this 2022–23 Premier League title race is building. Who will win it? Arsenal or Manchester City? At the moment, Arsenal are favourites to lift the Premier League crown; they are 8 points clear of Manchester City, though they have played one more game.

The Gunners have two things to do to guarantee them taking home the 2022–23 league title after years of just being “passengers” in the Premier League. The first thing Arteta and his boys need to be keen on doing is matching or producing better results than Manchester City going forward.

Doing so could make it hard for Manchester City to close the gap that is already there between them. The other thing Arsenal must try to do is keep their “best soldiers” fit. To win the Premier League, Man City will be using their best squads to force results, and Arsenal just has to also do that.

To keep their players fit, Arsenal legend Tony Adams has named six stars Arteta must have to manage this title race. “At the moment, they need Bukayo [Saka], Gabriel Martinelli, Martin Odegaard, Thomas Partey, Gabriel Jesus, and Oleks Zinchenko playing every week because they have a team that almost picks itself,” said Adams in the Sun.

On why Arteta can’t trust some of his fringe players, he added, “We all saw what happened when Mikel rested a couple of his big boys in the Europa League the other week. The back-up players looked bang average and were played off the park by Sporting Lisbon.”

It will be a beautiful story if Arsenal go on to win the Premier League, but to be sure they need to keep that core of players fit to play the next ten games.

If they do, they will have the best chance to take the title, and what a way it will be for them to announce they are back, because other than defending the Premier League title next season, they’ll be back to play the big boys in the Champions League.

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  1. Looks like you’re doing your best to scud the fitness issues? Continuously banging on about the obvious.We know.It’s boring.

  2. Hopefully our fitness issues aren’t as bad as the articles keep repeating ,

    The way I see it , if Odegaard requires rest, we would be left with Trossard or Jesus to play that role with Martineli as CF, clearly others aren’t ready for the AM role, Smith-rowe isn’t neither is Viera,

  3. Forget about the ten games left, all we need to do just focus on one game at a time.

    Now we must look at Leeds with blinkers on and hammer them into submission.

    Its the perfect game to restart the campaign

  4. Adama is right that we have a great first team but he is saying thatv our whole squad lacks depth , which IT DOES!
    IMO our title chas edepends almost entirely on us staying free from injuries on almost all our reguklar choice playwrs , not merely six of them. Hoilding will much weaken us espo if he needs to play at Anfield Likewise Partey for ANY game Unlike some , I DO NOT wet my knickers over Jorghinho as a TRUE Partey replacement.

    YES HE HAS DONE WELL, so far, but to properly replace PARTEY, WE NEED FAR BETTER THAN JORGINHO, if we are being HONEST with ourselves.

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