One Player Arsenal MUST NOT Lose This Summer

Why Arsenal Must Keep Rosicky! by AT

As the summer transfer window approaches, Arsenal fans will be expecting at least a world-class player or two to come in, whilst also hoping for a few fringe players to be shown the door. Mikel Arteta, Abou Diaby and Mathieu Flamini are the players I’d like to see let go, but there is one fringe player I’d be desperate to see remain at the Emirates, and that is Tomas Rosicky!

Although the Czech Republic international did recently admit that he intended to leave the club in January due to restricted playing time, he has been significantly involved since the turn of the year and he did claim later that he was much happier as a result. Now while the veteran midfielder did not make any commitments in regards to his future at Arsenal, you would know that he truly loves the club and it wouldn’t take much to persuade him to stay.

Tomas would not expect a new bumper deal with a massive pay-hike to stay at the club, nor would he expect to play every game, all he would want is to feature for Arsenal on a consistent basis and I’m sure the club can give that to him. Despite being 34, he still has the legs to chase a ball with a 20-year-old and still has the passes to unlock any defence. In addition, he is the perfect mentor to so many attack-minded midfield players we have coming up the ranks at the moment. In regards to versatility, he can play behind the striker, on either flank or even deeper in midfield.

If you watch Arsenal on a regular basis, you would know that Arteta, Diaby and Flamini simply do not have it in them anymore, but the Little Mozart certainly does! With that being said, I really hope Wenger goes all out in order to persuade him to stay. Tomas Rosicky is a player I’d like to see retire at the club and I’m sure most Gooners share my desire!


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  1. Love to see him stay, but my gut feeling says he won’t…
    Rosicky has always been about as loyal and a professional player as you’re likely to find. But he’s just one of those players you can see has a massive love for the game and needs to be on the pitch week in, week out. If he is to request a move it’s obviously for football reasons, and if Wenger and him can’t find a suitable role where he can reach his goals i’d hate to see us getting in the way of that. A very, very valuable player to have around but keeping a player against their will is never a good thing.
    Finding a regular first-team role in a midfield with the likes of Coquelin, Ozil, Cazorla and Ramsey is always going to be a tall ask… No disrespect to Rosicky

    1. Makes you wonder – why did Sagna go to Man City? Can’t have been for playing time, he was first choice here but he’s Zabaleta’s understudy now. Trophies? Well, that hasn’t really worked out for him. But we’d just won the FA Cup when he left, why leave a club on the up? Money? If he wanted more money, why didn’t he leave us earlier like the rest who jumped ship?

      Odd one. Worked out for us though, cleared the path for Bellerin.

      1. @ mick

        I have nothing bad to say about sagna he stuck with us through the hard times and not only was he loyal he was a top class player. A model professional who threw his body on the line at every opportunity and kept in check some of the best players in the world.

        He knew what he was getting into when he left and some players need a new challenge. I have nothing but respect for the guy

    2. Why do the likes of Gerrard, Beckham etc. go play MLS while they probably still could play Premier League? Why does Robert Pires play in INDIA? Why was Drogba playing in China while he still was good enough for Chelsea?

      Money (and in the case of MLS, probably glamour as well).

  2. Lil Mozart is my favorite arsenal player I really hope he stays I want him to retire at AFC. The guy plays like he’s 24, gives 100% and oozes class every time he plays. Honestly if he wants to leave I hope wenger doesn’t stop him but I hope he doesn’t and that we win more trophies cause Mozart deserves it

  3. I like Rosicky. An excellent footballer and completely fits our style of play. To me, a player reaching the end of his career wanting to get more playing time whilst they still can is an acceptable reason to leave the club. I’d like to keep him, but if he wants to leave then I wouldn’t hold him back. Different story compared to others that have wanted to leave.

    Personally, this summer there are two players that I think we have to keep – Coquelin and Cazorla. That’s not to say the others aren’t worth keeping, just saying these two are more likely to attract interest as the others seem more settled. Coquelin has just signed a new contract, so he should be pretty locked down for us, but with his excellent performances and rapid rise, a bid from somewhere like PSG wouldn’t surprise me too much. Cazorla has said he wants to stay too, so hopefully we can keep him, but there’s a lot of interest in Spain that we may have to fend off.

    Wouldn’t rule out Walcott leaving this summer though. I don’t know where he’d go, I doubt he’d go to Liverpool without CL football, and we certainly wouldn’t sell him to any CL clubs, not in England at least. I do think there’s a good chance he’ll leave though. He can’t be happy with such little play time, even Ramsey playing on the wing instead of him. I don’t understand why he was dropped either, he was scoring goals and making chances. Definately looks like he’s fallen out with Wenger. A little like Podolski really. People will say it’s competition, but I’m not convinced it is, why would Ramsey be moved onto the wing otherwise? Wenger must think he doesn’t have a good enough winger to play there with Ox out. And why is Walcott never brought on as a substitute? To me, he’s out of favour with Wenger.

  4. Sentiment is really the main reason we want Rosicky to stay. He is a favorite player. But if Arsenal lose him it will not really be the end of the world. Arsenal have good attacking midfielders.

    Rosicky can still play at a high level but his performances this season suggest he can no longer give more than about 70 minutes.

    In the end, if he stays to play a fringe role, I will be happy.

    1. Sentiment is the reason for keeping Arteta. When Rosicky has played, he has played well. He’s done more for us this year than Wilshere. Quality, versatility and pace are the reasons for keeping Rosicky. He’s a backup who plays like a starter when given the chance.

    2. Where is all this BS coming about fitness? Rosicky has not shown any signs of losing pace or fitness. Rosicky can play 90 minutes. Doesn’t have to very often because he’s usually a sub.

  5. Thomas “little mozart” rosicky should end his career at arsenal as a gunner! He deserves that respect for being a loyal servant to the club! Coyg!

    1. And he deserves to win trophies. I really hope we win the fa cup this year so I can watch rosicky lift the cup!

      And next year I hope we win the title or the cl with rozza!

    2. @greg I agree with you. If he leaves it is because he wants to, and is in search of more regular football.

  6. I feel bad for Walcott and Gibbs, I think they should play BUT we have won 8 matches in a row with the same lineup. I feel for Wenger because if it ain’t broke, why fix it? It’s not like we’ve had/will have easy games (Manure, Lpool, Burnley, FA Semis, Chelsea..)

    They just need to suck it up. Guess Sczesny will play against Reading though, probably Gibbs too.

    1. Sczesny will play it fit because Wenger always uses the backup keeper in the FA Cup. Gibbs will probably start too and Gabriel will probably start so they can rest Koscielny.

      I wouldn’t mind seeing Coq rested because (correct me if I’m wrong) he’s one yellow card away from a suspension and we need him for the Chelsea game.

  7. When you look at the bigger picture regarding squad depth I think Wenger has some really big decisions this summer. I am thinking particularly as to how he is going to keep the whole group happy and motivated. We are all guilty of building up picture perfect teams and looking to get rid of x and bring in y on an almost continuous basis. Wenger has 2 years left to make his mark and try and sign off on a high – to what extent does he want to start cutting and carving the team/squad he has with so little time left? At some point in the evolution of every successful team you need to go with what you have – there is often more improvement to be had by working with and further developing what you have rather than endlessly chopping and changing. cannot have a squad with 25 world class starters – you are going to have to accept some drop off in quality for the squad players to maintain some sort of equilibrium. That is why we have to judge each player as a squad player – many want to get rid of Mertesacker for instance but if he stayed and not in the 1st X1 I would wager at least he would be the best 4th choice CB in the league. Is Wenger really going to buy another CB as some are requesting and get rid of Merts and demote Gab in his first season? Similar for someone like Danny Welbeck – he knows he is not an automatic starter but he is a fantastic “low-maintenance” squad option. We have related problems at the moment with Jack, Szcez and Theo – not sure how it will pan out but if we could somehow keep all 3 it would be great news FOR THE SQUAD.

    Frankly I think the front 5 permutations we have are bordering on the silly and if others are coming in then something has to give and we will have to give up on sentimentality like we have seen with Podolski and now Rosicky. With everyone fit and imagining our loan players are back Wenger could put out the following team against Reading that doesn’t include a single starter from yesterday:

    Debuchy Chambers Gabriel Gibbs
    Arteta Wilshere
    Walcott Rosicky Ox

    Subs: Martinez, Podolski, Campbell, Jenkinson, Hayden, Flamini, Miyaichi, Akpom, Bielik.

    In the interests of looking forward and not backwards, and injecting a little more quality in to the squad, I would be looking to gently off load Podolski, Campbell, Miyaichi and Rosicky (cue the boos). If we buy another CDM then Flamini as well. I am not going to start speculating about who comes in but I would be surprised if it was more than 2 or 3. I think there will be a CDM coming in but it won’t be Schneiderlin, maybe a young English “utility” defender Mings or Gomez and our annual single marquee signing to be Draxler (Reus is never gonna happen) although in my dreams I would prefer Lewandoski.

    1. @Jonestown1
      I like you man me and you are always on the same page but BOOOO how could you say that about rosicky?!

      And draxler is overrated man he isn’t worth the money they want at all. Felipe Anderson is where it’s at he’s on lazio he can be a world beater

      1. Goonsquad8 – I agree on Draxler and as I said he would not be my preference – but I can see it happening. He is has gone off the boil this year but the boy does have big potential but not at the stupid money being quoted – £37M or something daft like that. Haven’t seen Anderson – without being cynical is the Lazio “hot streak” having an effect here and getting people talking about him?

        1. Honestly i haven’t heard anyone talk about him I’ve just been watching him this year when i can and boy does he look good. He has INSANE pace with close control and is strong. Ive actually been mentioning anderson on other posts cause I’m trying to see if anyone else has seen him play and if people agree with me.

          But honestly id rather wenger buy max meyer over draxler, he’s like 19 or 20 and he’s not injury prone. he kinda (just kinda) reminds me of goetze a little but meyer seems a faster.

          watch anderson or i guess see if theres any youtube videos of him and tell me what you think

  8. BTW off topic: Anyone else seen Arsenal TV with Callum and the Ox in the back of a car chatting about sprinting. Very entertaining as the Ox takes the pi£$ out of Callum’s running. Reassuring to see he is getting lessons after school at Arsenal to improve his sprinting.

  9. Rosicky is one of those rare cases of being just about the football and to be honest I can’t begrudge him leaving.

    Back when he was just as I’ll as RVP and diaby, recovered found some form and stayed loyal, stayed with us. Unlike RVP who used the club’s loyalty to him to get a money move to united.

    He needs football. He needs to be part of a team. He has years left and a lot left to give. Can arsenal give him that? I don’t know. Can’t see it but a few games in early part of the season.

    Problems with such a deep squad, wilshere, Walcott, oxlade, welbeck, arteta all need game time as well.

    If arsenal can convince him to stay that would be great but if he left I can’t begrudge him.

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