Arsenal must kick-start their season tonight

Win over Anderlecht could be the springboard to Arsenal rediscovering their form by SE

Arsenal indeed have made an unimpressive start to their campaign; however, with a couple of good performances, form and the season that’s increasingly going on a downward spiral can be rectified. Last weekend’s 2-2 draw at the Emirates against Hull City cannot be an ideal preparation, going into a crucial Champions League fixture as Arsenal do when they take on Anderlecht at the home of the Belgium champions. While you go into every game of the season looking to win, every result — win, draw or defeat — that Arsenal manage from here on, could have a bearing on their faint mindset.

There’s more to Arsenal’s failures this season, than just Arsene Wenger’s insipid tactics, and the lack of ideal replacements for those injured, impeding the Gunners from realizing their winning touch. There’s an air of cynicism in the Arsenal camp, concerning their own ability, which will be always be an inhibition to producing your best.

Barring Sanchez and Welbeck, ever since he made the move from United, many of Arsenal stars — Mesut Ozil, Aaron Ramsey, Jack Wilshere and Mikel Arteta — have been struggling for form, fitness and confidence. While the exertions at the World Cup in Brazil will have had a psychological impact at the start of the season, it should have slowly but steadily disappeared as the season has progressed.

Tonight’s Champions League fixture against Anderlecht will be a test of Arsenal’s ‘big boys’ credentials, as they will be playing away in this competition for the first time since the 0-2 defeat at the Westfalenstadion on Matchday 1. And, as we witnessed last night, there are no easy games at this level. Manchester City, after going 2-0 ahead at Half-Time in their clash against CSKA Moskva, threw away the lead, to come away from Moscow with just a point to show for their ambitions of progressing in the competition. On Matchday 2, Ludogorets made a nuisance of themselves to the title holders, Real Madrid, who just squeezed over the line. As a result, although there will be 3 points at stake for Arsenal, most crucially, the by-product of a prospective win could reinvigorate Arsenal’s swagger and act as the springboard to rediscovering their best form.

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    1. “Tonight’s Champions League fixture against
      Anderlecht will be a test of Arsenal’s ‘big boys’

      Did u just say we have “big boys credentials”? Meh, maybe we used to have such credentials, but they got binned by Wonga way back.

      1. Off Topic here but its painful watching a fit, match-sharp maestro by the name of one Cesc Fabregas getting more assists and goals over at Chelsea

        Thumb me down all you like for still crying over spilt milk but Wenger is an absolute idiot for not re-signing the man. Forget loyalties and past heartache…the man is a beast!

        1. yes and when he picks up player of the year…i still wont give a monkeys cos wenger is the root cause of our problems.

          one player wont change that

        2. Dude, I never cry over spilled milk. I just put off my pride, go down and lick the damn drops of milk.

          1. i heard that Cesc already made the Chelsea deal before Wenger approached him. True or not true, those from England?

        3. i heard that Cesc already made the Chelsea deal before Wenger approached him. True or not true, those from England?

    1. listen if we cant beat anderlecht we might aswell pack up our big issue magazines, grab our cardboard boxes and headback to where we came from

    2. Nope, no matter how bad the result, it can’t be another bad day at the office, cuz I’m gonna watch it in a pub.

  1. Just let Sanchez do training and match preparation, he’s alot more inspiring than Wenger if you ask me. If Arsenal don’t win tonight we might have to kiss our CL dream goodbye with Gala away and Dortmund home (with Reus and Hummels) in hindsight.

      1. ideal for us is second:

        we have no chance winning it so first is pointless.

        we come third we have to deal with transylvania on a thursday for europa league.
        coming second we play bayern/barca, lose as usual, then can focus on retaining 4th place trophy

        1. Yeah, we cum second and get drawn against Barcelona, then they spank us real hard and send us packing.

        2. @muffdiver
          Hey dude. Don’t knock Transylvania. Vlad and his crew have upped their game considerably, if the latest movie of him is the benchmark of how their rollin now…lmfao

  2. interesting title here: from invincible to invisible. solve the riddle and know exactly that we won’t ever be the same while stan, arsene and wenger are in charge.

  3. I would say only sanchez,welbeck,chambers and wilshere (upto an extend) played well for us. This badly need to change. The likes of santi,rambo,per has to raise their game .

      1. He is one of our best players this year ( even if sounds kinda pathetic ), and also for the English nat. team. Dont be such a troll for f. sake.

  4. Arsene’s Nike coat came to him in a dream. It brought a message from the other side. Exact words were – drop Wilshere and you shall win.

    1. Yeah, don’t u think he’s the next Iniesta? I mean all diz lads are always termed de next somebody.

  5. I hope Campbell gets a start over the Ox

    I can’t stress this enough how Joel Campbell has better close control, decision making and is more composed than Chambo


  6. This club has really dropped its reputation to the extent that even fans no longer see themselves as a top team. If this feeling continues for the next 4 years, am sure the club will lose 1/4 of its supporters. Teams are supposed to be respecting this club but it seems they also know this is a small team with a big stadium.

    1. if we lose fans, ivan will setup a tour of mongolia and the booboo islands of the aegean sea- to just get more fans- no biggie for daddy warbucks and his crew

    2. Dude, I know some folks who were once Arsenal fans but today they support Chelsea, some support Liverpool. But I say skriew dem. Once a gunner, forever a gunner, no matter what.

        1. yeah, these are feelings what make us fans or not….so till loe da gunners dspiite form, draws or else

  7. Podolski tells BILD: “I want to play football – I’m not the type to sit on the bench. I’ll speak to the coach”

  8. There were protests against stan “Enos” kroenke during Colorado rapids football game even WWE did an article on him & slamming his mgrl skills in handling sports clubs

    1. @leo
      Stan’s wife is part of the Walton family, owners of Walmart. That should say all you need to know about his business ideology…

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