Arsenal must look to themselves to beat Aston Villa

No easy games! Arsenal must not get complacent! by Sam P

After the euphoria in midweek Arsenal need to get their feet back planted firmly in the ground, and get back to the grindstone that is the Premier League where we face a struggle every single week to keep pace with the leaders in the title race.

We are definitely in danger of underestimating an undoubtedly weak Villa side, but as we know you do that at your peril this season. It’s an old cliche now, but there is no such thing as an easy game in this division, no matter the position in the table.

Arsene Wenger tried to make this clear by saying that although Villa have a very good team, it is up to the Gunners to be able to forget the midweek game and simply concentrate on the job in hand. “They have Sinclair, they have Jordan Ayew, who can score goals like Gestede. They are a complete team,” Le Prof said.

“Vertout plays quite well, Gueye plays. They have young prospects like Grealish. I think there is a good basis for Remi Garde to work on and to stabilise the team.

“For us, after Wednesday night, it’s important that we straight away have a focus. I’m highly focused on the Premier League and I want us to manage to go from one competition to the other. That’s a sign of maturity as well.”

Okay it should be relatively easy compared to the high-pressure cauldron in Athens on Wednesday, but Wenger is absolutely right. We now know we can play excellent football and we should now be full of confidence to follow it up, but we must remember to never ever underestimate any of our opponents. Therein lies madness……


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  1. City narrowly escaped last night.. Horribly unconvincing against a poor Swansea.
    Fingers crossed we get the win tonight to put them under big-time pressure coming to the Emirates!! I may be getting ahead of myself but on the road, City have been poor and they have big-time away games against us and Leceister in the coming month…

    1. “and Leicester in the coming month”. Sums the weird PL season where MANC’s game against Leicester is being counted as big for them.

  2. Consistency is key…how many times have we seen Arsenal draw/lose against ‘weaker’ teams this season? The hunger and desire must be there to win, which needs to eminate from our manager. If our players lack that passion on the pitch we will not win the league, simple as that. There is no excuse for our players not to give it 100% every game – they are well paid, fit, and do this for a living. Make us proud today Gunners

  3. ‘We are definitely in danger of underestimating an undoubtedly weak Villa side.’
    You kinda contradict your self with this sentence mate. I think its about time we stop doubting ourselves and start delivering the kind of performances we are capable of producing. I don’t really see the outcome being anything other than an Arsenal win.

  4. I think this season we have a great chance of winning the league, even though we’ve not been very consistent, we just need to be clinical in front of goal

  5. Exactly. No looking around, but to themselves. If Wenger can convince them that it’s all down to them then we will see a win. Because this is the crucial win we need to have a bit of a hope this December. Dig deep boys! Please!

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