Arsenal must make a move in the transfer market but only under one condition

Arsenal need new players but they must avoid a knee jerk reaction

I would suggest that if you scoured the entire planet you will not find a single Arsenal fan that does not believe that we need new signings as a matter of urgency.

One or two good performances cannot mask the deficiencies within the squad and it is imperative that the board make some sort of move into the transfer market this month.

However, they must avoid any sort of knee jerk reaction, that can easily happen when there are long term injuries or positions that need emergency strengthening.

There is no point at all picking up ageing players or players that are cheap simply because they are available, they must be able to fit into Mikel Arteta’s vision.

A central defender is needed and it would be great if Arsenal can sign a player like Dayot Upamecano but not if he is massively overpriced. Jerome Boateng was at one time touted but why should Arsenal sign a player clearly past his best at the end of his career?

A creative midfielder is required, a Jack Grealish type of player would be an awesome signing but would he fit into Arteta’s vision? I am not sure he would.

The point I am making is that Arsenal has to bring in some fresh blood, that is clear but buying for the sake of it will result in a backlash and the last thing Arsenal needs right now is another deadwood signing.

In conclusion, Arsenal must make a move in this transfer window but they have to get it right and avoid signing anyone as a knee jerk reaction.


  1. Eddie says:

    if you guys keep talking about this like you constantly do as if the board and Arteta doesn’t know the team needs new players, you’ll be driving then into doing exactly what you don’t want in this article

  2. Top Gunner says:

    We need three players in the position of Ozil, Xhaka and Mustafi. Then sell those guy to reduce the wage bill

  3. jon fox says:

    Perfectly fair comments in the article but this board and the uninterested owner who just leaves all day to day non financial spending decisions to them, are only able, thanks to Kroenkes meanness,to look at stop gap fillers who cost peanuts. A long term strategy, AKA PROPER AND PROFESSIONAL FORWARD PLANNING, is something that has not dawned on this owner or board. Same with Man United too, but which with true fan bias, pleases me no end!

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