Arsenal must make replacing Leno a priority

Leno Shows Again That He Must Leave. by AI

This is no longer new. It is now painfully obvious to anyone that Bernd Leno cannot do three things, all of which make for a great goalkeeper:

— Command his box in the air.

— Distribute the ball calmly and assuredly.

— Inspire confidence in his defenders.

Leno remains a good shotstopper, but not so good as to warrant overlooking his many faults. He has no leadership qualities, no authority, no assertiveness at the back. He cannot pass the ball cleanly and confidently to his players. He is poor at claiming crosses and shutting down setpiece situations.

David Raya of Brentford, a player we have been formerly linked to, showed us what it means when a goalkeeper can pass out of the back. Teams like Leeds, Brentford, Leicester, Chelsea, City, Liverpool among others all have goalkeepers who are proficient at passing. It is an essential part of good possession play or even launching counterattacks. And Bernd Leno is just not good at it. Every game, he shows that.

Teams know that they can press us all the way to the goalkeeper because they know that Leno is a weakness. The last time City and Liverpool tried it when we had a competent passer in Emiliano Martinez, they conceded goals and checked themselves.

With the away crowds back and booming, Leno will only make more errors at passing. His replacement is a priority.

Agboola Israel

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    1. Yet the collection of doom and gloomers on this site
      seem to truly believe that AFC have spent close to £30M
      on Leno’s backup.


      1. What will be LMFAO will be when you realise we have signed a second rate keeper and if he does replace Leno I’m sure you will be the first to laugh then .

        Silly comment, you can and have done better .

        1. I knew you were lying in wait hoping to return the favour DK…Ace is just another member of the waffling mafia that have come to bully this site in recent days…I’m salivating at the possibility of writing a rebuttal later in the day

          1. Bully the site? Might be a touch hyperbolic
            there RVL.

            I much like a few other contributors on this
            site just tend to grow tired of the constant
            negative emoting from the usual suspects
            that have no reservations polluting this
            board and EVERY POSSIBLE THREAD with
            the same ol stich.

            Im as frustrated as any Gooner out there
            but tend to take a half full approach to my
            beloved Arsenal. If that classifies my fandom
            as a member of the Waffling Mafia than
            guilty as charged.

        2. Actually I have no reservations with AFC
          signing Ramsdale and when he becomes
          1st choice I will support him rain or shine.

          A 2nd rate keeper who was twice player of the
          year on horrible teams and and England
          international @ 23. Got It

          Your senseless negativity at times really has
          no ceiling. LOL

          1. “Im as frustrated as any Gooner out there
            but tend to take a half full approach” Ace

            imagine being so delusional that you actually believed this obvious nonsense…your cake and eat it too pony show has become an all-too-familiar strategic posting practice on this site by those who don’t have either the insight and/or gumption to contribute to the discussion in a truly meaningful way…instead you rear your heads, on occasion, to chastise those who have the stones and/or the organizational know-how to formulate definitive opinions, albeit they do so in a way that doesn’t suit your particular sensibilities, while simultaneously leaving yourselves a rather convenient “out” just in case things go further sideways…thus your laughable comment above…that my friend is called talking out of both sides of your mouth LOL

        3. Dan, you are perhaps the single most doom ridden of all the “gloomers” he referred to!

          CHANGE THE RECORD , for goodness sake, Mr Pessimist!

          1. Oh just finished my BBQ jonny boy so will add I might be doom and gloom with our manager but aren’t you the single most doom merchant with at least half our first team squad ,frauds lazy ,and anything else you throw at them .
            Maybe me and you could start up our own doom merchant club or does that apply to you because it’s you ?
            Clown after clown comments form you buddy boy .
            Keep up maybe one day we could be best friends .

  1. Ramsdale will not be Leno’s back up, he should go straight into the team if Arteta has any sense. I couldn’t agree more with this writer, Leno is timid and has been for some time. We need a commanding presence in goal so let’s hope Ramsdale is vocal, commanding and dominant. I guarantee the defenders will feel much happier having a vocal control freak behind them instead of Mickey Mouse.

  2. Totally correct article, albeit one that has already been taken over by events. Leno’s inabilty to direct his defence, control his area, pass the ball, avoid basic errors has kicked all confidence out of those in front of him, to an extent that I fear some players will never recover their original form. The fact that he can save shots has seemingly justified his inclusion while masking the damage he has done to those around him. But for the ability to appear calm we would long ago have seen him as having similar skills to Runarsson, who was immediately found out not least because he looked so nervous.

  3. 20M for this chap? Far worse than Ospina,ManuelAlmunia, Vito Mannone and Fabianski. Why our faithful worship him? Because we were mugged of 20M while Runar cost us 2M. Equal to Petr Chek in doing stupid errors.Waiting eagerly for Ramsdale.Thanks Mikel for putting Lenos misery to an end

    1. Didn’t Leno first 2 seasons show how good he was or did you have why eyes closed for 2 years ,it was only when Arteta came in he looked shaky .
      Another silly comment from a fan that obviously does not watch football to often but comments like a seasoned coach .

      PS Leno was signed by Emery not Wenger which you keep telling us .

      1. Leno made 5 errors leading to goal in his debut season (most in the league) if that’s not shaky I dont know what is.

        1. 5 errors in his debut season (if true ) but was voted our second best player behind Auba and this is having to face countless shots per game because of the way Emery set us up ,you can do better Rory mate .
          No passive aggression tonight buddy 👍

          1. Absolutely true mate yes 5, as well as 6 clean sheets all season with 105 saves vs 42 goals conceded, his errors alone were just under 8% of all our goals conceded that year in the league, so yeah not a great debut year regardless of being voted in 2nd best 👍

      2. Bro, you can choose to see what you wish to, it doesn’t bother me. What bothers me is that we lose points each week due to Leno. ln in his first 2 years we won nothing. We won something when he was unfortunately injured! It dont bother me if you sing praises to Leno or Ozil or rant at Iwobi and Willian.Also lay to rest the signing gaffe for which I apologized.

        1. LC obviously I didn’t see you lay to rest the comment about Wenger signing Leno because I just breeze through your constant Wenger bashing posts ,for that I am sorry .
          As for the Iwobi jibe ,Ive mentioned him about 4 times since he left you mention Wenger 4 times in every post
          .ive let that one go now buddy maybe you should do the same 👍

  4. Honestly Ramsdale should walk straight into the team.. Whenever the ball gets anywhere close to Leno I am in anticipation of disaster.. This cannot be healthy…

  5. Hopefully Martinez comes back sooner than later. We should have bought him back instead of all these questionable replacements…….Arsenal know they sold the better goalie and the best option is to buy him back or bring up a younger one from the academy more familiar with our style of play.

  6. Some players need competition to lift their game to another level. Leno has never really had that at Arsenal, even when Martinez was here. He’s got it now.

    Let’s see what he’s made of. I think, at least initially, he’ll step up.

  7. I have always told fellas that leno is our most problem we have but they refute my words. Let me hope he is displaced straight away after ramsdale transfer.

  8. Amazing. It seems that whoever wrote this article desperately wants Arsenal to be relegated, and the sooner the better it seems?
    Or perhaps there is another agenda, and maybe he wants Arteta to be fired.

    Leno is at least a good shot stopper. Ramsdale does not dive so much as do belly flops.

    I am not a great Leno fan because he does not control his penalty area when balls are hit in at corners, from free kicks or from crosses. He tends to flap.
    However I have not seen Ramsdale control his box at either Bournemouth or Sheffield Utd.

    Still whoever wrote this article obviously knows best, so I will keep quiet.

  9. This is complete nonsense; a waste of time.
    Clearly, just an attempt to create excuse for our big-spending manager to waste another 30M. We need to stop wasting Kroenke’s money to create headlines and use it instead to improve the squad.
    I would rather take the risk with Runnarson as back up instead of wasting our money on Ramsdale; this guy is so over-rated. I thought we were looking for a keeper who was good on the ball, a player with the ability to play out from the back?
    Maybe, we just want to create more deadwood for Antonio Conte.

    1. RF, it’s so disconcerting to see Arteta apologists come to the defence of a manager, who not only sold the Keeper who best fit his preferred “play out from the back” system, but likewise forced Leno into an largely untenable situation, which ultimately led to his public displays of disaffection, then to solve this self-inflicted mess, overpaid for a Keeper who doesn’t possess the requisite attributes…how could anyone package this as a positive set of circumstances???

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