Arsenal must move FAST to avoid losing Reus to Man City!!

He has been on the transfer of radar of Arsenal and Arsene Wenger for some time according to many Arsenal transfer rumours over the last few years and Marco Reus may not even be ready to move clubs until next summer, but we need to keep a very close watch on his situation.

According to a Daily Express report, our Premier League rivals Man City have already got the jump on the Gunners, having made contact with the forward’s Bundesliga club Borussia Dortmund.

Apparently City have enquired about the possible availability of Reus and asked to be kept informed about any news or changes in the situation. And this is not just a pipe dream of a transfer for Arsenal, because the 25-year old Germany international has put off tals about a contract extension and his current deal with Dortmund has a £20 million release clause that is due to become active in the summer.

According to various media reports, Reus is said to be an admirer of Arsenal, Wenger and the way we play. He also has three German team mates already at the club so we should have a good chance of signing him, as long as we don’t drag our feet and let City or another side beat us to the punch.

Do you think Wenger should make his move in January, perhaps with an offer of £25-30 million or with Podolski as a sweetener? We can afford it after all….

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  1. Off Topic: just wondering how many players when committing to the club say that manager was influential in their decision.
    And still ppl want to see the back of AW.

    1. 1, Arsenal will offer Reus 140k, Man City will offer 200k. 2, we’ll offer Dortmund less than the buyout clause, Man City will offer 5M more than the buyout clause. 3, Wenger will play Reus as a box to box player, Pellegrini will play him at LW… So please guys, stop this crap!

      1. If we must buy Reus then Podolski has to be sold, Campbell sold or Loaned out and Sir-noGoal to be definitely loaned out.

        However, we should not buy Reus just because he is Reus, there are other positions that need urgent reinforcement (a versatile CB that can play as a DM and an outright world-class DM).

        And I also think we should let either Arteta or Flamini leave in Jenuary, preferably Arteta (I watched out fatal game with Chelsea at the bridge last season and I couldn’t help but notice how bad and out of place Arteta was, same as in the recent Dortmund clash, I think Flamini is faster and better at marking and defending than him).

        I said nothing about Diaby because I really don’t know how he’s gonna fair before that time or throughout this season, it’s obvious Wenger will keep him in the meantime and I hope everything goes well with Diaby.

        Also, characteristically, Welbeck much better than Giroud. However, whoever should be our main striker should be selected based on form and results, not sentiment. I look forward to having Benik Afobe in the first team, age is not what counts, it’s skill and experience.

        1. Off Topic___

          Who else thinks Wilshere has a big mouth? He’s definitely talented but he’s just too full of himself. I hate people that talk too much, boast about themselves and their actions often fail to match their words. Same thing goes for Szceszny; in fact this crop of Arsenal players talk too much and are often unrealistic with themselves.

  2. He might have had a 9 year barren spell bt he is back to winning ways btw season has jst started

  3. Wenger is a sleeping dog, by the time he wakes up it will be 11:59 31/01/2015. it will be 1 minute to the new day and there wont be anything left. Then he will say there was no food on the table(no players on the market). Same old stories every year.

  4. The only things going for us in signing Reus
    – Rosicky is his idol
    – Dortmund aren’t doing as well (except when they play Arsenal in the UCL)
    – we have Germans already on our squad
    – seems keen on joining Arsenal

    What we don’t have going for us
    – $$$$$$

    I would seriously love to have him on our squad. But if it comes down to a bidding war with Cash City, we will surely lose. But hey, maybe Reus is a different kind of human and will join our club anyway.

    1. If khedira is comming so will rues he will be playing with a large contingent from the German team. We could even loan gnabry till the end of the season as they are interesting in him and he gets competitvie ball at a good team. Alternatively Joel Campbell .

      He is also much more likely to settle in London ; schurle,mertesacker,podolski,gnabry,Rosicky,ozil…khedira? Etc…

  5. Honestly I would love to get Reus at AFC, but we NEED a CDM. Doesn’t matter how many “top attacking players” you sign. If you can’t defend, then they’re pointless. It’s like Wenger’s in some kind of competition to see how many CAM’s he can get on the pitch at one time. Bender, Khedira, Carvalho, Scheiderlin. All 4 are cheaper then Reus by about 20 mil and would change our whole team around.

    1. You are right, @Dilla. See in the Chelsea game when Moronwhore decided to shut down the passage to his goal completely by pairing Matic with Mikel, or the game against Southampton where Sneidelin and Wanyama were paired solidly in the middle.

  6. We are linked with many LW players like Reus , Draxler etc…
    IMO this is all BS..
    Suppose we buy Reus and release Poldi…
    Where will he play in a team having Ox , Alexis , Campbell and Theo???

    Defence is the priority and I’d rather spend on 2 CB’s and a DM

  7. I see arsenal are 1st and 2nd,including our goalkeeper in giving penalties away.Does that not tell us that our DM’s are crap or our CD’s are crap or our WB’s are crap.

  8. Looking at Arsenals form and Wenger’s non changing attitude, we surely need Reus. We need that extra boost.. The last 2-3 games I saw of arsenals were so underwhelming, there was no flair at all. Doesn’t seem that anyone wants to win the game.

    1. they’re all probably dispirited bc they’re manager is going senile playing players out of position, not subbing, subbing too late, forgetting to buy a DM, accidentally buying 10 CAMs and no DMs, unwilling to pay market prices, etc etc.

      1. Who’s played out of position? Ozil? Never was and never will. He always played where he wanted at Arsenal. I guess that he can do that since was our most expensive buy ever. Who else? Szceszny as sweeper? Cazorla as box to box? That happened only once. Who else? Subbing late is a Wenger trademark. You should have complained 18 years ago but I suppose that back then you were a Chelsea fan. We have basically two real CAM’s : Ozil and Cazorla and the later played almost all his life before joining Arsenal as LW.
        One thing I actually have to say is that Wenger is not strong enough with his players. If he was then probably they would have buckled up and break some legs.

  9. This is why Arsenal is not a
    serious EPL contender right now.

    A grade. 14 players.
    Szcz Ospina
    Debuchi Chambers Koz Gibbs
    Ramsey Wilshere Chamberlain Ozil
    Cazorla Sanchez Walcott

    B Grade battlers. 9
    Martinez Monreal Mertz
    Jenkinson Arteta Flamini Rosicky .
    Podolski Giroud

    C grade. 4
    Sanogo Coquelin Diaby Ryo

    Youngsters. 5
    Bellerin Hayden Gnabry Campbell Akpom.

    1. Welbeck isn’t better than giroud different yes better no
      Monreal has been good so far this season and if chambers is a a grade so is monreal

  10. I don’t think Wenger will go for Reus. We already have Walcott and Sanchez to work the wings. We also the OX, Campbell and Gnabry. I also don’t see why City needs him as they have Nasri and Navas.

  11. Lololololol wat on earth does arsenal have that man city can’t offer? Don’t give me that german connection bs real madrid and barca friends are always homies after a match, didn’t you see vermaelen and rvp chilling together on the beach? Man city can quadriple his wages, win him the premier League title, arsenal can only offer cl football and a shot at a domestic cup, we’re the valencia of england, the schalke of Bundesliga, lille of ligue 1, don’t be fooled by the media, you saw right before your eyes how we got trashed by dortmund, now if u were reus WHY the F@K would you step down to arsenal, when you can see rozza and ozil on your days off anyway?

  12. __________Welbeck
    Cazorla Ramsey Khedira Walcott
    Gibbs Koscielny Merts Debuchy

    We’re very close to having the best team in the premiership. Will Wenger do it???

  13. Wenger doesn’t seem to realize that he can’t play 7 creative midfielders at once. The team needs some size and strength in the defensive areas at the back and midfield. The team needs less on the creative side, but more on the destructive side. The team is soft and weak. Until the naive Wenger realizes this, the team will suffer more losses to the big teams. Why does Wenger like tiny players when they are no match for the big physical teams? BTW, Messi is one of a kind and Arsenal don’t have anything like him.

  14. Klopp is going to sell Reus to Arsenal so that he can manage him again in 2.5 years time


  15. We need a player who can do what harzard does in chelsea, Di Maria in Man U, Suares in Liverpool can Reu does dat? If yes we need him, if No! We don’t. Otherwise, the real players we need r world class Striker, DM and Centre Defender. Let’s buy players we need.

  16. @Drew

    I have not even bother reading the other comments as you were spot on.
    You have put it with a bot of humour, but the fact is you are “dead” right.

    One of my question would be… Why would Reus come to Arsenal?
    The only reasons I can manage so far is, our German group (well Podolski might leave) and a better pay check at the end of the month… Because as far as being competitive he knows we are not it (his own team is not doing well, but could have trashed us on CL… Easily).

    Loads of players are saying Wenger was influential for them coming here… I just don’t believe that, not even a minute… Another PR stunt from the Arsenal camp.
    I wish the all machine would be better in term of recruiting players.

  17. next year Reus and Klopp comes to Arsenal. Klopp need a new challenge and Reus too. Arsenal London is a big name in Germany, Manchester City isn’t.

  18. Don’t see why we would need Reus if we have Walcott and Sanchez. Can Reus play striker?

    Anyway, I obviously wouldn’t object lol

    But strengthening our defense should be a priority

    1. Rues is a complete attacker he can play lfwd,st,rfwd,cam when last have we had such a player? Can’t think of any only Arshavin did that for arsenal

  19. Does anyone agree with me in that we have a defensive midfielder in Calum Chambers? From watching him play he has all the tools for the position? He’s so calm on the ball, can make simple passes with his eyes closed and can thread the needle if need be. Decent in the air and can tackle well. Thoughts on Chambers as our DM? Yay or nay?

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