Arsenal must move quickly to beat Chelsea and Everton to Koulibaly!

Arsenal are on the hunt for a new central defender to partner Laurent Koscielny in defence and one name on the wanted list is supposedly Napoli defender Kalidou Koulibaly.

Koulibaly is a well known Arsenal target so there is no real need to dive into the depths of discussing his strengths and weaknesses. One thing for sure is that he would certainly be an upgrade on the mix of Per Mertesacker and Gabriel. Mertesacker isn’t getting any younger and he is slowly losing the little pace he still has. His physical capabilities on the pitch are only going to grow worse and with the professional game in England so heavily focused around pace and physicality, Per could soon see himself very out of favour. Gabriel on the other hand still hasn’t truly adapted to the Premier League and after a year and a half at the club, he really needs to improve and adapt soon, otherwise he too could find himself very out of favour at Arsenal. Our only real possible partner for Koscielny at the moment therefore, is in my opinion, Calum Chambers. The youngster however is still very unproven and has had dips in form in the past, which has lead to some terrible errors. So whether he is ready or not to be a regular Arsenal player, leading in defence remains up for debate.

The latest developments on Koulibaly is that although Arsenal have reportedly shown an interest in the 25 year old, an official offer still hasn’t been submitted. Meanwhile Arsenal have now attracted some rivals for the defender’s signature, with Premier League sides Chelsea and Everton also interested in securing the Napoli man.

Arsenal of course have Champions League football to offer next season, unlike the other two sides mentioned in the report. However whether Wenger and co will actually make a suitable offer remains to be seen.

The Gunners may have to be quick to make their move before other clubs start swarming, but at a reported price of £34 million, perhaps this will be another one that Arsenal steer well clear of.



    1. Higher at getting Lacazette currently… It’s a supposed algorithm that sky have come up with that filters the rumors and likelihood of happening. I like it personally

      1. Must admit that I don’t like how sky have gone this whispers way. Every single rumour that came up was top or close to top, then a day or so later it’s all reversed. When I first discovered it I thought wow this is deadly, sky is sorting out the truth from the fiction, but it all seems both at one time or another.

    1. When David Dein was here. Remember losing Anelka and a better player came straight in. Lost Overmars and Pires came in. Arsene touched down and deals where done before he landed.

  1. It was fulltime that wenger put his feet down and call out henry for the traiter he is.. I know most fans wont agree with me calling the club all times leading goal scorer and the man with a statue outside the Emirates a traitor, but if you take off your gooner lens and view this man objectively, what youll see is a selfish and egotistical individual.. the boss is 100% right that he can’t be with the club for majority of the week then criticized it on matchdays much to the amusement of his colleagues and fellow ex-players from other clubs who loves to hate arsenal.. this is a man who hardly have anything good to say about us, however when barc’s name is mentioned in his presence he always act like a teenage girl who just got the first call from her crush. He need to take a page out of bergkamp book who have carried himself like the true legend he is ever since he hung up boots. Am also watching to see if Henry will turn us down for the 4million skysports is paying him to talk sh!t about the club that play a large role in him getting the job there.

    1. You have a point. He will be the face of Arsenal, but he is payed to critigue. People will believe his criticism more so because he is with the players and their tactics on a weekly basis. You never here Phil Thompson say anything bad on Liv, he could do both jobs. It is a conflict of interest.

  2. And the phrase comes out again;”Arsenal have CL to offer next season”… That doesn’t guarantee anything bro..if ManU offers more and show more intent he will go there regardless of CL…

    *Again the article said Arsenal have shown an interest BUT no official offer has been made..then what kind of interest is that,how do you show interest without a bid????

    *”Gabriel could find himself out of favour”….I don’t think so cos imo, Gabriel has started better than Kos as Kos was a calamity when he first came….I don’t think he is the best partner for Kos as they are similar,even Verm and Kos were not solid,Mert is a top player he compliments his partner well…

    We need a CB but am not sure Wenger will buy(are we even sure about anything now)…however, I want Chambers to be given some more chance he will come good..
    Wenger may just think Monreal can play CB, we have Kos,Gab,Mert and don’t forget he has used Debuchy as a CB before….#justsaying#

  3. OT:
    According to italian journalist,Gianluca Di Marzio, Arsenal are prepared to offer Giroud in an attempt to get Gonzalo higuain and the report claims Napoli coach was in the Euro final to watch believe that??????…..

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