Arsenal MUST move Ramsey back to a central role

Why Arsenal Need to Move Ramsey Back To Midfield! by AT

Following the game at Old Trafford in which Arsenal came away with a point, the Gunners star Aaron Ramsey has once again earned a lot of plaudits for his performance. The midfielder was at the heart of Arsenal’s renaissance in the second half and it was his long ball that sent Theo Walcott through to score the equaliser. But on close analysis of the game, it is not hard to notice that it was when he was moved into midfield that he truly established his influence on the game.

In addition to playing splendid passes from midfield, the Welshman was also putting his foot in to win the ball and was also seen making those late runs from midfield and getting into great positions, attributes that were so characteristic of him last season. Now although his failure to produce more such performances this campaign can largely be put down to injury, I do feel that Wenger playing him on the right flank takes a fair bit out of his game.

While I do acknowledge that Ramsey is also effective playing out wide, an even stronger opinion of mine is that his best position is in central midfield and his best attributes come to life when he is deployed there. As we all saw last season, Aaron is very capable of scoring 15 goals a season and notching up a handful of assists to go with it.

When Arsenal play big teams such as Manchester United, perhaps Wenger is justified to deploy him on the flanks because there is a great need for work-rate, something that other options like Theo lack when compared to Rambo. But in matches where the onus is on us to attack, I’d really prefer to move Santi out wide or bring in Walcott or Welbeck in order to slot Ramsey next to Coquelin in the heart of Arsenal’s midfield.

It may have been an entirely different story if Ramsey had started in midfield in last week’s defeat to Swansea…


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  1. Mick The Gooner says:

    For Sunderland:
    Alexis ________Özil_______Walcott
    _____ Coquelin_____Ramsey

    1. Skandalouz says:

      Agreed, and if we win that game we can start players like Rosicky, Gabriel, Wilshere and maybe even Gnabry for the WBA game! Would like to see our key players getting some rest before the cup final, I don’t think we have to worry alot about their rhythm being broken they have been playing w the same squad for months.

    2. Ddog says:

      i would swap debuchy for bellerin if possible, honestly, i think walcott and bellerin will leave us weak defensively down the right, it might be ok for Sunderland by I understand why wenger didnt want walcot to start on the right with bellerin vs Man U – i think it would put us out of balance on the right, thats why coquelin moved in there when walcott came on. However i dont understand why Ramsey wasnt playing centerally. Cazorla aint got enough muscle to handle CM against the bigger teams

    3. galen says:

      How has Ozil been better than Cazorla? If we have to use one number 10 then i think Cazorla has proven to be the better player. Do we make our judgements on price tags alone? Ozil is good and no one should get me wrong but Cazorla is by far i mean far better player . cazorla is a a better dribbler and can use both legs and has got an amazing technique.

      ALEXIS SANCHEZ said this about Cazorla . even though he didnt want to single out any player but he said ” Santi Cazorla is an spectacular player. You never know whether he will kick the ball with his right or left foot. Also, he moves with short but quick strides, which is a remarkable trademark too.
      “Although I knew about his quality, playing alongside him makes me very happy.”

      JACK WILSHERE ” santi cazorla is the easiest player to play with” that is the greatest complement a professional can give you. jack plays with all this midfielders at Arsenalm so he knows them better than we do.

      JOEL CAMPBELL. when asked which Arsenal player has impressed him the most. “I must say that Santi Cazorla has some exceptional technical skills. He can take corners or free-kicks equally with his right or left foot. That’s some technique! That is a very unusual thing to see and it has left me astonished.

      Ozil is a wonderful player but cazorla has been better. The joy cazorla gave us in his first season is still unforgetable. Ozil has got a long way to go. cazorla has also become stronger defensively which even makes him more complete than Ozil.

      I guess cazorla like Rambo are not respected because they were bought for cheap. As for Ozil there is always and excuse for him if he plays bad . We say he is on the wings or Giroud is shit. BUt iF Ramsey has a bad game he is going to be slaughtered by everyone on this forum. No body gives and excuse that why is rambo playing RW?

      yet rambo has been more influential than all our midfielders. Rambo basicly carried arsenal last season. His back still hurts from that. Still he gets bashed.

    4. jbrace4 says:

      Some of the players really need a rest.

      I would go with ..

      – – Giroud

      Rosicky Ozil Walcott

      Wilshere Flamini

      Gibbs Kos Gabriel Bellerin


      *Rest Ramsey because he was been playing with a knock the past three games

      *Rest Carzola because he has played non-stop since the new year.

      * Bring in Szessney to prepare him for the Cup Final since he’s the cup keeper.

      * Le Coq has been brilliant and he needs a rest to recharge for the final

      *Sunderland will be tired and this team will be full of energy so I can see us securing the 3 points before the half.

    5. Aussie Jack says:

      Sounds like a good eleven, Ramsey back where he belongs and Walcott given a chance to shine.
      Also a good defense.

  2. ThirdManJW says:

    You’ll always get crazy decisions like Chambers (CB) at RB, Monreal (LB) at CB, Ramsey (CM) at RW, and Cazorla (CAM) at LW, Arteta (CM) at DM, etc, when you have Wenger in charge. I personally don’t even get angry with these delusional decisions any more because it’s expected.

    The best analogy I can come up with, is that in Wenger’s world, 2+2 can equal 5 on occasions.

    1. Champagne Charlie says:

      While I think you’re maybe being a touch harsh, I still sit here in bemusement that we didn’t rest anyone at HOME vs SWANSEA before a trip to Old Trafford.

      Hindsight is 20-20 as ever, but that Swans game was a banker for Theo/Gab/Jack to all start surely? Like I say, still puzzled at that one.

    2. Ddog says:

      He’s creative and he see’s things most other people don’t, its what made him great (even genius at times) however when it goes wrong it looks very bloomin stupid!

  3. Waiting for Morinho to complain about referee’s biasness against Chelsea for the sending off of Fabragas for being a complete pratt.

  4. Greg says:

    Agreed! Spot on! his real natural position! Coyg!

  5. Mick The Gooner says:

    Off Topic:
    The Champions League pot 1 teams next year will be:

    Bayern Munich
    Zenit St Petersburg
    Dynamo Kiev

    We can’t draw Chelsea. We avoid Bayern and Barca and I think we could top our group. Juve and PSG are very strong teams but I don’t think they’re a level above us. This new seeding system will make the CL group stages more interesting I guess. Imagine being a pit 1 team knowing you can still draw Arsenal, Man United, Man City, Real Madrid or Atletico. Daunting for all but should make for more exciting games.

  6. Aussie Jack says:

    Assuming we beat Sunderland on Wednesday and third spot is assured then I like to see the final league game line up something like this. Szczesny , Bellerin, Mertesacker. Kosielny, Gibbs, Wilshere,Ramsey. Arteta, Ox-Chamberlain, Walcott and (wait for it) Alcopm (how ever you spell it?)
    Kind of a pre season in advance to see what is , and what is not. If you know what I mean?

  7. Uche Edochie says:

    There are many reasons for playing Ramsey on the flanks. First, Arsene Wenger loves his midfielders and he just wants to fit them all into the starting eleven. He cannot imagine a starting eleven without Ozil and Cazorla even though they basically play the same position. If not for injuries to Flamini and Arteta, Coquelin will not be here. Coquelin happened by accident and when Wenger saw the difference it made after years of refusing to bring in a specialist defensive midfielder, he gradually gave up the idea of fitting in yet another number ten in front of our back four. Secondly, we are more solid with Ramsey on the flanks even though we lose speed and penetration with him there. With Walcot there, we attack more and score more but we also open ourselves up to conceding more goals. Unfortunately, against very top teams, our lack of width becomes a major weakness for them to exploit. Thirdly, Walcot’s endless contract wrangling has ensured that Wenger ignores him, even to the detriment of the team. So put all these factors together and you get the status quo. But ideally, Ramsey is best in central midfield where he gets to be the super hero he is that defends, links up play and attacks for ninety whole minutes.

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