Incredible stat shows Arsenal must reject all offers for star player this summer

There is surely no justification for selling Aubameyang this summer.

It’s been suggested that Arsenal could cash in on star striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang this summer due to his precarious contract situation.

The lack of movement on the Gabon international signing a new deal is indeed a worry, but you have to laugh at reports such as this from the Telegraph that suggest we could therefore accept around £50million to let him go this summer.

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While I can understand the club being keen not to lose a top player on a free a year later, this is no ordinary player, and signing a replacement anywhere near as good is going to cost a great deal more than £50m anyway.

Just look at these numbers from Auba compared to Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah since his move to the Premier League…

Considering how good Salah was in his first season at Liverpool, these are truly elite scoring stats from our number 14. Consider the fact that Salah is playing in a much more settled team, and it’s even more impressive.

Aubameyang will turn 31 this June, and by the end of his contract he will be 32. While we cannot predict the future, it would not be too surprising if we perhaps have one final really top-level season left in him, and it’s vital we make the most of that, rather than being pressurised into an unnecessary sale due to his contract situation.

Even if this means losing the former Dortmund man on a free in just over a year’s time, we need to capitalise on having this man around while he’s still at his peak. His scoring record at this level is incredible, and if he can stick around to form part of this ever-improving Mikel Arteta team, we could genuinely be back in with a chance of challenging for the title next season.

I don’t care if we receive offers of £50m, maybe even £100m – we would be talking about needing an Erling Haaland or a Timo Werner to replace Aubameyang, and that just doesn’t seem realistic right now. Selling our top scorer now might make some sense from a business perspective, but it could set us back years on the pitch, and that has to be the priority.


  1. he should stay for at least one more season and Nketiah and Martinelli would be ready to take over

    No to mention there are heaps of talent coming in or shinning every season

  2. Please please, let us not repeat the same perenial foolishness of losing top players for nothing. We could have had about £100M to plough back into the team had we cashed in on want-away Sanchez and dilly-dally Ramsey when they refused to extend their contracts. Just how many times will we repeat the same damn mistake before finally LEARNING?!

    If a player refuses to extend, ACCEPT it and get as much money out of a transfer as possible. If the club is unable to sign Aubameyang to a new deal, I expect them to do the RIGHT THING and sell him off.

    1. If my memory dont wrong
      Van persie also in his last year contract
      We decide to sell him, and the rest is histories
      Sanchez and ramsey never refuse to extend the contract, its just we dont meet the up rise salaries they want.
      Beside it nice to see sanchez is mega flop di manutd, its counter for everytime manutd fans talking about van persie

  3. If he wants to go, we should sell him else we will be in a Sanchez like situation – we would neither get the money nor the performance.

  4. We cannot afford to loose him for free, if he cannot sign I suggest we have to cash him out with good pay we can get some one, besides matinell look promising.

  5. This one is a top top player on top top form. He has more game left in him. If contract is stalling, then it might be because we don’t want to give him what he wants.
    Following the news so far, I think what he wants is a team with intent for glory, and definitely the money. Arteta is doing a good job showing the intent from his part and the players as well. Add few quality to the team, pay him good money and he will continue to set opponents goal net ablaze for the immediate couple of years.

  6. Give him ozil’s wages and ship ozil out, then we know our captain as well as too performer is earning his pay legit.

  7. He should earn more than Ozil for him yo stay. The wages for Ozil are causing lots of Arsenal players to be unhappy

    1. Top Gunner, interesting statement that Ozil’s salary is causing lots of Arsenal player to be unhappy…can you back this up with any facts from either the club or any actual player?

      I doubt it very much, but wait in obvious anticipation of your knowledge on this matter.

      Of course, if you had said that Ozil’s salary is causing lots of Arsenal fans to be unhappy, that would be different wouldn’t it?
      Judging by the way our fans were chanting Ozil’s name out in Athens, when he wasn’t even playing of course, a lot of other Arsenal fans think quite differently – anyway, looking forward to your examples of players unrest over his salary…thanks.

  8. Yesterday Gary Neville finally admitted that it was time to call Auba a world class striker and to put him in the same bracket as mane,Salah,Kane,aguero…!

  9. It isnt as simple as sell or let go. If we sell a player who is 31 and get our return back and maybe more, we can reinvest in the team. Keeping him isnt simple, we cant afford to give him more than Ozil, which he is worth 10 of. He may want to leave to get top line football elsewhere anyway. We cant afford to let him stay and leave for ziltch, thats a no brainer. If i were a betting man Auba will not be at Arsenal next season. The previous regime have lead us over a cliff with Ozils wages and letting players contractsxrun down. It wont be repeated.

  10. In actual fact, it has been repeated by the current regime, in the form of Ramsey.
    The club, under gazidis, penned a new contract for him and, when gazidis left, the contract offer was withdrawn and Aaron left the club for nothing.
    His current value is reportedly worth £40,000,000.
    The new regime obviously were lemmings then, with regards to the cliff!!!

    As It was clearly stated by the new regime that, if a player with two years left on his contract, refused to sign a new one, he would be placed on the transfer list, there are three options:
    1. Sell him – meaning we have to fork out over £100,000,00 for an equivalent replacement, plus another ridiculous salary.

    2. Let him see out his contract – as the new regime did with Ramsey, despite saying it wouldn’t happen again, losing £60,000,000(?).

    3. Pay him the going rate…meaning another grotesque salary that will be in the region of £300,000 plus a week.

    They are the only choices facing the club and, whichever one they decide to go with, the consequences will be seen as “damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

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