Arsenal must not allow Aubameyang to join our EPL rivals

Getting Auba To Go Abroad Should Be Our Priority by Dan Smith

It seems that Arsenal have resigned themselves to Aubameyang leaving in the summer (although after listening to recent comments from Van Persie, let’s not assume we have offered him a fair contract to turn down).

Whether he wants to move to a club with more ambition, or we don’t want to pay over the odds for someone in his 30’s (like we did with Ozil) the priority now has to be damage limitation. It will hurt us by losing our best striker but don’t compound it by making a Chelsea or Man United stronger.

To be a big club you have to act and think like a big club. Being a big club isn’t measured on always getting your own way but how you conduct yourselves.

Of course, we have had a lot of practise in losing our star names, but too often we let them become a saga. We pacify their egos by making them our captain, force them to stay, or worse let deals get so close to expiring that we are forced to sell to a top 4 rival.

After Ramsey left on a free, we were promised by our new team behind the scenes that never would a player be allowed to run down their contracts again. Gooners can’t blame Arsene Wenger this time. The fact is we have been lied to again, yet that seems to have escaped the attention of our fan base.

I remember writing last year when some were over-excited about Pepe (ignoring Emery had somehow weakened our defence) that the issue we needed to focus on was that our two forwards still hadn’t committed their futures.

Imagine the price you would have got for Auba 12 months ago? Now he holds all the cards. Let’s say his family insist they are happy in London. He can inform us he wants a move to Chelsea and if we refuse, he will be prepared to leave as a free agent in 2021. That’s what Sanchez did…

We thought the PR disaster of him going to Man City wasn’t worth taking 60 million. But by the following Christmas we had changed our stance because we were out of any title race, but also we assumed he was such a professional his levels wouldn’t drop.

This though isn’t a Nasri situation. English clubs can no longer give ridiculous wages which price the rest of Europe out of the market.

Any enquiries from a Juventus or Barcelona should be encouraged. Even if they offer less than a Chelsea, that’s worth it if it gets him out of this country. Him being in Serie A or La Liga should now be the priority. Don’t even negotiate with an English club unless the player won’t budge.

Ideally I would want to hear in the first week of the transfer window that Auba’s been sold abroad, giving us plenty of time to replace him and not make the mood around North London negative (like ripping off a plaster – just do it!).

Atletico Madrid are a good template to follow. In terms of any revenue you want to measure Arsenal world-wide are considered the bigger club. Yet that’s not how the Spaniards perceive themselves.
They don’t let themselves get bullied by the big two of their domestic game. Over the years when they lose a Torres, they get a Costa, when he goes then they bring in Griezmann, when they get a massive fee for him, they spend it on Felix. Whereas our recruitment team overthink and they will gamble on taking a Morata on loan.

Atletico are the favourites to get a Cavani for free. That’s the type of deal we should be looking at.

We will lose Auba. That’s doesn’t make us not a big club anymore. How we react to it will…

Dan Smith


  1. If he’s not going to sign we can use him as a powerful pawn to get a good player in return. If Barcelona are serious about selling either Arthur,Dembele or Coutinho we could do a deal there or with Madrid for Jovic or Odegard who has seriously impressed at Soicedad. Abameyangs goals could be replaced by players already at the club if we had a better midfield that can actually control the tempo and dictate the game.

    1. How do you think Man-Utd first starts with the Busby Babes? Well we can do the same we have good young players blood them in forget next season it will be the season after you will see the difference

  2. In an ideal world – we won’t let him leave for nowt… and he’ll go abroad.
    It’d kill me seeing him in a United or Chelsea shirt!

  3. I don’t care where he wants to go as long as Arteta gets himself a proper box to box midfielder with that money I am fine.
    I am confident in Saka/Martinelli and Pepe/Nelson
    Aubameyang I personally believe will not be leaving though. But if he should go he becomes just another player.

  4. There has been so much speculation about his future it is beginning to bore most fans.For what it’s worth the Global economic crisis will impact on all Clubs whether their funded by oil money or unscrupulous oligarchs .I suspect few, if any Clubs will invest more than 200k per week on a thirty one year old who has his limitations as a player particularly when the ludicrous sums paid by TV Companies may well become a thing of the past.Auba is a seriously wealthy man, who if he has a genuine affection for our Club and fans should be prepared to sign a new 2 year contract on the basis of a very modest wage increase in line with that granted to NHS workers.They are indispensible, he is not.

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